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  1. What goes on inside some Squaddies heads?

    You're playing a game where you simulate shooting people in the head with extreme prejudice and you're concerned about THE CHILDREN?! OH LORD THINK OF THE LITTLE KIDDIES THAT MIGHT FEEL BULLIED IN MY DIGITAL MURDER SIMULATOR! Get ****ing real.
  2. 8.9 Framerate Issues

    Guess I'm done playing Squad until this gets fixed!
  3. 8.9 Framerate Issues

    Just tried this, all files were fine.
  4. 8.9 Framerate Issues

    Ever since the 8.9 patch went live I've been experiencing a massive drop in frames, rendering the game entirely unplayable. Occasionally when exiting the game an error message will pop up indicating a memory leak. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? SPECS: Windows 7 hp 64bit Intel i5 3.3 ghz 16gb ddr3 ram (evga) NVIDIA GTX 760 4gb dx11 Latest updates and drivers installed.