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  1. LMG

    OK, I was thinking about informing whole team and other squads about enemy in building without using Coms. Does SL have to mark map for that separately on map? You see I still haven't played yet, I'm waiting til I get some things first. But I see how Coms is quicker than 3d spotting for that situation.
  2. LMG

    Well, sometimes in heat of battle your whole squad may not hear you say that. So marking tells whole squad and other squads too; who are not on that com or far away in another sector. It informs more people to mark it right? Not just your squad but whole team.
  3. Now we get duelies?
  4. LMG

    What about in close quarter combat situations? Would the 3d spotting capability be useful at that close range? In buildings like the one I'm building; a 8 story apartment building partially destroyed on outside by bombs and fighting. All floors accessable and roof.
  5. Oh boy another commander thread... :-) A guy with eyes in sky, and his own assets like air support, radar, drones, mark enemy movements, ECT. Is invaluable info to the team regardless if he has power or not to tell SL's what to do.
  6. Hey it worked...Here's the building I been working on, it's partially wrecked on one side and walls are broken, but haven't added the destroyed parts yet. All floors accessable by stairs to the roof. Still working on roof level and other details. You ready for CQC!
  7. Some people myself included sometimes like historical accuracy because we like for things to be represented from facts and not made up when something is representing a time period from history. We get that a game has leaway to cut corners to be playable sometimes but do not get cutting corners on things of g a graphical nature when that can be duplicated to exactness usually, unless we are talking 8 bit graphics from 1980. Or 256 colors from 1985. I think you needed more words to indicate sarcasm though, but I get it.
  8. Got a new building I did last two days but won't let me upload, keep getting error. Anyway I'll upload to my website and link it instead. I made a Syrian building from using a war picture. Show it soon.
  9. Target For Today briefing. If you do not listen or show up at briefing, you can't deploy with your squad for 5 extra minutes. :-)
  10. Maybe if we get better supply trucks that go fast? Weeeeee fun! Those dune buggies in BF2 were fun to drive.
  11. OK made the Gold Vault Depository building today still WIP and free textures I used suck but I was inspired by wanting to make Fort Knox style building to house the gold for the level about getting the gold before the enemy does. :-) It's got three levels and only two ways in or out; the roof by helocopter and front door on first floor, also has elevator in center. Still needs the vaults and the gold and more detail.
  12. Mine would be military watch with logo in center or digital logo on smartwatch in military theme. Replace Swiss logo with squad logo. :-)
  13. I would still like to do a level or mode where the objective is to get the gold. The winner gets the reward of winning and gets the gold too. A fun mode to play. Both sides objective is to get the gold from some place like Fort Knox and take it to their safe zone underground facility. They need trucks and tanks and lots of team work because both sides want that gold bad. :-) Thought of way to make it interesting and fresh each time you play this mode. The bank or vault building containing the gold randomly spawns on map each time, both sides get a map to its location and time to come up with a plan to get there secure it before the other team does and bring it back to secure faculty. They need to think both offensively and defensively to protect the cargo enroute from other team.
  14. Boy didn't mean to restart the fire of this debate.....But you can you know restrict certain kits from being picked up...Like medic. Maybe just pick up bandages but not full health kit.
  15. We have been trained to pick up items in games since 3d games started...It's not just real life...It's been in games since the beginning! Lifeislikeaboxofchoc. So how can you say it's too simulator like and not fun like? To pick up stuff in game? It seems something else going on to not want to be able to pick up stuff and reuse it. Just balance? Or too easy to get kits? Or ? And I know long threads already made on this by Bluedrake42.
  16. Well, you know it's just digital like Bitcoin is....But only redeemable in game. If it is seriously considered a valid reward system. But wait look here: Could have loot in game like this game did so long ago.... :-)
  17. But war is not a clean, decisive, struggle we want to make it out to be. Look at current conflicts....Endless tug of war...Objectives keep switching hands endlessly...And no end to conflict at all. A bridge gets blown up then rebuilt again over and over til one side succeeds in doing it for last time.
  18. It's weird how two threads with similar themes pop up all the time...One thread says speed it up and the other says slow it down! Ha. Blitz is a strategy that worked in WW2 and prob would still work today. What would happen say a build up of thousands of troops on say like what was done in Desert Storm happened again....Then the order was given to advance as fast as possible to achieve victory; and overwhelming the enemies defenses so they could not respond until they were over run? Why should this be limited? Instead of ways looked to counter the offensive with better defence?
  19. But shouldn't we look at it like how do we use strategy and tactics to stop enemy from blitzing rather then try to make limiting game mechanics? Devs shouldn't do something teamwork should do something right?
  20. I think military has secret invisibility tech that few know about. And only SF get to use.
  21. Embrace the idea of rushing to win...And create a Blitz mode, where racing to the objectives is encouraged and required! But hopefully takes longer than 5 minutes... :-). Create the map in such a way that teamwork is needed for this blitz mode; combined arms action! How would it work? You tell me... :-)
  22. I like the gold coin idea...Squad coin to redeem for cool stuff that sponsors put up as prizes to be handed out to gold coin winners...It's a win win situation! Now we just need to find sponsors.
  23. Indiana Jones got rewarded when he found the golden idol! Why can't we be rewarded with gold! If only you knew the jovitos like I know the jovitos...Mr Jones....Ha ha ha ha ha evil laugh... Idea: every round your team wins every soldier gets a golden coin...Which can be redeemed at end of play to buy yourself cool stuff...Like: a chance to be of the first to play Post Scriptum before it gets released! Or think of something cool...