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  1. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    I agree with this. Just make it the same as in PR. You need at least 2 min to get your squad up to date with the current plan that you made with other SQL (which also can take 2 minutes)
  2. Vehicle Warfare Map Discussion

    Vehicles all the way! Using them effectively with infantry gives you a true experience!
  3. Founder skin

    Ok so i'll wait then right? Verstuurd vanaf mijn HTC One_M8 met Tapatalk
  4. Founder skin

    Hi, I have just been starting to play the game i backed 2 years ago. How can i enable my weaponskins? Thanks in advance Verstuurd vanaf mijn HTC One_M8 met Tapatalk
  5. Hi, I live in a strange part of the world where we use azerty keyboard layout. Most of the time i can change my "walking" (W) to Z but this doesnt work. How can i change this, i really wanna get a taste of this game ... Thanks in advance Reno
  6. I do hope they show us some gameplay footage on the last day of the KS campaign ... shit would get real .... millions of millions of dollars would flow ... .
  7. Live stream interview with NationFusion

    I missed it, will they upload it on the same website?
  8. Eta - estimated time of arrival
  9. Why the kickstarter isn't doing so well

    I think ks is hijacked by asia's gaming industrie lol .... Why do people ... Ill never get that and squad is on 300k which is massive! Be proud .... And support instead of making a thread which already exist somewhere else. Thank you and come again...
  10. Everyone has his own style i guess. And some people don't like his style sometimes i dont even like it but to assume all his audience are children made me defend him....
  11. He is a long time and respected PR player. That's one. Two, he also knows a thing a or two about modern warfare. And three his enthusiasm and excitement for PR and SQUAD are really cool. I watch his videos, not all but still most of them and I'm 22.
  12. Idea for AAS

    Maybe it's a new AAS modification he is suggestion.
  13. VoIP - Background noise

    Within reason -- and I'm all good. It would certainly bring more immersion however I can't see myself screaming in front om my computer .... that would be awkward.
  14. Remake

    At ease soldier it is very early morning in canada ... It will be up sometime today.
  15. Topographic map

    So you guys are thinking about it? ...