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  1. Critique my PC build.

    I think you'll get on just great with that setup Gazz, it's quite similar to mine in spec (if not necessarily the same manufacturers/components). I have an i5-3570k, 8GB Corsair DDR3 1600 RAM, and a G1 Gaming Windforce GTX 970 4GB, and plays GTA V, Shadows of Mordor etc on their highest graphics at 30+ FPS.

    I'm no psychologist, but I'm pretty certain anything could trigger an episode of PTSD; including video games - but I should think that anyone who has been in a conflict zone and suffers from PTSD will be well aware of their own condition, and the risks involved in playing a first-person shooter, making said warning unnecessary.
  3. Here's a thought. North Korea vs. South Korea, or the US?
  4. Advance and Secure

    Hi all, I'm posting here to avoid creating a new thread, when a relevant one already exists. I love the AAS gamemode, but I feel it has become too linear in PR currently. I can't think of any maps off the top of my head other than that PR:Vietnam one where you must capture multiple objectives before unlocking the next 'tier' of objective(s). I think early on in PR when the map 'Al Burj' was in, there were 2 capture points in the city that had to be captured before pressing on even further? If the above is unclear, let me know and I'll helpfully provide some artistic MS Paint diagrams!
  5. I'm still shouting "NO!" - but think if this is implimented, players should have an option to turn off 'community faces'.
  6. Weapon positioning

    Make them all like the Battlefield 2142 BestBuy pre-order 'Bofors Defense Rifle' - we thank you for pre-ordering. Here, be 25% blind:
  7. I'd love to see Squad make accurate reflections of current/recent conflicts, such as Ukraine vs. Russia, or Nigeria vs. Boko Haram, or Somali Pirates vs. Security forces (hello naval heavy maps).
  8. "what can i expect from Squad?"

    I'm UK based. In the evening, there's 2-3 servers full. During the day, Bluedrake's Candy Van is always full - been on it most the afternoon and it's been full (and not with non-English speakers). It's a Monday.
  9. Ok let's do this ...

    It's obviously the full 1.0 release, guys. Game is complete, haven't you heard?
  10. Project Reality 1.3 Released

    Did I read somewhere in the decripted patch notes that they'd added an estimated ammo counter onto the HUD, for how many rounds are left in a magazine? I don't think it's a wise move. We've done without it for years with no issue. In more positive commentary - can't wait!
  11. I don't like the idea. This game and it's predecessor pride themselves on reality. The world's armed forces are the epitome of physical human endeavour. I doubt a player base of gamers possess the kinds of faces sculptured through grueling tours of duty and boot camp accomplishments; myself included. TL;DR - We are all ugly bums
  12. MEC, the fictional faction

    Actually yes. As much as I'd like to shoot IS, I think with what they're upto, it would not be a good idea for a commercial game to include them.
  13. Mute in-game sound, not VoIP.
  14. It's U.S. Forces versus who ?

    Northrop, you are just repeated yourself without saying why it's "bad for more reasons", what are these more reasons? Do you really want to wait some time for this game to be developed into something great, only to become stale very quickly because of a lack of factional variety? I accept US representation in 99% of FPS is a genre staple, but there's no good reason to only have them - might as well play Battlefield 3 / 4.
  15. Hand Signals

    I was pro-all talk when it first came out, but it wears thin when you can't communicate with your squad in CQB because your enemy, the PLA, apparently also speak fluent English. It's a small concession towards gameplay. Add positional audio, but only for your own team.
  16. Hand Signals

    VoIP will make this utterly redundant. It's a nice touch but I think it's something to add when the game is 100% polished and the dev team have literally no more ideas to add.
  17. Piracy

    Just sayin'... I'll get me coat.
  18. MEC, the fictional faction

    I agree with the general principle of why the MEC is used and think a force like it should continue to be used like so, but I don't think it should be used, in the end, as a cop-out for fleshing out some actual Middle-Eastern factions. There's a lot going on out there; I personally am interested in Syria vs. ISIL.
  19. I second the idea of having a ringing / deafening noise - kills 2 birds with 1 stone, rather than the in-game muting idea which presents the 3rd party audio program problems mentioned above.
  20. I'm primarily interested in: British Armed Forces - because I am British. I would also like to play as US, because they are staple BLUFOR and our most recognisable allies; I would very much like to play less-well represented BLUFOR forces in FPS games. I would be interesed in theatres based on real conflicts, involving real nations, rather than 'one-size-fits-all' collaborations like the 'MEC' (but I understand and approve with why they are used). For example, I'd like to see Ukraine and Georgia vs Russia, rather than just using 'Militia', and I'd like to see IS as we saw HAMAS, and Syria instead of simply the MEC. Would be lovely to see less-well represented conflicts also, such as Central Africa, and South America.
  21. Some appreciation

    Echoing everyone else - thanks very much for doing this guys. I hope it doesn't go the way PR2 seems to have done and drop off after a month of hype. I watched all the demo video and sure it's early days, but anything based on PR is a major thumbs up in my book. Hardcore since 2006 - keep it up guys.