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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

  2. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Great news, thanks guys!
  3. DISCLAIMER: I have utilised the search function and could not find this suggestion. SUGGESTION: Implement ammo/medical supply looting from fallen soldiers using the 'use' key (same function as resupplying off ammo dumps). So my buddies and I are playing right now, and I was explaining the importance of having a second medic to them, as I've read kit-swapping is not coming to Squad and was only left in Project Reality because it was hard-coded in. This means if your medic goes down and you don't have a second medic to revive him, your squad are dead-men walking. The idea came to me though that once both medics are dead, that's a lot of bandages going to waste. Other troops don't have many field dressings and though they can't heal themselves, they could last a little longer if they could replenish their own from the dead medic's supplies and keep themselves alive for a little while longer if they're bleeding and have already used up all of their own bandages. I don't know how long dead bodies remain on the map but my suggestion would be to only be able to loot those, unless the system could be made so that incapacitated soldiers who are looted (which doesn't quite seem right, or honourable!) have less ammunition when revived (equal to the amount of magazines/bandages taken by the looter(s). This should be gun-specific compatible only, and capped by the number of mags/field dressings that your role can carry. I'm not championing this idea, so I'm not too bothered if it gets shot down - it is just a suggestion. What do you think?
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Test post - thanks!
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    Logar Insurgency might be interesting. I can't be there but I'm sure my boiz can.
  6. We are actively recruiting English-speaking admins - apply here if you'd like to be considered.
  7. PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com

    Our server is one of the few Squad servers that is currently self-hosted; i.e. we control the entire box and aren't throwing money at a company to host a server for us. They, unlike us, have had months to refine their server settings to provide stable gameplay for the maximum number of players. This is our objective, and rest assured we are investing a lot of time, effort, and research into increasing our player limit to the max as soon as possible. Our lower player count is shared by a number of other popular Squad servers currently. A stable game with fewer players is better than an unstable game with more players. Feel free to come again once we've ironed out our teething issues. I promise not to hold your unnecessary dismissive comment against you.
  8. Coming Soon... _______________________________________________________________________________
  9. Server Licensing General Info

    Thanks for this, chaps!
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    Foxtrot will be there with 6-7 players.
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    I'm getting sign-ups for Foxtrot; hopefully some can attend this week (though I'll be out having dinner with my wife).
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    Lee, take Foxtrot's place. We can't get enough sign ups this week so we'll need to pull out.
  13. I think you'd get around that by having the timer apply to the actual SUICIDE / GIVE UP button, so no matter how you go down you're funnelled to take the penalty if you click that button. Doesn't matter if you got shot, jumped off a ledge, stood on your own grenade, or just had enough and clicked it.
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

    Foxtrot confirming though again, unable to attend myself as I'll be at the in-laws.
  15. Community Clan Fight Night

    Saturday would suit me best as I'm at Eureka with my wife and nephew on Sunday and might not be back in time. But either works really. I'm a lucky bastard in that my wife doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day, wahoo! (Foxtrot will be there).
  16. Community Clan Fight Night

    Foxtrot in again!
  17. All I'm gonna say is... Metro Conquest 24/7.
  18. Community Clan Fight Night

    No - FU lel. ^_^
  19. Still yet to play a game of Insurgency in Squad.
  20. I prefer these maps, but some variety is nice. I'm biased, as Fools Road is my favourite map (Woodland and Brits). I generally don't like the asymmetry of the Insurgent faction, or the aesthetic of fighting in desert landscapes. You can thank years of Muttrah City and Kashan Desert for that.
  21. Community Clan Fight Night

    Foxtrot will be at the next game!
  22. Community Clan Fight Night

    For Foxtrot's first CCFN, I'd like to say thank you on behalf of all of us that managed to turn up. We had an absolute blast. Thinking of changing our unit name to The Foxy Flankers! ;) PS. Let this be a lesson to everyone who says/said "doesn't matter if we give up. It's not even close." Tickets mean everything! Every ticket counts!
  23. Community Clan Fight Night

    What incident?
  24. Community Clan Fight Night

    Foxtrot will be there!
  25. Community Clan Fight Night

    Trawling for the next date; will look again in the morning. Chill guys - as has been said, this is all about clans getting together and having fun. Yes, getting steamrolled isn't fun, but I'm sure it's not the intention and it'll be tweaked for the next event, I'm sure. My guys are really excited to meet you all :)