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  1. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    Get the C119 Boxcar in there to drop supplies from the air....we need fly boys!
  2. This be good example of tattoo design after you get 2500 team wins....and or just cool 2 D art....
  3. Dedicated Squads

    I imagine the heavy armor tank maps will all be locked tank and A 10 squads.... . With support for them too.
  4. You know for those guys who like to collect things or get rewarded when they win with something....I got an idea....how about every time you get say 50 wins you are rewarded a tattoo for your character, say there could be like 50 different tattoos made up... Take you long time to collect them all, but you can only show one at a time on your character....it just helps the incintive to win which is the objective...just an idea. Do not know where you would wear the tattoos though...find a spot. Tattoos could be cool. Nobody be selfish, you have to rack up team wins. This is like a rank system where tattoo indicates how many wins under your belt....
  5. How about play the song Cant Touch This....Hammer time!
  6. Next Gen Consoles

    Buy a PC not a next gen console, consoles can not be upgraded and you can't do things you can with a PC...sorry, sorry I know you prob do not want to hear that.
  7. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    How is map shaping up? Got the Dam finished?
  8. You guys missed the thread about music being played in game....Flight of the Valkyries in Apacalypse Now....dunt da da dunn dunnn dant da daa dun dunnn dunt daaa da dunnn...
  9. Community content WIP thread!

    Next up to do is the windows, landing gear and inside the cockpit, doors, and freight area, then texture it.
  10. Music!

    This just came out .....
  11. Community content WIP thread!

    3rd night into building this.....and just 27 days left to use the working Demo... I hope I can finish this and get it UV'd and textured in Blender or I will buy Substance Painter I think... This is the goal: AC 119K Stinger " In February 1968, under the USAF program Project Gunship III, 26 C-119Gs were converted to AC-119G standard, initially taking on the name "Creep", but later assigned the callsign "Shadow".[1] These aircraft were primarily intended to replace the AC-47 in the close air support role. In addition, Fairchild-Hiller, which was contracted for all the conversions, converted another 26 C-119Gs into AC-119Ks, primarily for the "truck hunter" role over the Ho Chi Minh Trail. These aircraft were called "Stingers" primarily in reference to the two M61 Vulcan 20-mm cannons they carried in addition to the AC-119G's four GAU-2/A miniguns. The AC-119K could be visually distinguished by the addition of two General Electric J85 turbojet engines in underwing pods. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairchild_AC-119
  12. Asset Rules

    Reminds me of BF days when people would jump in vehicle and take off without letting anyone else in....everyone would shoot at the vehicle ...or when people stand around at spawn point waiting for vehicle then right before vehicle spawns they all have a shoot out to get in first and drive or fly off.... That's mine....Ill shoot you... funny stuff. And there was no remorse....where is your remorse for being a greedy vehicle spawn killer?
  13. Community content WIP thread!

    Two nights working on the C119 Flying Boxcar with this new 3D program using the trial version....you ready to fly into the war zone with this and drop men and supplies? I'am!
  14. Music!

    Nice one Gews...
  15. AMD is worst for Squad

    Info that may enlighten the unenlightened: Quote from article: " A coder can use the different processors and their cores, assigning various game systems to run in parallel on different threads. The key is to keep each core or SPE as busy as possible while minimizing bottlenecks and idle time. A networked game, as a result of latency and deterministic issues, uses different techniques beyond the scope of this article. Coarse-grained Parallelism Coarse-grained parallelism divvies up whole game systems at the thread level. Larger systems are assigned to their own thread. On the Intel® Core™ i7 and Xbox 360*, each core offers two hardware threads. The CPU maintains two contexts or register sets-one for each hardware thread-and swaps quickly between each thread as needed. " Link: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/practical-game-architecture-for-multi-core-systems
  16. AMD is worst for Squad

    I wonder how many cores and threads the human brain runs on....I think most people have single core brains trying to think in multi core....could use a programmer who can explain how multi core works and how programs can use them in code? Or do some research on Google I guess.
  17. Squad

    Context is everything.....a person once told me......you got to take everything in context....the customer is always right because without the customer you do not have a business....you do not have a sell, you do not have a income.....if you treat your customers with contempt, they will leave and never come back....that's why the customer is always right even if they are wrong sometimes....
  18. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    I was in an alien craft high above Earth listening to the chatter of the internet...then heard this crazy sound and decided to investigate further...what was this sound? It was the sound of an A 10, buuurrrt buuuurrrt, the screams of men with shovels building FOBs, and thought....I think Ill back this game and join a Squad.
  19. I like it....sound and music in games and film are what sells it and keeps people coming back....just look at the sounds and music of Star Wars....the laser blasts, android beeps, synthetic voices, and the music..a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... All for this....
  20. BladeRunner 2

    Been waiting for this new film for years to come out! Saw the preview yesterday when I went and saw Kong....
  21. Community content WIP thread!

    Yeah I started building the plane in Free Cad, but found the seams were not matching up on my meshes, so I stopped building it in Free Cad....looking to do it in another better 3D program.....Free Cad not as good as I thought...for this.
  22. Command and Conquer Mod?

    You want to combine two games into one? May have to change a lot to not infringe on copyright if you borrow too much from C and C.
  23. Al Basrah map balance

    Another possible solution for INS is to have a secret tunnel network under the city where they get to move easily, making clearing them out of area harder. Tunnels would need to be secured, cleared or blocked, or destroyed. Even have a tunnel under the water ways. Just ideas.
  24. War Machine Hoooraaaah

    This gonna be any good you think? Only on Netflix....and it has that guy from the Breakfast Club in it...
  25. Commad Role, do we really need it?

    Topic talked about a lot....some things talked about: 1. Could be a server option or vote option to have commander. 2. An AI commander could work possibly, when there is no human to fill the position. 3. In BF2 the commanders assets also team assets could be blown up giving the advantage to team that still has their assets, this could work too, if commander has assets that could be an objective to take out.