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  1. Realistic weapon sound

    When it comes to sound it will be very different depending on headphones as well. I would love to see dynamic echo sound, would raise immersion a lot! Btw, @anders What headphones are you using?
  2. How to improve performance?

    How do you do that?
  3. require graphic optimization asap

    It is always legit to compare AAA games with an EA game built on an unfinished engine.
  4. I wonder what it would take for some to change their mind about US being a better faction than militia/ins. For you that think it is balanced but that we have assymetric factions. What can change your minds?
  5. Mumblerines - mixed language server now?

    If you join a squad after the start of the map and everyone except you speaks in a foreign language. Please say hello! I think that most of the squads are willing to switch to English.
  6. Sometimes map layout also plays a part. But yes, US/RU is better atm.
  7. FPS drop with windows scaling

    What does windows scaling actually do? I think the answer might be there.