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  1. I've ordered retreats, but usually only if we are out in the open somewhere and it's becoming clear we are being flanked. When it comes to urban areas, it's much easier to dig in, and squads of a smaller size can wipe out bigger ones, or at least hold out and cancel the enemy cap until backup arrives. So for me, it really depends where we are at.
  2. A hardfought battle
  3. "I have been feeling so happy and filled to overflowing with the beauty of life. It is all a golden dream with mysterious, high, rushing winds leaning down to caress me, and warm and perfect colors flowing before my eyes. Time and the need of time have ceased entirely. A gentle dreamy haze fills my soul, the rustling of the aspens lulls my senses and the surpassing beauty and perfection of everything fills me with a quiet joy any deep pervading love for my world." - Everett Ruess, wanderer
  4. That is awesome news! It's great to have that extra bit of vision when you're outside of combat, and it'll look great to boot!
  5. This scene man. Gets me every time.
  6. Haha yeah this is a bit annoying but how would you possible go about fixing this? What annoys me more is that there seem to be more German, French, Turkish and Russian servers than English-speaking servers and sometimes it's hard to find a squad that speaks English, or other SL's that can communicate with you to devise a strategy. Again not something that the game could fix
  7. A rare moment of glory...
  8. Oxy and SgtRoss, you manly beasts, you!
  9. And the Cynical Award goes to *drumroll* you! haha. Regular unlocks and achievements are participation awards. My suggestion would not be as it is entirely up to other players, and they don't care if you participated if you didn't also play well. Yeah, the clan thing was my concern too. But score doesn't necessarily mean you were more useful than others. It's a pretty good indicator of course, but a while ago I had a match as SL where I had one player act as a forward scout. The information he provided helped us come out on top of almost every engagement, while he didn't fire many shots at all and so had a low score. The same is true for the scoring system in, for example, Red Orchestra 2 where players get more points per kill if they are in an objective zone, and if the enemy is in the objective zone. But what about the people killing the enemy before they can even get into the objective zone? Therefore I don't think statistics are generally all that useful to determine someone's worth, and a player-driven system (where they can choose what category they'd like to commend someone, like good scout, good SL, good AT shot etc.) would be more benificial. You also make a good point about people with higher recommendations always being picked and maybe even feeling 'forced' to take that role again. It was something that crossed my mind too. That's a nice idea! I like the idea of having temporary tally. So in summary so far, for a system like this to work you would need: - Multiple people voting in favor, reducing the risk of clans boosting eachother all the time. - A whole squad votes for and counts as 1 commendation. - Not be about kills, but things that benefited the entire squad in some way (good scout info as an example). - Temporary showcase, refreshed each month or so (though maybe that could be what is shown ingame, while the full track record is saved online). - Having the option for players to hide or disable all or parts of their 'track record', so that if you don't want to feel pressured into taking AT, you can hide that info if you so wish. The first time you boot up the game could be a good opportunity to ask the player if he wants all this stuff saved or not, and then make it toggleable in the options menu.
  10. Aye, that'd be priority #1 for sure. It would be helpful to have tools so servers can self-police instead of being reliant on active adminds 24/7. Other than that though, what do you think of the idea?
  11. I was over on the steam forums and saw a topic discussing an XP/rank system for Squad. Now, I don't think a rank/xp system would benefit the game. No system for that needs to be in place. HOWEVER, I do like the idea of, for example, players being able to 'commend' eachother for good play. So basically I'm saying it shouldn't be a game system, it should be a player system. If you were in a squad with a good SL, it could be neat to have the players award him in some way. Same for the other roles. Important for this to work however is that there should only be positive commendations, not negative ones. If a player misbehaves, that's the job of the server admin to deal with. Otherwise you'll get trolling and abuse of people being downvoted just because. It might also motivate people to try more difficult jobs like the SL position, and it has the added benefit of being able to see the experience an SL of a certain squad has, but like, actual experience leading squads, not just some pointless fake xp system. Now this could be extended towards most roles. If your LAT guy made a difficult shot and saved your squad, that squad's members might award him a commendation for example. Then later on, when he joins other servers and other squads, the SL can see which player is best for which role. I do see some downsides, like players begging for commendations. Or having friends upvoting a player again and again every round, so for that possibility I would say that for a commendation to be awarded, a certain number of players should vote for it to be awarded. Each squad's vote should count as one commendation, and not for example three commendations if three players voted. On the whole though I think the Squad community is mature enough to be able to handle a system such as this. But whereas a regular xp system or statistics system would lead to players chasing kills over teamwork, these player-awarded recommendations might promote teamwork even further, as the only way to get them is to play well within the team and having them appreciate the job you're doing. It wouldn't be a loss if something like this never made it in, but it's something to think about maybe. Thoughts?
  12. Mission Critical Failures And Successes
  13. Some highlights from Al Basrah
  14. Last friday I played a match during the free weekend. Had a bunch of new guys along for the ride but it went really well, which I was happy about. I condensed the full match into a 20-minute video that still shows the regular flow one could expect from Squad. Hope you like it, and again let me know what I can do better as an SL!
  15. Original Rainbow Six is like the first shooter I've ever played after the DOS era. Then Rogue Spear, Raven Shield, Ghost Recon, not sure which came first of those last two... Hell, I bought a magazine to get the demo of Ghost Recon because we didn't have internet back in the day. I bought the demo of Ghost Recon, essentially. When I look at what these series has devolved into, it has me all feeling like