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  1. Responsibilities

    I feel like that on casual servers, people aren't enough dedicated to their responsabilities. It's hard to find a medic doing his job all the time, if all medics were healing people's wounds games eould be much more different. Same for SL, there is always one or two squads in a corner od the map and even if they answer they sit around during all game.Or just even soldiers respawning randomly everywhere. Is there anything that could be done to sensitize players to be efficient. Or to have 2 tabs when searching servers, the chill ones and the hot ones.
  2. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    I am totally for the SL to be able to lock his soldiers spawn. I have seen too many dudes spawning randomly.
  3. People that make a squad then hand it over

    I dont have THE solution but something simple : When the Squad lead is given to somebody else, because the SL quit or hand it over. The squad is automaticaly lock until the New SL unlock it. It prevents people going in a squad with a useless SL and joining dead squads. When my SL quit from my squad and nobody wants to do the lead. I use to take it, lock the squad and kick everyone.
  4. Marker restriction is absurd

    I sometimes play SL, but everytime I play SL I have to manage many things* and you don't have the time to find the E 7-8-1 square or even near. And if the squad is cut in half, the small half should be able to act autonomus. *such as thinking while talking to squad, talking in local, talking to others squad leaders, while driving, while putting markers all the time on the map, plus watching around and be alert for ennemies.
  5. Marker restriction is absurd

    If I need to put markers I switch quickly as a new SL to put them, then go back in my squad, but it takes times and it gets messy in the squad. Why just not let 1 or 2 markers available for each squad members ?
  6. Deployable Change

    Oh yeah, if only we could construct mines field of few meters on few meters, aaaahh
  7. Anti Tank

    Russian and American vehicules are good, however APC view is scheet. Jeeps are really really really hard to use. shields on techies block more the view that it protects. Not enough motorcycles. SPG jeep is good. But I feel like people stop using the arti rocket techie seriously now, there is not enough time to use it correctly, better do mortar because it's accruate. I think it costs too much and there aren't enough of these cars availables.
  8. Deployable Change

    Love it Great, hope it passes. But I really want to see the single sand bag and the Big bomb cache.
  9. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    ''Space Apes''
  10. Deployable Change

    The mortar should be able to reload smoke shell (any color they want). We sould be able to put a single sang bag, I need to fill some holes. Esco wall and bloc should cost less. Cost : 50 -> 40 / 350 -> 320 Telesco post : somebody can watch around with it (for ins/militia) and a thermic option for us/ru Cost : 200(ins/mil)/400(ru/us) Explosive box : Long to build, it's a bomb that makes a huge explosion. But you need to use fob to activated it. Only for Ins. Access to camo neat roof to deploy to hide things and camo neat that can be put on each deployable such as esco wall, sandbags, etc... I think that walls that protect the grey bunkers at their entry are too smalls, they don't protect enough
  11. Vehicule crew

    I didn't play PR, sad it went wrong
  12. Vehicule crew

    I feel like having a squad dedicated to vehicules is more usefull than squads using one each : Yesterday I was commanding a pack ot 3 strykers, 2 of mine plus random stryker that follows us. We rekt everythings. We did the same on kohat as russian. Was fine but in every games it worked because we were the first one pushing/breaching. Should we start thinking about a specific squad that has control of every vehicules ? Who can use all cars (except light one) and give permissions to others squads to use vehicule ?
  13. How would you improve the G3?

    - Iron sights aren't problems, you're just the one lacking of experience. - The Close Quarter isn't a problem. Except against m249, but the m249 rekts everything. - In long range it provides the damage power that AKm(s) lack. -D●esn't have a scope, so yeah it is a problem, insurgent have too choose between scope ak.m which is useless over 250m or the g3a3 with can make damage but less accruate. But both are considered bad againt the m4+scope x2 In short and long fiirefight engagement. I LOVE THIS WEAPON AS MUCH AS I LOVE POTATOES Not all the time
  14. [Atmosphere] [mods]

  15. [Atmosphere] [mods]

    - Does the atmosphere change or I see things ? - Will it ever change ? - Why devs don't put and works on mod that have been well made (with the agreement of the modder ofc) - Will we ever be able to shoot when on vehicules ? - Why do medics die first all the time for no reason ? - Why people jump out of the vehicule for no reason ?