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  1. The Wrench - August 2018

    Proposal for new wrench logo like this one....or something along these lines... Think Ill draw up some tonight...do some sketches...ideas...you guys can too...what you think?
  2. Change the menu music to old rock.

    This one is good, especially if your a paratrooper...
  3. Change the menu music to old rock.

    Patriotic music....this was done in BF series, could work here too.
  4. Piracy gamemode

    Man the water guns! You could have three factions, one civilian crew for the civilian ship that needs to get to its port. Pirates that need to intercept and take the ship and make the crew hostages or be killed who then re spawn as pirates or the third faction the military rescue or elimination squad. create a scenario where the pirates can win, but perhaps can take the loot to their island where there can be another battle for control of the island.
  5. Saw this the other day.....Are you ready for your new best friend to be your fighting buddy? How close are we to actually having this or do we have it now?
  6. AXL Attack, Explore, Logistics

    When you really think about it, robots running around the cities and in your homes being able to do things you can not predict, is pretty scary. That lower one is a combat one like us.
  7. Before the start of round, have everyone get in knife fights for the best kits, kinda like a knife elimination tournament, the guy who ends up last only is allowed a knife kit. unless the winner picks a knife kit. But then again you don't want this happening.
  8. AXL Attack, Explore, Logistics

    Wow, can imagine these things walking around the city and keeping everyone in line or else.
  9. AXL Attack, Explore, Logistics

    We are getting close... LOL.
  10. Cock Block Rush

    New maybe old idea popped into my tiny head: what if the main bases were located out of map bounds? And randomly placed outside of map bounds? And at different lengths to closest flag each round? The whole idea would then be rush to the closest flag from your base to gain a foothold. The rush would be the thing and each team would be rushing to a different flag each round. You couldn't guess which flag was getting rushed by opposing team every round, you would need a commander with a UAV to even try to get that info first.
  11. What would you like to see in Squad

    Guys that can ride on top of tanks.
  12. Steam Account Linking

    I believe it is bad timing, the company went on vacation in Europe, not all back to work yet I guess.
  13. I think if you watch the UAV footage above, real footage, that the UAV can only see like one block at a time when it zooms in to the ground, further zooming in may only get you a building or two that you can see movement outside buildings. So, the UAV wouldn't be able to see the enemy on the whole map just a small portion at a time, and depending on how fast you can fly and scan the the map with UAV would determine how fast you can identify the enemy movements. It looks like it might be a bit tedious to search out and find activity using the UAV, it wouldn't be instantaneous, it would take work and time. That is just my take on it and view how it could work, its all in how you design and program it to work in the game I suppose. So the guys on ground would call the UAV unit to help them when they did find the enemy first, then the UAV would assist.
  14. But this thread on this forum is about:" the future commander feature and how it can be properly implemented" isn't it? Squad leaders can be team leaders too.
  15. Unable to Post in Teams Thread

    https://www.lifewire.com/500-internal-server-error-explained-2622938 The 500 Internal Server Error is a very general HTTP status code that means something has gone wrong on the website's server, but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is.
  16. In this situation the Army has a two man crew inside a trailer for a Stryker brigade.
  17. Sometimes when I played commander on BF2 I noticed that some SL's were angry that they did not get any orders after they completed an order, sometimes the commander was dead and couldn't command, because the other team had a squad whose sole purpose was to take out the enemy commander so that would cause their team to lose. Now those upset SL's that had no orders had to look the map and figure out what to do on their own without the commander because he was either dead or there wasn't one. So, what I'm trying to say is the game still works whether you got a commander or not. But your chances are improved if you have one that is helping your team win.
  18. The pitfall that is community feedback

    I remember back at the beginning of this forum where any suggestion or feedback that certain groups didn't like was pounced on and caused them anger, like the developers were just going to implement it the next day. LOL.
  19. Then you send out a squad to destroy the UAV and or the operator or both. Then you attack. When the UAV got shot down in BF2 and you were commander, you lost the blips on the screen and the commander was blind but he still had his scan he could do every once in a while that gave him a snapshot of map that was ever changing. For every measure there is a counter measure, if you see a UAV in the sky, shoot it down, if your commander says this is where the guy is controlling the UAV you go take him out. That is war.
  20. WW2 eastern front

    Was thinking if ever anyone actually put dogs in a game as suicide bombers to take out tanks that the animal activist would try to have the game shut down because it depicts in their minds cruelty, which can be argued, but Navy has dolphins do the same thing to subs too. Not easy to figure how it might turn out. Check this out..
  21. WW2 eastern front

    Just watched this very cool animation how the eastern front changed during 1941 when Germany invaded Russia and went for the oil and gas and resources. Thought I would share and even this maybe a good mod for the game if there is anyone wanting to mod another ww2 game of the eastern front.
  22. [WIP] Mogadishu Map (Black Hawk down scenario)

    When do we get the choppers? Mini birds and Blackhawks? And the landing pad? Oh I found pic that could be reference for making the chopper that sits on ground crashed. Might be helpful.
  23. August 2018 Recap

    This road is no where near the airport BA!
  24. WW2 eastern front

    Yeah I will prob pick up the game on steam on pay day try it out. I was doing some more research on the eastern front and found out the Soviets used suicide tank dogs, I did not know that. Forget your anti tank bazooka, use a dog?