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  1. V12 performance

    With everything on low, the game's still unplayable. I tried to chat with some people and they told me it was even better for them, so I'm guessing they haven't patch yet the game for everybody but it will comes soon, I hope. They are aware of it
  2. when loading in to server

    I'm having too issues with the game, cannot play since the updates
  3. FR: Recap Juin 2018 - French Translation

    Pour en arriver jusqu'à ton poste, il faut déjà savoir parler un peu anglais x) Mais c'est gentil de t'avoir pris de ton temps pour faire ça, merci.
  4. If french modders make the french army we might get 2 others factions, but which ones ? China depends on the right that might not be given. Israel and Germany alreary in pr. Who ?
  5. Armored Technical

    Armored techies windows are too wide open, I don't survive much more than in a regular techie
  6. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    Heavy positions will almost always get destroy and waiting on AAS is a bad thing. Militia is underpower in this game mode and servers tend to be mostly aas
  7. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    Militia lack of optics indeed, flanking is the only thing to do
  8. Technical Suggestions

    Technical with shield on turrets are useless. When ennemies lie down they have more corver than the dude standing up with a shield corvering his face blinding him while the rest of the body is uncorvered. Nobody wants to be the gunner of these. It is a bit easier on the shielded one because you can corver yourself a bit more but still, an mg fulling at you will shoot you down anyway, but more slowly.
  9. AZP S-60 57mm AA GUN

    Would be very fun indeed
  10. Japanese or chinese faction ?

    Since the british faction is there, we all wonder about which faction will the next ones. We know they need the rights to use vehicules (bye bye humvee) so we will have to wait a long moment before any confirmation. If one day we might have an asian faction, which one do you think is the more interesting between any asian factions, Japan, china, India ? I think japanese and chinese army are two that are the more viewed by the community. What are you thoughts ?
  11. G3 Damage

    It would look funny to see all variant of each rifles with scopes kit and basic kit. INS and Milita should be able to have M4/G3 scope kit available too. They can simply put it on other rifles. And it mostly makes players NOT rush the marksman as always.
  12. Improving RU optics.

    True that
  13. Improving RU optics.

    Chill out dude, I was agreeing with you that russian optics were bad for the moment. You are rude and ask people not to be rude after ? What are you, a snowflake ? Noobgamer said: ns of you to be rude You can't force everyone using them because you think yourself more players like reflexs and it is better, this is a random claim, your shooting skills only depend of you, not your optic. You know can still shrekt everyone with iron sight if you have few skill. I rather have the choice between the two than being force to play optics.
  14. SPG-9 Rotable Tripod

    Except weapon, no it isn't, you can do anything with a spg techie, while tripods are mheee... limited aim and unmovable, need to be build and after one use people where it is. Where have you seen it was the same thing ?
  15. Improving RU optics.

    Bring back iron sights, I feel stupid when I have to play with these scopes. You can't aim sheet and some people keep praising it. I only can play recruit or crew member now. I just have been kicked right now for killing around 20 russians in the early game as american with m4 ironsight. God I rage.