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  1. Our guys were the ones on the southern hills, sneaking up on squads and lighting them up - round ended just as we were about to build a .50cal on an open field of fire! Unfortunately our first cache went down as that's all the defending SL was concerned about. Didn't want anyone building an ammo crate, and you guys were on top of him before he even got his precious gun nest. Hopefully a harsh lesson learnt for whoever it was!
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to say cheers for tonight. My guys had a blast. Hopefully we made you sweat a little - some great coordination going on, certainly on Logar. Thanks for the co-op, BLITZA. Looking forward to next week.
  3. Server will be populated from 17:30 PRT (06:30 PM UK-time) tomorrow night for Squad Saturdays, come and experience sound tactical teamplay with the PR Teamwork Alliance, home of Foxtrot et. al.
  4. Redacted
  5. Nah, I mean with the flag layouts and capture order on for each layer, not just the maps themselves.
  6. Foxtrot (+PRTA Coalition if necessary), reporting in! Chora Insurgency
  7. Hi all, I've searched but couldn't find any threads on this topic - apologies if I've missed them. Is there a Squad map repository similar to the PR Map Gallery to help server admins identify good maps to set next? With so many different AAS layouts per map it's difficult to know the scale of each round before you're in it. As a side note, I assume we have different map layouts because a dynamic flag creation system like PR hasn't been done yet, so each layer is held on an individual map file? If so, presumably we will eventually end up with 1 AAS map file per map, and switching to this will result in a random layer being generated? Thanks.
  8. Thanks to everyone who came to help test the server. Special thanks to [RIP] for donating manpower to assist!
  9. Thanks to everyone who came to help test the server. Special thanks to [RIP] for donating manpower to assist!
  10. Join the PRTA Squad Server in 10 minutes to help stress test its stability, thanks!
  11. Awaiting new date to sign up Hope it went well guys.
  12. We won't make this event at late notice, but I'm looking forward to bringing a PRTA-Coalition squad back into the CCFN from next week. Have fun everyone!
  13. Well if people are going to continue here then I'll put my post here... I understand that heavy assets will require a crewman or pilot kit, and SLs will designate vehicle drivers whilst maintaining their normal kit - so presumably this will be done by the Squad Leader's menu, similar to kick member/promote to SL... But how will OWNERSHIP of a vehicle be dealt with, to stop a designated driver of another squad coming along and stealing a Squad's vehicle, AND how would such a system allow for instances where one squad agrees to relinquish control of a vehicle and loan it to another squad?
  14. Reminds me of DayZ
  15. With improvements to Squad server stability, we're going to be hosting our server at 72-players this coming Monday night at 06:30 PM UK-time (17:30 PRT) on 13th June. Come along and help us get the server to max capacity so we can assess its stability!