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  1. Pls help me Unreal Engine Crash

    I too experience these "D3D device lost" crashes. The prevailing wisdom on the forums suggests that its due to overclocking of the graphics card. I disabled my overclocking option in my control panel, but continue to get this issue, albeit slightly less frequently. I tried Odin's link, and thus far its not been fruitful either. The weird thing is, I only started getting this problem after I upgraded my computer rig to one with a stronger processor (i5 changed to i7). Before this upgrade, I never once experienced this error, but my framerate wasn't quite as high.
  2. Fatal Error: D3D unit lost.

    just wanted to check in and confirm that I also experience this issue, and that that it only started happening to me after I upgraded my computer to one with a faster CPU
  3. D3D device lost error on better CPU?

    Update: I rolled back my driver by one release patch, and the error still occurs.
  4. D3D device lost error on better CPU?

    Thank you =DRK=Viper. I'll give the second-most-recent driver a try. Will update you guys once thats done
  5. D3D device lost error on better CPU?

    hey guys. Sorry for the late reply. I did not update my OS, but I did change my motherboard.
  6. Hey fellow squadlings, I recently started getting a strange error. It started happening after I upgraded my CPU from i5 to i7, and both before and after updating the drivers on the new CPU. whats strange is that on my old CPU, the i5, I would never crash, and would play for hours at a time, whereas now, on the i7, I seldom get more than 5 minutes of gameplay before my game crashes. While it does crash every 5 minutes or so, it does also run more smoothly in that short time. That is, it runs at a higher framerate and enables higher graphical settings. Anyone know of any workarounds? I just want to iterate that the crash bug occurred both before and after I updated my drivers, and also that my video card is a GTX 550 Ti. My RAM card is 8GB I'll paste the error message below: error file:d\g\pipelines\owi-squadrelease-a-8\U\Engine\Source\Runtime\windows\D3D11RHl\Private\D3D11Util.cpp][Line:176] Unreal engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0007 - 'RESET')