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  1. Lose the Medic role

    In casual this so hard to find a squad where there is two medics. I always play medic but they lack so much and when there is one, he is bored to his role quickly, always the first to leave. When I play SL this is always war with the dudes taking riflemen instead or medic, I have explained or kicked so many because of that. There really should be beginners servers or something, casual players are here to chill out, not being stressed out by others taking bullets all the time.
  2. Do you think there will be new faction

    It would be great that factions aren't stick to some maps, but random or prechoosen by the admins of the server.
  3. Do you think there will be new faction

    Yeah I didnt bother looking more carefuly for USMC and MEC. Israel is an interesting choice but I rather give priotity to newer factions. It would make me sad to see again the same faction that PR had, such as canada, poland and germany.
  4. Do you think there will be new faction

    France has been more active on battlefields than Germany over last years in the middle east and african continent. But squad seems to have a slightly bigger german community than the french one. USMC is a special force no ? They dont do special force in squad. Middle East Coalition is a special force too, but I really like that militia is a mix between RU and INS. As MEC is a mix between US and INS. Israel, I don't think so. They maybe have good equipement, they don't really do wars since 1973. I wont talk about the palestinian situation. Canada, another english faction yay... no plz Overall I feel France, China, and an US-milita faction such an african or middle east faction, are the 3 most interessting choices. Turkey and Germany could be great too
  5. Do you think there will be any new factions after the british one ? That could be a huge thing if the dev, after the main tasks, start to make many world-wide factions to gather big international audiance.
  6. Cutting trees ?

    There are always some trees that are frustating because of their positions : somes that block the vehicules will going up or down a hill. It can open new places to create fobs. Give MG more view. Landing positions for futur choppers. Will there be any possiblites that we can cut trees some day ?
  7. How many will be moving from SQUAD to Post Scriptum?

    To any people spiting on PS. Have you ever played ww2 game such as Day of Infamy? Modern games are ''aim then shoot' while the ww2 is more hasardous, knifes are more usable, weapons have a slower rate of fire, which let u dodge bullet. Everything seems more intense et harder in those ww2 games, which is why it is an overused theme but that we like.
  8. When you're the gunner of a MRAP you get easily killed just because you can't put your head down. When the vehicule is full you know you gonna die. When you are alone you know somebody is waiting for your forhead and when the vehicule is trap or stuck you are hopeless. I am sure it will comes but who knows.
  9. How I Manifested Hate for This Game in Seconds

    Any games based on communication will have his parts of un cool communication like you had. You should be happy because i have been kick and i kicked people for less than what you did. Once I was doing all jobs and got kicked by some retards. I felt really bad, I went back teamkilling them. I felt even worst for acting as much as a kid as they did. But that's life.
  10. Responsibilities

    I feel like that on casual servers, people aren't enough dedicated to their responsabilities. It's hard to find a medic doing his job all the time, if all medics were healing people's wounds games eould be much more different. Same for SL, there is always one or two squads in a corner od the map and even if they answer they sit around during all game.Or just even soldiers respawning randomly everywhere. Is there anything that could be done to sensitize players to be efficient. Or to have 2 tabs when searching servers, the chill ones and the hot ones.
  11. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    I am totally for the SL to be able to lock his soldiers spawn. I have seen too many dudes spawning randomly.
  12. People that make a squad then hand it over

    I dont have THE solution but something simple : When the Squad lead is given to somebody else, because the SL quit or hand it over. The squad is automaticaly lock until the New SL unlock it. It prevents people going in a squad with a useless SL and joining dead squads. When my SL quit from my squad and nobody wants to do the lead. I use to take it, lock the squad and kick everyone.
  13. Marker restriction is absurd

    I sometimes play SL, but everytime I play SL I have to manage many things* and you don't have the time to find the E 7-8-1 square or even near. And if the squad is cut in half, the small half should be able to act autonomus. *such as thinking while talking to squad, talking in local, talking to others squad leaders, while driving, while putting markers all the time on the map, plus watching around and be alert for ennemies.
  14. Marker restriction is absurd

    If I need to put markers I switch quickly as a new SL to put them, then go back in my squad, but it takes times and it gets messy in the squad. Why just not let 1 or 2 markers available for each squad members ?
  15. Deployable Change

    Oh yeah, if only we could construct mines field of few meters on few meters, aaaahh