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  1. Have the developers ever given an indication if they are open to damage drop off for some weapons at long range? Like some PR veterans, I miss the long range firefights that could develop and last for a long period of time. The cone of fire mechanic was clumsy for sure, but I did like how it would make you consider before opening fire. Sometimes it was worthwhile to hold fire on someone you can see because of the general inaccuracy of the rifles. This really made the rifleman infantry's role that of capture and hold GROUND. That said it was of course frustrating at times to have bullets come out of your gun that sometimes created a cartoon style outline of the enemy you had it sighted on without actually hitting anything. Currently I feel Squad is too far in the opposite direction. In Squad I feel like any engagement close or far ends very swiftly due to the high accuracy of the weapons. Long range pixel sniping where both one or the other side is killed off rapidly just doesn't feel as good to me. It also limits any real use or advantage of the squad machine guns. So we don't want to drop actual accuracy or increase sway to some crazy amount, but at the same time I think the game should make sniping 4 pixels with a standard rifle (no zoom optics) more difficult. I think the answer is to have damage drop off for non marksman rifles at long range.
  2. Anyone else a little disappointed in the current state of the Insurgency game mode? Coming from PR I felt like Insurgency was my favorite mode and probably made up about 80% of my play time in PR. I mean we only recently got Al Basarah which feels like a legit insurgency map but I've not seen the devs ever mention there would be some Insurgency improvements coming down the pipe.
  3. Quick Question: Does insurgent motorbike require SL to approve claim?
  4. How do you feel when you lose?

    Squad is actually one of few games where I don't really care if we win or lose, as long as my individual squad was functioning well. Good communication, a solid SL who knows the balance of giving general/specific orders, good use of limited kits, etc. Feels good when it all comes together. I would much rather be in the best squad on the losing team then the worst squad on the winning team.
  5. Have the devs commented on future plans for insurgency? I feel like just adding some additional spawn points for insurgent would help.
  6. Anyone else notice you see very few servers running Insurgency anymore, what is up with that? Does the general community dislike INS? If you have thoughts on INS I'd like to hear why people dislike or like it compared to AAS.
  7. I figured this is intended specifically to combat the practice of 1 person multi-crewing a vehicle.
  8. My Specs Vs Squad Requierments

    Should run ok, but I can't make you any promises just based on your specs. However, Steam will refund any purchase if you have owned it less than 2 weeks and played less than 2 hours. No hassle and its automated. I recommend you just buy it and try it out on steam, then refund if you need to. Make sure you join populated servers and try a few maps because those factors affect performance.
  9. Can downed incapacitated players be damaged?

    I imagine the gameplay reason is that almost no one would be available for medics to get back up. Everyone would shoot bodies all the time and the medic system would be basically pointless.
  10. If an enemy is shot and goes down into their incapacitated bleeding state can you fire on their 'body' to prevent a medic from reviving them? If so is there a guideline for how much damage a downed player can take before becoming totally dead?
  11. I've noticed that coming from PR (BF2) that in Insurgency mode the Insurgency team does not have a 'main' base spawn like they do in PR. Anyone know what the design goal was with this? Right now you almost never have Insurgents roaming around the map, instead all hold up around the one or two cache points. Soon after the cache compounds get surrounded then there is no escape. With a main spawn (and a supply of vehicles there) I feel like it really opens up the maps because the Insurgent team can get around the map. The FOB construction anywhere in PR really opens up the game play across the entire maps which I feel like was PR's strength compared to Battlefield type games where all the action is focused on the same areas. Some of my favorite memories in PR are on Insurgency Ramiel as bluefor because you would never know when a technical would come zipping around a corner, in and out of range quickly. I don't get that sense of the insurgents all around and potentially ready to strike at any time when I know we have them totally surrounded and are pounding each cache compound to dust no problem.