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  1. Should not be able to blow up IED after dying.

    [Putting IED > die > respawn and dial] isn't a real issue, it is like somebody else activated the IED, I hate when I kill an ennemy and he tells everyone where I am, but I can't nothing about this. Having numbers to dial would be cooler. Any scout could activate any IED on the map. But if the scout is a lone wolf he wont able to insta-allahsnack420
  2. Suggestions for Squad Alpha 10

    We all have been all waiting for the first suggestion, I don't know what devs said but it would be so great.
  3. Please enable SL to lock their RP

    Possibility to block respawn as SL is, for me, very good. I fully support that.
  4. Should not be able to blow up IED after dying.

    I rather let the possibility to blow after dying. People still can talk and share thoughts after the get shoot down, why couldn't they share 7 numbers call ? It's already hard enough to use IED. It would just mean that the scout has to hide a long moment before dial. Which makes him useless if he can't fight back properly. He will become a little scared soldier waiting for his 1% to get kills. Just be good to place mine. It would be better to give SL a phone too to help the scout in his maneouvers and if both are deads during the same time the IED is lost. (Dig works so dig it before he respawns)
  5. Militia/Ins need M4/G3A3 with scoop (SCOPE?)

    I never knew if it was scope or scoop
  6. I feels like Militia and INS should be able to have M4 and G3A3 with scoop instead of the AKm/74. It's not that hard to switch the scoop between rifles. American and Russian already have their best lazer beams (rifles) with the scoop because it's their only rifffflelelelz.
  7. Please no shovel melee

    You can't aim your gun at an ennemy and tell him to drop him weapon, but it happens IRL many time. I am for the stock knock or a melee weapon that OS ennemy. Or give us at least a wrestling choke move Many time I have been on the lead of a walk with the squad and spot ennemy that I could have kill by behind.
  8. The problem is that the ground position heavily helps americans. We all tried once to rush storage as militia and got rekt by their gorilla warfare
  9. I am sorry but I have to rage on some things I often play insurged and many people seems to not give any **** of others people, they just take any vehicules and leave them on the edge of the maps for the rest of the game. HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. And people don't play squad leaders, medics, ignore orders most of the time. This was pure chaos today. Was the game free this week end ? New players should really have a tutorial in which they have to restart evetything if they mistake once.
  10. APC driver view

    I feel like this is a small but an important suggestion So I op it
  11. Before posting a feedback on some bugs, I was wondering you too had : - the cancel doesn't work when I join a server too quickly and I don't want to join it. - Binoculars aren't highlighted when you scoll in your inventory, the square stays dark.
  12. APC driver view

    I like these vehicules, I often play them but the driver's view is awful : Your head is block on the center view and when you look on the sides your head just turns at 420m/ph. You can't give accruate position to the gunner because your head is stuck. More, it doesnt look like what the driver can really see, try on the firing range. I am not a robot, could we please change that and our necks will feel better
  13. What disappointed me the most about free weekend.

    They should add a push button which makes new players automaticly join a training server. And for the ones who brought the game and have enough squad hours have it too, they will teach players how to behave. I think they already behave good, but I like when people follow my orders blindly hahahaha
  14. What disappointed me the most about free weekend.

    I had great fun being SL, shouting, kicking players and butts. I drove a techie and my gunners understood quickly how to kill, I have never seen so many teamkills.
  15. Normal game mode is too linear