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  1. I was in a gaze of admiration thanks to the squad wallpaper featured on the wiki, and noticed the soldier running with a can in each hand. https://squad.gamepedia.com/File:Squad_US_Army_Wallpaper_1920x1080.png Man, that would be cool to see in-game.
  2. fixed, thank you! i did have to reset all my computer/headphone settings
  3. I am having problems hearing anyone on squad comms, anyone ever had this problem? I can still transmit, but cannot recieve, although I can see their names and hear the radio beeps, just no audio on their voices.. Funny thing is I can still hear Local comms just fine. Ive double checked and reset my audio settings, but no luck w/the settings
  4. I was first introduced to Squad a couple of months ago, when I found a Squad Ops video on YouTube done by Karmakut. Since December 14th, I've purchased a new computer, joined the Squad Ops group, and now have 179 hours on Squad. When I have a good Squad Leader, I love playing as a medic or rifleman. Otherwise, I enjoy the challenge that squad/platoon leading is and am constantly learning more about it both on & off the field. My goal is to play a bigger part in the Squad community- to become a developer and help to contribute to the UX, objects, maps and game modes. I am from California so you will find me playing on my local servers. Hope to see you on the field!