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  1. You may need more supporting pillars to hold the floors and roof up on the parking building.
  2. ride on ride onnnn....
  3. Nope, this is what an easter egg looks like...
  4. This how the water will look coming out of dam?
  5. Program a little widget to auto kick after a certain number, set able by the SL, case solved...
  6. Nice....I got explosives set to blow that dam....everyone clear area! Fire in the hole!
  7. A sniper would not be able to blow up a gas tank, but what about a HMGun continuously hitting the tank and the gas pouring out the holes? Check out sniper shooting tank... http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/other-shows/videos/penn-teller-tell-a-lie-wine-weapon-lie-extras/
  8. Catching the command vehicle could be the decisive win condition, meaning if its captured the game is over. Is that the balance you had in mind.
  9. Playing the game is your training, you learn on the job, you hopefully play with experienced vets if your a private just starting and move yourself up by getting experience on the job in a balanced squad of vets and rookies. If you do not get in an experienced group starting out, try to do your best and find one next time, if they let you in. That's just my opinion, things can change.
  10. You guys should get together and do a youtube channel, call it PC builder wars, who can build the best and cheapest PC for your budget. Argue every component, every retailer, every FPS gain for your buck. It would be seen by millions, you would both be rich beyond words!
  11. A 10 saves his life....and mortar footage...
  12. You could have one of these next to your PC, maybe more fun...
  13. Music is back from original film....kicks butt. I went and saw Guardians 2 on Wednesday and King Arthur yesterday, both films heavy on the CGI, Guardians was funny and entertaining, make you even cry at the end. Arthur was good but seemed rushed the way it threw the story at you in burst mode, granted it worked, but the pace needed to slow down I feel to get more emotion out, but I liked it. Next stop BladeRunner!
  14. I think military vehicle gas tanks have special liners in them to prevent them from blowing up if shot by thermal bullets. But civilian gas tanks could blow up if shot I think. They tried this out on that TV show that tested wacky beliefs. Anyway, if you shoot IED it should have a chance at blowing up same as a civilian gas tank I think. This way you should be able to use a civ car or truck as an IED, just park it on a bridge have your sniper shoot the gas tank as enemy walks by it.