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  1. It still has issues that need to be fixed (doors not replicating properly in MP was a pretty big one these matches, staying closed for some while opening for others), but inch by inch it's moving to an early access release. Development is still rather slow due to personal issues and not being a full-time job yet, but it'll get there.
  2. Did some PVP last night, had a great time!
  3. This is a non-issue for me as I'm from Europe (my problem is getting into English-speaking servers instead of French, German and Russian ones lol) but I wonder sometimes if it would be beneficial for developers to do things like lotteries in low-population (as in gamers) parts of the world. Not now, but maybe after the 1.0 release. Doing a sizeable giveaway in regions like that might give it a playerbase that makes it more sustainable for people looking to purchase but are unsure of being able to regurarly play games.
  4. In World War 1 shovels and other small hand-held things like clubs seemed very popular, especially as the war dragged on and people became more proficient at trench assaults. Not likely to happen here but it's nice to have a backup when you run dry entirely. On that note, I would love some fixable bayonets!
  5. No. A lot of what makes a knowledgable player a dickhead is his tone, and I've seen plenty of people who were very condescending constantly. While they might have been knowledgable and me being a teamplayer who doesn't mind to do a shitty job every once in a while if it helps the team, I shut right down when I hear that shit. Even if he's winning us the game, he can **** right off.
  6. Did some playing around with the new IED's
  7. Of course that was part of it, but no, not as badly as you think. Of course damage is done and you'll just have to take my word for it when I say I'm simply excited about the game and wanted to share. I really did not have a lot of time, but oh well. You'll believe what you want, so.
  8. I referred to their website on my video but you're right, I should have. I made the post early in the morning and was in a rush, just wanted to get a thread out about it. And since the trailer is at the start of my video I didn't think I'd need to link the trailer again?
  9. This game seems ripe with potential, so I just had to do a video talking about it (starts with their teaser trailer!). It sounds like the spiritual successor to SWAT 4 I've always wanted!
  10. This needs to be a vegetarian's anthem. Lol.
  11. These SL videos are a little longer because I want to show more than just the action highlights but the general flow of battle, situational information and decision making and cooperation with other squads. This video is a nice example of that I think.
  12. I want the ability to assign fireteams, but I don't feel the need for a fireteam leader role. That's so many layers of communication going on in a game, it's too much. It's easier for you to say "fireteams talk in 3d, unless you have something to share that is of importance to the whole squad". Fireteams are only important over longer distances, at close range you might as well keep everybody together. All I really need is a way to change colours, ie red and blue teams like in SWAT 4. Just to make things easier in general situations, like when you want to build an FOB. "Team red, help me dig. Team blue, overwatch." Simple. Simplicity in communication is key.
  13. I've ordered retreats, but usually only if we are out in the open somewhere and it's becoming clear we are being flanked. When it comes to urban areas, it's much easier to dig in, and squads of a smaller size can wipe out bigger ones, or at least hold out and cancel the enemy cap until backup arrives. So for me, it really depends where we are at.
  14. A hardfought battle