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  1. Fix for certain headsets not working

    https://youtu.be/eamaiDKcwyI not my recording but I am having same issue, funny thing is I had this issue as soon as update V10 was released and then I was playing a couple days ago without any issues and now have the exact same problem again and I haven't changed anything on my pc, no updates, same drivers, same headset.
  2. Sound Fix please!

    Do you have this problem? https://youtu.be/eamaiDKcwyI
  3. Sound crashing when joining a squad

    @samwiseOrigin This is not a fix but rather a workaround, the fix needs to come as a patch from the devs as this is a problem in the game since it was working before v10.
  4. Sound crashing when joining a squad

    I'm using a Logitech G430 which is USB and since V10 the sound crashes only when joining a server, for me, main menu sound and shooting range sound works fine. Never had issues (been playing since 2015) before until V10 update.
  5. "Zoom" focus

    When right clicking for aim, there should be some kind of zoom already. (right now it almost feels like we're holding the buttstock to our face instead of our shoulders, iron sight/optic is too far) But even with an automatic zoom when aiming, it would be nice to keep the shift button for an extra zoom/breathing!
  6. No option for ACOG / Aimpoint

    Some people want the optic as a medic and some don't, I suggest just giving the choice of choosing one. Personally, I prefer having an optic, be it red dot holo sight or wtv.
  7. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    My graphics are fine, looks good too but I do admit I don't see anything that is far for some reason.. Find it really hard to spot enemies, never had any issues in other FPS games..
  8. Feedback on the game.

    I don't see why medics would be "handicaped", at least give the choice of having a scope. You're right, I should have specified "assault rifles", my bad, OP edited.
  9. Feedback on the game.

    I'm aware of that, it's a sniper... I was referring to the ak74 and akm.
  10. Feedback on the game.

    So I noticed that there's no scopes on assault rifles expect for US. The maps are big and so it would be nice to also have scopes(red dots and etc.) for RU and Militia. Second, why is there no scope available for the medic? And finally, raising my weapon doesn't bring a close up, I have to press shift to zoom and on top of that it is time limited... Just my opinion and ideas to help better the game. Besides that, great job and keep up the good work!
  11. Checking in

    Hey fellow Canadian, may I ask how you got your signature? edit: found it, thanks
  12. Squad, do you hear me?

  13. Comms between the dead and the living

    I was just pointing something out lol
  14. Comms between the dead and the living

    That takes a bit of realism out..
  15. So I just started watching a video of squad's playest may 6th and notice one guy(Bluedrake42) saying "I'm redeploying as a medic, I just got taken out by a grenade" All that being heard by the video uploader... Can people alive hear dead people and vice versa??? https://youtu.be/fqMwZmf9EfM?t=21s Bluedrake dies at 24 seconds and talks at 34 seconds.