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  1. I use to tell others SL to use a kind of smoke if they are losing their positions or near ennemies positions which can be usefull Or where are the dangerous sides when we have to make a wall of white smokes. I once did an ambush with these as lures. Colors have many purposes
  2. Make us able to choose our colors !
  3. As insurged and militia are in their lands, why don't we make them begin faster ?
  4. LMG

    Phoquing artillery
  5. I rather think it would reduce the starting gap, having 2-3 minutes delay is really great. Ready box is only to begin quicker, not delaying game after the starting minutes. Many people don't have enough time at starting to get their shits togethers.
  6. We don't have TO mute [EDIT] Something like, each SLs of a 7 or more members squad has to press ready. When all Sl of both teams are ready then the game starts. Or wait three minutes. People will have the time to prepare their squads.
  7. Milita needs to be close range to fight properly but their camo is more attractive than a clown, sadly. When they are in spaced forest or country fields you only have to put the red dot on the black pixel to get a kill. I think we should give to M4(milita) and ak74(insurged) rifle class binocular, with one less nade maybe or that transport car (which are casual cars ) is tricket-free, for insurged too or making them able to deploy basic constructions, as sands bags and turrets only in a larger radius of the FOB
  8. Iron sight is a personal problem, I always use it and I have problems with optic sight if it isn't a sniper.
  9. We should add color on/around the name of new players during their first 10 hours and one more game when they play SL. Like that a serious players or anyone can take care of them. Teach them how to use SL and others, instead of "what the fukc retarded squad leader stop doing shyt left and right autistic kid" *left the squad* Even add where he is from like: Bonnie Money [CH]
  10. I was wondering if a supply class could happen: a member of the squad accepts this role and does his job because he chooses to, not because SL is shouting at him. The tech car gives more supplies to fob if the supply class drove it from the main. Or/and it repairs faster if he controls the car. Or/and he doesn't need a second mate with him to unlock a tech/transport car. Or/and He(or sl?) can put an ammo box next to a tech car and it is removed is destroyed or not next to it anymore. We really need drivers, not pushied and sad soldiers
  11. I think we should add 2 bindkeys, one for, as said, making SL mute everyone Or SL can speak through others, it mutes them when he talks
  12. We all know the deal about supply races. Maybe if supply drivers get xp it will give them motivations to do more drives Or Is a npc driver driving to spot 1 to spot 2 all the time could become interessting ?
  13. War isn't always shooting To win you need medics, SL using his binoculars all the time and talking to everyone, drivers, people using turret/rocket jeep well. and this is what milita and insurged need these days
  14. I see many games where Insurged or milita players use the jeep car once and don't send a dude drives back, all the time It is a fast car and you can resupply your car quickly and many times. It means then that you can have many walls and (rocket and normal) turrets. I saw game where it worked well with supplies and we won the game with much tickets as insurged which was supprising. Maybe Insurged gamestyle is more about making fast FOB with turrets on hills instead of guerilla attacks or a futur dead car Just want to make you know that tech jeep is usefull and if you play SL, don't forget to always send a dude in this car
  15. Nowadays terrorists put bomb on drones too. Maybe dev wont put it in the game but it has to be seen. We cannt have a bomb car nor a car bomb. Everyone wanted something that you can guide and blow up.