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  1. Any good war/combat films worth watching

    40 year anniversary coming up... Force Ten From Navarone. Ww2 map and level design idea based on blowing up a vital bridge during ww2 is in my mind. Having AI controlled guns to take out as well as human manned guns too.
  2. Historical accuracy in war games

    The only politics that should be in a historical context game is the politics of that time period. Or don't call it a ww2 game at all. Call it cosplay cross dressing mania fps shooter delux tank war.
  3. I just read how moderators of BFV forums are saying enough is enough on historical accuracy in their game, because of depiction of women in game now. Well, how important is it for war games to be accurate to history? I think they should be to large extent because rewriting history to accommodate politics now or in future is rewriting history isn't it? And rewriting history is just plain wrong. Tyrant s like Hitler tried to erase the past and insert a more pleasing narrative. Why do we need to do these things? Just asking to see what others think....what do you think? Am I allowed to ask?
  4. Battlefield V

    The crossover point is when video games become indistinguishable from reality....it becomes reality an addition to what it is now but more.... example the holodeck in Star Trek; you enter it and it is real as going outside the door of your house or from outside into your house....so, have the computer AI make a historical representation of the year 1942 and tell your AI it must be authentic, no cell phones, modern tech, women in roles they didn't do, fantasy stuff....and that is what video games are made of; the real experience of 1942 not a make believe world of fantasy non real representation of war in a period where everything in it is as false as a penguin walking on the Moon without a spacesuit. Oh please tell us the year when the crossover point happens!
  5. Historical accuracy in war games

    I'm starting to think EA is insane in the membrain...you know like that song. LOL.
  6. West Coast Tactical

    Maybe you did it but didn't know you did it, an accident? Just theorizing possibility.
  7. Maybe the truck can drive itself back to base by using a NPC again just like an NPC doing tank loader position?
  8. Historical accuracy in war games

    Just found this petition: https://www.change.org/p/ea-dice-battlefield-5-respect-historical-accuracy Should we sign it? I think so...
  9. Historical accuracy in war games

    Seems the draft for women keeps going back and forth... https://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/06/29/congress-shelves-plans-have-women-register-draft.html If ww3 ever breaks out...yeah probably will happen. Seems more than money at work here, but just my opinion.
  10. Historical accuracy in war games

    Nobody said that they did, and you didn't answer my question, why was there no frontline women soldiers in WW2 games before now?
  11. Historical accuracy in war games

    Well, why were there no female soldiers in WW2 games before now besides the spy service ninja women in Wolfenstein? Now they are in WW2 game as a soldier means the idea of no frontline women soldiers is now over turned right, but depiction in the game didn't overturn it by itself. The game depictions don't do it by themselves, it's who controls the politics, right?
  12. Historical accuracy in war games

    Games, film, TV, media it's all related, games now make more money than film and TV. Stories of the past set in time are in a historical context. We see ideas of today, changing attitudes and norms get projected into the past way of thinking. And learn and grow or maybe forced to change into a new way to think a new way to believe in something, maybe change what you thought was a fact or truth. So, maybe it is more a big deal than you think. . But I can see how people think games are just toys for kids and so harmless. But....maybe not.
  13. Historical accuracy in war games

    I can agree with that view. It just seems whoever gets in power always wants to change the past so they can control the present and future. Mold people's views and attitudes according to their view and ignoring facts. Although one could argue history is largely fictional anyway in that the victors get to write what the facts were even if its not entirely true. Yes women did fight but not as men did and if they did it was as part of resistance groups or smaller military units or in isolated instances. They were not drafted to be front line soldiers even though some did fight on the front as snipers like in Russia: Lyudmila Pavlichenko Sniper Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko was a Soviet sniper in the Red Army during World War II, credited with 309 kills. She is regarded as one of the top military snipers of all time and the most successful female sniper in history. Im ok with female characters in games as soldiers but be historically accurate. Say you want to change attitudes about drafting women into front line soldiers....put them in war games in those positions and whamo you now accept women being drafted into same positions as men, because well you played with them online in a game. Right? Or am I exaggerating? I believe the military did say not too long ago women now can be drafted in future?
  14. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    It maybe possible that weather effects could be local to your computer, the network or server would just send out command to the client which weather and sky to project onto your map. So, performance would be how good is your computer? When you as a player can change something in the weather effects that has to be broadcast to other clients, then network performance gets a hit.
  15. The Wrench - May 2018

    Very good....very good.
  16. unrealengine4 keeps crashing

    Looks like not enough RAM....need more.
  17. Interesting...grand operations coming in bf5...lets you battle over days so to speak and you have objectives to take out first day and if you fail to take them out it makes it more difficult on second day and if taken out makes it easier, atleast that's what Im concieving from what I heard and seen about it so far. So, there are objectives like flak guns, artillery, bunkers, assets that CAN'T get replaced...once they get taken out. These are the kinds of objectives map designers should consider and locate on maps for teams to fight over, or let team commanders place on map at beginning of match. The terrain and roads should be considered for attacking team and defenders should set up barrier s based on terrain and defending assets. Territory control is all good but what can you place in your territory that can be a defensive asset that the enemy can take out and you don't get it back? And therefore weakens you and this is more like how war happens. I think.
  18. Fall Out 76

    It seems to me the single player worlds of gaming are merging into the multiplayer worlds, but the reverse is not occurring as much or at all. Multiplayer games are not adopting single player objectives but single player objectives are entering the domain of multiplayers. Does that make sense? Seems the formerly single player games are taking risks and going for more diversity when entering into the multiplayer verse.
  19. Fall Out 76

    Just watched this yesterday and read about what the game might be. They thinking it's going to be an online multiplayer game like RUST. But maybe it will be both a single player and online game? I'm hoping it can be both, maybe even a co op game somehow where one guys machine acts as the server for a five guy co op. That would be cool. I was stunned how fast I got through Fall Out 4, was thinking the map would be bigger and more buildings enterable. June 10 is E3 and will see what it is then. What are your guys hopes and dreams for next Fall Out game?
  20. I wonder if you have a 100 person server then how many NPC's can you have in addition to player controlled characters? In theory the NPC's for tanks would only be seen when shooting mg from tank outside hatch. And just be tied to the tank. So, depending on how many tanks on map simultaneously is how many NPC's there would be for tanks anyway. Probably not a big deal for server to handle extra NPC's, but will reserve for coders to say what if any extra handling or not.
  21. Would it be ok if the loader was an NPC doing the bidding of the tank commander? And he could be instructed to use the gun and be shot and couldn't be replaced again til a return to base?
  22. Fall Out 76

    This has been suggested before for Squad long ago before it was released on Steam; of having a nuclear weapon in Squad and it was laughed at hysterically.... LoL. But, since FO 76 is making it a rare occurrence in their game they say, and it doesn't hit the whole map but just an area. Why not have a map in Squad where first team to acquire a missile and launch code for it wins, and you get to see a mushroon cloud at end? And maybe it only takes out half the map, and maybe game still goes on? Just a game, as the Wopper says in the War Games the film. It could work now that FO is making it. ??? Just a thought.
  23. Steam Achievements.

    Has it been that long?
  24. Commander has other duties like being able to see the battlefield through a HUD? Monitors position on integrated display? https://science.howstuffworks.com/m1-tank5.htm The commander oversees the tank's operation, communicates with other tank commanders and directs the rest of the crew. He has several periscopes and a joystick-controlled independent thermal night vision viewer to survey the battlefield. He can monitor the tank's various systems and its position on his integrated display. The gunner targets enemy vehicles and bunkers and fires the main gun. He pinpoints targets using a stabilized sight, with day vision and thermal night vision capabilities, and a laser range-finder that precisely measures the distance to the target. He also controls the front machine gun and monitors the main gun's general condition. The loader pulls rounds from the ammunition compartment and load them into the main gun. Generally, the gunner tells the loader which sort of round to load. The loader and commander may also operate the two machine guns mounted on top of the turret. On the M1A2, they have to open the tank's two hatches and fire the guns manually, so it's not a viable option in a tank battle. The machine guns are mainly for attacking infantry soldiers. All of the M1s on the battlefield are linked together by the inter-vehicle information system (IVIS). Using IVIS, commanders keep track of the other tanks' positions, transmit maps and share information about the enemy. In order to hide communications from the enemy, the system uses encrypted radio signals. The combination of these advanced electronics, incredibly strong armor and massive firepower make the M1 an almost unbeatable opponent in tank warfare. But evolving technology will eventually surpass the M1, and the weapon will take its place alongside the dozens of other tanks that have come and gone over the years. In the world of military science, technological superiority has a short life span.
  25. There was lots of discussion about this and things were said if memmory serves me that it was said first locks and breaching then other things in future; it wasn't ruled out.