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  1. When for hotfix?

    3 weeks MayMay, alright, I will take it.
  2. When for hotfix?

    I don't want to annoy or pressure devs in any way but do you guys have any ideas when there will be hotfix for v12 performences ? I'm so impatient to play t_t
  3. V12 performance

    Yeah that is really my feeling
  4. V12 performance

    These freezes kill me everytime, even if I am behind an unarmed dude, game dies for sec and I die too thrn.
  5. V12 performance

    When I'shoot a rocket on a bazooka it goes like this, I see the vehicule 200-300 meters, I set my bazooka and shoot, the game freezes until I'm dead kill by the vehicule. I don't even know if I hit it or not.
  6. Just wait for when helicopters come out. Everyone will wait at the spawn like bf3.
  7. The Worst Part of v12

    Devs typed gopnik to have exemples of the average russian man.
  8. V12 performance

    Luck boy

    When people payed for this game, they wanted actions. Plus, running a logistic squad is sometimes quite annoying because of the lack of players who want to do it and that most of people who joined you didn't really wanted to do that. You will always have more tank crew mem and in the futur more pilots than logistic runners. I like the new thing with ammo but playerbase isn't really into logistic, such as not being into medics. We should simply confront more players to the need of logistics and saving vehicles.
  10. V12 performance

    With everything on low, the game's still unplayable. I tried to chat with some people and they told me it was even better for them, so I'm guessing they haven't patch yet the game for everybody but it will comes soon, I hope. They are aware of it
  11. when loading in to server

    I'm having too issues with the game, cannot play since the updates
  12. FR: Recap Juin 2018 - French Translation

    Pour en arriver jusqu'à ton poste, il faut déjà savoir parler un peu anglais x) Mais c'est gentil de t'avoir pris de ton temps pour faire ça, merci.
  13. If french modders make the french army we might get 2 others factions, but which ones ? China depends on the right that might not be given. Israel and Germany alreary in pr. Who ?
  14. Armored Technical

    Armored techies windows are too wide open, I don't survive much more than in a regular techie
  15. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    Heavy positions will almost always get destroy and waiting on AAS is a bad thing. Militia is underpower in this game mode and servers tend to be mostly aas