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  1. This one is more like I expected.
  2. The insurgency is going to be a motorcycle gang? Cool...
  3. Winning made me think of this today.
  4. Gold!
  5. Bluedrake has it right about the concept of a planet size map. The battles will be at the front lines where ever that will be, the whole planet will not be populated, nor is it necessary. I like the interior of the tanks a lot, its exactly what I would do.
  6. Found a good project to start on for WW2 mod.... What a motorcycle can do for you...
  7. Motorcycles get you to destination faster and can jump over obstacles. That means they are indespensable. Motorcycles go where other vehicles can't go too. A WW2 side hacker....Yes.
  8. This could work.
  9. Yeah, I believe you they have high requirements for the device, but I question whether it's really needed, seeing how computers from 90's were running expensive head sets from that era. Granted they maybe had less pixels and screen size; have to check though. I did run across this interesting article on specs from computers in 90's....Look at those prices! http://www.relativelyinteresting.com/comparing-todays-computers-to-1995s/
  10. My computer from 1998 could run VR, Why they say you need monster PC must be hype. VR first came out in early 90's and they did not have the computers or video cards of today. It has to be complete bunk you need a high end system!
  11. What? Did you read the aims of the Devs?
  12. Team needs a way to break out if being surrounded and at last stand or last flag. Add parachute spawns at some place on map? Paratroopers? Only have them available when at last defence.
  13. Geesh guys it's just a model in a game. The point has been made about car already. I was trying to lighten things up by suggesting adding interceptor car. Have a laugh. It's all in how you look at it I suppose. Go have a drink at the Green Dragon pub and lighten up.
  14. http://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/
  15. Got an idea, how about we add this car below the Interceptor? I think I will tackle trying to model this car....will it be ok to put in game?
  16. Go Seahawks!
  17. Getting closer to done.
  18. Link to download off my site. file is in .fbx format. Can be water drain, storm, or sewer. Tell me if it imports ok or not. Not textured. http://www.teragames.com/3dassets/stormdrain.fbx
  19. Ha, omg nobody uses CD's anymore! I got lots of them on a CD came with my 3D studio.
  20. Pacific Islands....Each team has own island...To win you must capture and hold enemy island and or multiple islands. Island hopping map!
  21. You missed the time here when everyone was wanting snow maps and snow camos. I think there was a guy making it, where he go? I only use the good kind of drug called music!
  22. Thanks. Haven't got to play with SDK yet, my laptop is all I got at moment, and it's only got 2 gigs Ram. My texture CD I left in storage in another state. But I may texture this in Blender with some free pack off net.
  23. Green Dragon or Red Wolf pub? What do you prefer as name? WIP modeled after real Green Dragon pub in London. Ha! It's got pool table, darts, bar, 3 fireplaces, lounge, bottles....What you like me to add? The lounge is called the winners lounge!
  24. I started building a real Green Dragon pub for the game! Show a sneak peak today maybe. Might change name to Red Wolf pub though. After game ends we can all hook up at the pub!