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  1. Hi I had this problem and i ve tried everything i could find on internet ... with no success. BUT i may have found something that may help tech guys to help. first i ve to confess that situation became unstable when i added a second internet access to my local home network. As i have a basic adsl access (12Mb/s via French Free provider) on, i added a cable (400Mb/s via French SFR provider) on i also have some rasperry for DHCP & DNS. But don t get confused , EVerything is working perfectly ( webcam, ssh , Syno NAS...) exept SQUAD. BUT ... i ve found an Unsatisfactory solution : setting the GW via my ADSL connexion make SQUAD able to retrieve the server list route delete mask route add mask setting the GW via my Cable connexion make SQUAD NOT able to retrieve the server list route delete mask route add mask What am i missing there ? Thx for your help Regards NB : Mother board = Asus
  2. Hi, Thanks to Santa Claus, i ve a Oculus Rift VC1. It is just amazingly immersive in simulation like X-plane. I was expecting to use it also with with SQUAD ... but i couldn t make it work. Of course i ve searched on the net ( specially here) but what i understand of the situation is the following : "As SQUAD is Unreal Engine based it was natively working but with some drawbacks. Starting a version this winter the compatibility has been broken. Since then ..no news" Is my understanding inline with reality ? When can we expect a VR compatibility ( partial or total) ? Regards & Thanks for your help. Fred.G