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  1. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    BF Bad Company 2 is in need of modders for a WW2 mod....apply here.
  2. What is the purpose of modding?

    Found a cool video on modding might answer your questions..
  3. The Wrench - July 2018

    Make it a clickable map and shows you the pic of gun you click on....
  4. Space The Final Frontier

    I want you!
  5. The Wrench - July 2018

    Canadians will have more macaroni and cheeze on their rifles...lol...did you know Canadians eat that more than anyone else. They got different equipment probably and say weird things like: two-fer.
  6. What is the purpose of modding?

    Purpose of modding using pictures: Plain car not much fun. Moddified car: Much more fun.
  7. Music!

    When Johnny comes marching home....
  8. Battlefield V

    Nice trailer....looks good. Intense.
  9. The Wrench - July 2018

    What kind of chopper is that? Looks like a Huey....
  10. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Hmmm I wonder if you inserted WW2 maps and vehicles and textures, props, guns....yes...another WW2 shooter!
  11. Hello, you are in off topic thread area, try the Support area and get in contact with help desk or support.
  12. July 2018 Recap

    Just a boat.... what's amazing about it?
  13. Ein neuer

    Hallo wie geht es in der Schweiz?
  14. Space The Final Frontier

    LOL! who has time to do these things? Ok which game developer is going to be the first to make a game?
  15. Other Tanks in Alpha 12

    If you want or need it faster...I was meaning, or you can't wait.