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  1. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    All new vehis look awesome and also the auto movement is great, but i'm still interested in more news regarding the free view and wall climbing when and if there will be any compatibility with IRTrack hardware and what's the progress on it. Talking about the Mynsk, I think there will be a lot of youtube fun stories to be unleashed from the Squad Troll Armies from Hell. Watch out bush campers!! :)) All 'n' all this game is becoming more interesting from a month to another. God speed Devs!! Bring us more good news.
  2. List of active clans and communities

    Name: The Romanian Drunken SoldiersTag: TRDSLink: Language: EnglishDescription: "Casual milsim role & team players, no drama queens allowed, relaxed and open clan. We are looking for players who can fit to the description. Team speak server available only after selections."Members: ~11We also play: Insurgency, Project Reality, Battlefield 4, Golf with friends, Ark, ETS2MP, Garry's Mod