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  1. Content file locked/Game assets corrupted

    I looked up error and found this, may help, read it and see. http://www.eassos.com/blog/fix-an-unexpected-error-is-keeping-you-from-deleting-the-file/
  2. Smaller, faster game modes?

    If server is low on players, maybe something like a tactical lounge area could be set up, where you can do unique things, what those are? Training stuff? Talk tactics? Then when sufficient players are on server the red alert goes off and everyone is called to report to their teams for battle. Just an idea...
  3. What are you working on?

    @LugNut Worked on the nose today, was bothering me, had to do it in Blender, and had to edit and shape by one vertex at a time, but only took a couple of hours. Going to fix up the fuselage and windows a little more but the nose is getting there I think.
  4. IF

    Yeah the trick was to parachute as far back as you could without getting picked out of the sky and fight your way to a capture point, with help if you could. Problem was everyone tried to para glide to the front and quickly got dispatched by snipers camping on the ground behind cover. Eventually the team would break through to a capture point but sometimes it took a long time and you got picked off in the air and on the ground a lot. Was kind of like a DDay drop.
  5. IF

    You could destroy trees and buildings, shoot limbs off of trees if they were blocking your view. They even had a parachute in map too that was also a snow map. And I remember being able to plow over and through trees in tanks, so much fun popping out of woods in unexpected spot. Also power poles could be taken out too. Seems from some articles I just read BadCompany 3 might be in the works, and here Ive been hoping for 1942 remake.
  6. IF

    But is there a UE4 game with destruction like BF BadCompany2? I don't think Ive seen one.
  7. cant play the game!!

    What video card do you have? Is it a laptop?
  8. IF

    Well well, if it had destruction like BadCompany2, and free modding open to modders, and it had unlimited potential to be a 200 or 300 person game, well...thats how competition works, more sometimes does equal more.
  9. What are you working on?

    Since I did the UV map of the Ludendorff bridge and started painting it, I thought well, I better start making the map for it or its not going to get used where it is supposed to right. So, last couple of days I worked on getting the Remagen map started, and it still has long ways to go, but it's started, and I thought I make a little promo pic of the map with the two assets I made for it also to get into the WW2 mode again. You ready to fight for the bridge that helped the Allies break out into Germany in WW2? I read a little more on this battle on wiki and it turns out a lot more happened here than people realize, Germany threw every asset they could at this bridge to bring it down even underwater marines in a night mission, the allies put lights in the water just in case they tried that...and all kinds of shelling and bombing happened that left craters everywhere and houses destroyed. Good read.
  10. Checking this out right now watching the video.. How they get the tracks to mark the sand? Kinda arcade y and not first person... Looky what I found...
  11. Why Squad players can't play Call of Duty

    Says COD 4 remastered on the picture...
  12. Why Squad players can't play Call of Duty

    They got nice graphics though and guns...
  13. Camoflague nets

    Throw Camo net over injured players? Or over someone prone? Maybe sneak up behind someone and throw it over their head as a weapon...
  14. The Military Media Thread

    Operation Market Garden....they should use this video for the intro to the new ww2 game...
  15. Release: Alpha 9.10