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  1. Hacksaw Ridge

    https://youtu.be/sslCRVx7nPQ Looks good...be out in November I guess. Cant wait. Someone post video...Im on phone...thanks.
  2. Washougal

  3. I was there on the first day..... Here's the new watch out for series: Altered Carbon check out the trailer... http://ew.com/tv/2017/12/04/altered-carbon-trailer-netflix/
  4. 1000 player servers

    Noticed this video when looking up 1000 player servers. Can this be used in Squad to get 1000 player server? Interesting stuff they doing, what you think?
  5. Music!

    I got news for you baby!
  6. NameTags in the way

    so does EA......
  7. Music!

    We need some trucks like these!
  8. Music!

  9. NameTags in the way

    I want a mistress for Christmas with my no name tags on the screen button!
  10. Epic Games Lawsuit

    Epic can't sue under age kid anyway, is forced to drop case on that alone. Epic should go after the web sites that spread and sale the cheat codes....to the kids.
  11. I am actually for ranks; that just show time played and what kits used and maybe an estimated skill level for that particular kit used. Like Pro, Expert, intermediate, novice or something similar. Same for being a commander or SL role. For awards: perhaps a statistic that keeps track of how many recommendations or commendations received by squad mates, squad leaders, commander and why it was given.
  12. RIP Humvees

    What? no humvees....what....nice video...
  13. Maybe give yourself an award? Is this over the top?
  14. Desktops

  15. [WIP] Dormant Volcano Isle (Vanilla & JO_mod)

    Nice work! Ever think of making the Volcano active? like make lava pour out in areas of the map and have soldiers get burned alive if they get too close to the lava river beds? Be fun... what that might look like...
  16. Windows 10 password issue

    Reinstall Win10 or get Linux... might work...
  17. Remove desert, remove Russian

    What is your fav map and what is your fav locations for maps? And do you like ww2 FPS?
  18. Music!

    You been sabotaged...
  19. Addressing concerns about newcomers

    Top Gun school opening soon ....
  20. The stutter maybe a sign that you are a replicant and not fully human. The machine to human interface box maybe causing syncing problems is my guess, making the screen stutter because the signal input is jumping due to sensor reading too many cycles per second and not holding at x y z. Just a guess. So your problem maybe the steam box, do a search on steam controller issues bugs on google.
  21. Turn off enemy vehicles

    But not in war time like WW2 Germans ran out of fuel in El Alamein and the Battle of the Bulge. If your fuel supply gets blown up, bombed, reduced to nil, you think the Army is going to let them idle...naaa they wont. Without fuel war ends if other side still has fuel to run on.
  22. i7 8700k new cpu

    https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/10/intel-coffee-lake-8700k-review/ The new chip came out supposed to be new number one gamer chip. But is it really?