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  1. Since one of the last few alpha builds I can no longer use Bandicam to record Squad footage. The overlaid FPS counter that is usually there in all other games simply doesn't appear in Squad, which is odd, because I did use it with one of the earlier alpha builds, though I can't remember which one specifically. At the moment I use Shadowplay but I find it an odd program to use, and it's not always clear when recording starts and stops, even though you control it yourself, as the announcing popups seemingly don't appear, or only appear for a split second, and so on. Is anybody else having this problem with Bandicam?
  2. Movement too slow ?

    I liked the movement speed, it was good.
  3. SiC's Squad(leader) video's!

    The new bipods are really sweet!
  4. SiC's Squad(leader) video's!

    Alpha 10 footage!
  5. That's only going to divide people. Squad already does a good job of finding a middle ground I think. But I'm definitely not waiting for another experience like Red Orchestra 2 with it's various difficulty settings and not enough player base to consistently find the servers you want.
  6. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Hadn't touched the game in a while but decided to jump back in for the free weekend and volunteer myself as an SL and played a few rounds that way. One of them on Chora was particularly nice, built up an FOB, explained how to do it, then went on to find some contacts and wrecked plenty of vehicles and squads despite having a couple of new guys.
  7. SiC's Squad(leader) video's!

    It's been a while but decided to jump back in for the free weekend and be an SL to newbies. One of the rounds went extremely well and was a lot of fun.
  8. Favorite Inspirational Quotes

    "Come to think of it, we are all killers or accomplices. Even those who have bleeding hearts and tend to pity everything. Why? It’s very simple. A man keeps a pig, but he knows in advance what he keeps it for: in order to kill it, and eat it and to sell it’s meat. And even he who is sorry about all this, buys the pork from him. And the trapper is the same as that pig farmer, only he’s more honest. I used to raise cattle and I could never bring myself to slaughter them. It comes to you expecting you to show affection or give it some treat. And instead it gets a bullet in the head. In the taiga the wild animal knows that no good can come from me, from a man. He tries to escape. Here it’s about whom outsmarts whom." - Genady
  9. New blog with a new trailer too! Blog here (includes trailer): http://voidinteractive.net/developer-blog-02-an-era-approaches/ Decided to do a video on it, which includes the trailer at the start as well.
  10. SiC's Squad(leader) video's!

    Had a few nice rounds last sunday:
  11. It still has issues that need to be fixed (doors not replicating properly in MP was a pretty big one these matches, staying closed for some while opening for others), but inch by inch it's moving to an early access release. Development is still rather slow due to personal issues and not being a full-time job yet, but it'll get there.
  12. Did some PVP last night, had a great time!
  13. Squad unplayable with no players

    This is a non-issue for me as I'm from Europe (my problem is getting into English-speaking servers instead of French, German and Russian ones lol) but I wonder sometimes if it would be beneficial for developers to do things like lotteries in low-population (as in gamers) parts of the world. Not now, but maybe after the 1.0 release. Doing a sizeable giveaway in regions like that might give it a playerbase that makes it more sustainable for people looking to purchase but are unsure of being able to regurarly play games.