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  1. Lan

  2. Addressing concerns about newcomers

    Top Gun school opening soon ....
  3. The stutter maybe a sign that you are a replicant and not fully human. The machine to human interface box maybe causing syncing problems is my guess, making the screen stutter because the signal input is jumping due to sensor reading too many cycles per second and not holding at x y z. Just a guess. So your problem maybe the steam box, do a search on steam controller issues bugs on google.
  4. Turn off enemy vehicles

    But not in war time like WW2 Germans ran out of fuel in El Alamein and the Battle of the Bulge. If your fuel supply gets blown up, bombed, reduced to nil, you think the Army is going to let them idle...naaa they wont. Without fuel war ends if other side still has fuel to run on.
  5. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    I started a North Africa map, El Alamein, go look at assets thread in modding. Hopefully it can be played on somewhere.
  6. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    Depends on how you liberated France, was it on an old computer with less graphics, and less capability, prob not realistic? Or was it new, realistic, different than same o of past ww2 games? A whole new experience of the same area, which may not even really be in same area you played before or play like you did before. New is not usually boring. Even COD has new ww2 shooter.
  7. i7 8700k new cpu

    https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/10/intel-coffee-lake-8700k-review/ The new chip came out supposed to be new number one gamer chip. But is it really?
  8. Radio silence toggle key

    Get a bossy commander in game who has the switch to turn off your microphone if he says he wants chatter to stop on a particular channel and you violate the order.
  9. Turn off enemy vehicles

    If fuel were in game, you know they wouldn't be left running. You would be auto kicked by the fuel monitors.
  10. Turn off enemy vehicles

    Ok but sounds can be used to mask what you are doing if you can use them that way... and I was kinda making fun of your vagueness, apologies.
  11. Turn off enemy vehicles

    Maybe its an enemy tactic to hide the sounds of incoming vehicles so you don't know they are approaching? Not hide the sounds but muddle the sounds...with other sounds...Like creating noise to make a good diversion tactic. Like in films where you see guy hiding in bushes throw a rock and the guard goes to where the sound happened and then guy sneaks up behind him.
  12. Turn off enemy vehicles

    You must be talking about two different sounds, but the way you asked the question it seems you be turning off the same sounds... Please be more specific...what sounds specifically? or at different times, when vehicle is parked, moving ect... I think you meant to say turn off the vehicle engine sound when its not occupied or in use so you can hear other vehicles that are moving nearby...but its enemy vehicle...what are you saying?
  13. Switching weapons while in vehicle

    Switch to nade and accidentally pull the pin out and TK your whole vehicle.... nooooo
  14. Turn off enemy vehicles

    but if you turn it off wont that turn off the incoming vehicles sounds too?