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  1. What makes a good map?

    For me a good map means: 1. real location. 2. historical battle location. 3. history was made there. 4. read number 3.
  2. [WIP] Operation Homestead (Vanilla/Custom Assets)

    Nice work....There can be only one! Highlander...
  3. What are you working on?

    Why stitch them together? So, you HAVE to have a helicopter to get to the other areas on the map?
  4. Ghosts pushing the gas pedal?

    It's AI, maybe the HAL 9000 computer, Open the pod bay doors HAL.
  5. Why I dont want Helicopters

    That is the type of play I think I have envisioned for Ludendorrf bridge WW2 map where you have this impassable river to get across and only one bridge that can get armor across it still standing, so the fight is over the bridge and getting to the other side as quick as you can and protect the bridge from being blown up as well. No time for people to go off on adventures the whole focus is that bridge the number one objective.
  6. What are you working on?

    Say Hello to building the Citadel in Hue. Still WIP, but I'm looking for help building the other buildings and temples and other structures, please contact me ASAP if you got some free time and want to contribute.
  7. War Stories

    Hello, I found a story recently which I haven't finished reading yet by the way, but seems good from what I have so far. So, decided to share the link here as well share the story I wrote which is science fiction Troopers short story thinking about making into a series as well. You guys can link your own stories too or write some fiction. Glad to read what you got. Check this out: Real story: U.S. Marine Tom Smith’s Firsthand Account of the Vietnam War " My tour in Vietnam did not get off to an auspicious start. First of all, even though I was a new guy, I was promoted to corporal soon after I arrived in-country in January 1967. I was given command of a three-man 60mm mortar squad in the 3rd Marine Division’s Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines. The problem was that two of the squad members, both draftees, were two years older than I and had been in-country for months as riflemen. Needless to say, they were almost in open rebellion. ".... http://www.historynet.com/us-marine-tom-smiths-firsthand-account-of-the-vietnam-war.htm <hr> Science Fiction story: My short story The Devils Garage a Troopers short story. Chapter One. http://www.teragames.com/devilsgarage.html Feedback welcomed.
  8. persistent war?

    You could have the sun go down and Moon come up every 30 minutes, giving you the feeling that the battle is raging on for days. Your whole mission and strategies change as day turns to night and night turns into day. Suddenly, you have to rely on technology more to see at night, so you tend to be reserved at night, unless you got the equipment to do night raids and attacks. That's an idea I got for a Vietnam map anyway.
  9. Here come the girls

    There are some girls on the Troopers Mod.....feisty ready to fight bugs! Yes I made the graphic and the flying bug.
  10. Why I dont want Helicopters

    I think there was a guy in the mod forum that was building one of these, but haven't heard from him in quite awhile, not sure if he got it finished by now, but I'm thinking of getting one to do exactly what this one in the picture is doing.
  11. What are you working on?

    Ok, last couple of weeks been playing around with Sculptris programs and sculpted some bug concepts for Troopers mod,.. this latest bug just did in last two days and did some test painting in Substance painter get an idea how to texture this bug. Bad boy front line fighter bug.
  12. Why I dont want Helicopters

    I got two maps I would like to finish that the only way in or out is by air craft....jungle and desert maps. You lose your aircraft, you die without water, food or ammo.....Bat 21 out.
  13. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Why I want helicopters: https://www.helis.com/stories/shufly.php If Vietnam mod shows up....I want to infiltrate the jungle where the enemy is hiding, the only way to get there is by helo, no walking in, you got to set up your base and get troops and equipment in by helo....need tunnel rats too.
  14. Degrading Constructions overtime

    You ever played Bad Company 2 ? The whole map and all the buildings would end up destroyed, flattened to the ground, and what remained became the final battlefield the last way it would look before one team won, that somehow was realistic to war because that's exactly what happens. Buildings get bombed and demolished and they dont get repaired til after the war is over. Exceptions are bridges and maybe fortfications that can be rebuilt during the war in back and forth struggle, and maybe other things.
  15. Degrading Constructions overtime

    Actually having things left on the map says something happened here, a battle, remnents of war, it was once an important spot that left a mark, it says something. Like there was a warzone here, something terrible many payed a high price, things got messed up, it needs to be known and experienced as if you were there, even though maybe that would give you nightmares and visions you would rather not see.