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  1. I often see at begin or mid game of some maps that there are not enough cars to take people and those both factions run all over the map. They have troubles to unit. I mean, in real life insurged and milita could find regular cars everywhere, why could we let them more transport jeeps or 4 places civilian cars ?
  2. Any ETA on V10?

    We will have it at the end of november...2018
  3. [POLL] tow truck

    Maybe you used to play with your little plastic cars, maybe you still do, maybe you understand why we need a tow truck or you don't know it yet : Because every game we play we stick, stuck and stack vehicules eveywhere.
  4. Choosing ammo type (bullets)

    There are already threads about that. I loved insurgency but I think the AP-HP ****ed up the system because everyone plays AP, HP are unnatural and harder to use (aim the limbs, kills faster doe in insurgency). HP could be fun for Insurged team
  5. Any ETA on V10?

    Choppers need ropes to help vehicules to get unstuck and to deploy infantry. Wi.. Weewee WEEH NNEED ROOOHPES
  6. Classes you will never see

    I want a dude that transport a deployable machine gun
  7. [title], something like al bashar will less buildings ?
  8. Ammo Placement

    You should better wait for HL3
  9. Rocket Artillery

    This car is annoying : When it's use in a regular game and you can't have a good view you need to annouce to SLs that their soldiers have to tell their SLs to the SL (who might not using the car) that tell the driver and gunner how they should adjust their aim. And if you can't camp in the spawn, your resupply run will mess with your adjustment you just made. It gets pretty confusing.
  10. Classes you will never see

    In this thread we shitpost class we knew they would never be add. Mine are the melee fighters, dog handler and dog no need to describe
  11. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    Artillery all the way
  12. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    China ! And the turkish army too
  13. Any ETA on V10?

    Nice Hope, if there is any, that it will be put in the final version of the game haha