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  1. Bar? Check! Still working on it, visit the winners lounge....and check out the cool posters... . Beer and chips free!
  2. Learn to control your feelings...losing is a state of mind, it isn't real, only what you believe is real. Therefore, its not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game.
  3. Here's the motherboard I bought and should get this week. Yippy! Now got the CPU, and GPU to get.
  4. Hey that would be a cool new title for a FPS game......Warzone! . For those guys who want the hardcore military virtual experience. I trademarked the name, you cant have it! There needs to be gravity in the game, bullets should go up and down with distance, same with shooting bodies out of a cannon, it should go in a arc up and then down, and the heavier it is the more bigger the crater. . I can imagine it happening anyway. Give the guns mass physics.
  5. Yeah, be cool hearing black hawk helocopters at night but not see them...trying to judge where they are by directional sound would be fun and scary...they could have inferred tech and see you on the ground... Pick you off like rabbits.
  6. Only 56 views?
  7. What program you use to model tank? Nice tank.
  8. Cool! Mix some game sounds with music maybe too.
  9. I probably said this before... Why not show assets as assets remaining in game not tickets, when you lose all your assets and ability to get more assets is when you really lose the match or game. This means you could hold one viable place on the map like a castle fortress and still win the game because the other team wasted all their assets and ran out of gas, ammo, vehicles, ect. If they could not be endlessly be resupplied with certain assets. And yes soldiers are an asset but do not represent their lives in game with tickets, you can do away with tickets all together. Just have assets and way to get more of assets or ways of blocking enemy team from getting resupplied. Have lives be lives remaining, and vehicles be vehicles remaining, and ammo be ammo remaining, and what can be resupplied and what cant do to certain conditions of game. So in the end its not about last flag or flags at all, but about assets and men.
  10. I think just give the gun wieght, or mass, to make physics if aiming more real. No RND aim needed. But how do you give objects and guns weight in the game world without introducing a random function? Vehicles have mud, hill, mass, physics right, it has mass....can this be applied to guns? For real aiming purposes? Can you just have a number function for mass of gun from say zero to ten to give max or no weight to gun, to have certain guns that are bigger have more mass than say a pistol? Is this a viable way?
  11. "I love it when a plan comes together"
  12. rasism

    So I was right, there is no such thing as being racist against a nation or belief. Your not a racist for disagreeing with a presidential policy thats put forward by a person who is simply from another race. Democrats!
  13. This could work for a squad video maybe...
  14. Alright make me do a search... http://www.polygon.com/2017/3/25/15059024/call-of-duty-wwii-reboot-rumor-leak
  15. Lets turn this around, how do you feel when you win?
  16. You got sources for these rumors? Let's see...
  17. rasism

    A flag and your selected language next to your player name in game with a secondary language might do the trick... With this selected in game, when you join a server a automatic message would pop up telling you you can or can not play on this server because your selected language must be this or that language, and it wont let you connect until you change your language to the one the server accepts. Now no kicking or banning for having wrong language from admins.
  18. I want one of these! or one of these!
  19. thumbs up!
  20. rasism

    Maybe add a nation symbol to the game indicating where the player is from, and playing the game from? It may or may not indicate the language of the player, but a symbol for that could be added too. Say there is options for selecting language to indicate to everyone not just admins that the player is playing under this or that language and is playing from this or that country? To stop abuse and being wrongly kicked or banned for not playing under the proper language for that server.
  21. rasism

    What if you could not hide your identity behind a avatar...that if you played a game you had to use your real name and identity? How many would risk cheating and other nefarious activity in a game if everyone knew who you really are? Although you would run into trouble if the players are under age here.
  22. Director Ridley Scott also did Black Hawk Down....and Alien. among lots of good films... The fly through and design of the future city was amazing...in BladeRunner. Plus! they had flying cars!!!
  23. Been waiting for this new film for years to come out! Saw the preview yesterday when I went and saw Kong....
  24. Virtual reality is based on reality! Let the game become what the designers envisioned, if it changes over time then that is evolution of ideas and thoughts that go into designing games.