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  1. September 2018 Recap

  2. September 2018 Recap

    nice update, great pics waiting for tanks since december 2015
  3. June 2018 Recap

    Wave spawning on rally points! YES! I think this will have an awesome positive impact on teamwork within the squad, as will fireteams. New map is definitely like Kashan which is awesome. Should be great on organized servers, but on pubs we'll see Yehorivka update and Abrams have me most excited in terms of content. Hope we see some real armor squads with the heavy metal. Seems like the devs are really going down the wishlist and doing a great job implementing. Awesome work!
  4. I've seen this happening a lot now with everybody flooding back in for v10. In the pre-match time, a player will make a squad and then leave, then make another squad and if people are stupid enough to join, he leaves there too. This inevitably leaves one or two squads formed but with no squad leader. I don't understand why people do this, but I propose that if you make a squad, you should be somehow forced to lead that squad, with the SL kit, for at least a minimum period of time. In that time, you can't leave, promote a new leader, or change away from an SL kit. At the very least, don't let somebody make 2 different squad in 30 seconds. I think these solutions would reduce or outright stop this kind of stuff.
  5. FOB = my love

    Squad had placeable hescos and other barriers from the beginning, and I always wanted to build a really impregnable superfob, but the supply system and game modes made it pretty pointless to try. Invasion is definitely the mode to do this and v10 supply system makes it much easier imo. I've gathered some tricks from organized servers where the clan teams agree not to attack until 10 min or something, and in the meantime they build up their defenses. These guys can be really clever about sandbag and barbed wire placement. Not like the pubs where SLs just throw stuff down randomly. Definitely going to take some of those tricks and play more Invasion now - hopefully I'll learn some of my own clever setups. The trick is to make sure only your side of the wall is usable ;D
  6. November 2017 Recap

    Does every "major update" have to radically change the game, or else you'll be disappointed? Complete rework of animations with motion capture is probably one of the biggest tasks they've taken on, and it affects everything in the game. It might not be apparent in a .gif, but I imagine it will make the gameplay feel completely different than it does currently. My guess is this is laying the groundwork for them to introduce tons of awesome stuff that they couldn't or didn't want to create before redoing how everything works. Besides, they actually ARE introducing a ton of content and gameplay changes here, if you've been paying attention.
  7. November 2017 Recap

    Holy shit. The game is becoming more tactical, more smooth, and more polished all in one patch! The logi rework, staging times and anti-rush meta will definitely make the game better at a strategic level, and the animation changes seem like it will make the game less chaotic and more teamwork based. Plus I see snowflakes. Thumbs way the **** up.
  8. October 2017 Recap

    "To tell us that we're lucky is an insult to the consumer." For me, a fellow consumer, to say we are lucky that these devs are nice guys and have no intention to screw you over, that's an insult??? I understand that you FEEL like you deserve to get something for your money, but the reality is that you and the vast majority of people who read these updates will not spend another penny on this game, and while OWI gives you updates (because they are great), there are plenty of studios out there selling alphas and falling off the radar. Like you said, it's an investment, and investments never have guaranteed returns. So my attitude is actually extremely positive because I feel like this was a very good investment, but then again I don't expect OWI to outline the exact time and date their ideas will be completed. I just expect the game to keep improving.
  9. October 2017 Recap

    Thanks for the update, everything looks awesome! And I just want to say to the people who come here to complain: I've been here since very early and one thing that I know is the devs deliver on their promises. Some of you kids need to learn some ****ing patience. The devs job is to make the game. If they tell you when things will be done, you would complain even more. "Why would that improvement take so long? Why are you prioritizing this over that? You missed the deadline, you're all lazy!" You're lucky they tell you anything at all. It's an effort they make but they don't have to. You already bought the game. Good things take time. If you wanna know exactly what you'll get and when, Call of Duty is perfect for you. If you want to be on a journey with the devs who have been nothing but transparent and collaborative with the community, then stick around and quit pouting.
  10. Right now to approve a vehicle, the SL must open their map, find the vehicle on the map (no indication of where it is, except that squadmates are usually standing around it), and use the clumsy right click flower menu to click approve. My suggestion is to simply allow players to go up to the vehicle and request access by trying to enter. Then the SL gets a small notification for an access request (incl. the player and vehicle type) and can approve it or deny it simply with F1 or F2. This way vehicles can be approved while the SL is driving, in combat, or otherwise indisposed. Thoughts?
  11. Alpha 9.9 Released

    People are so impatient and ignorant wtf. OWI is a company, they have a plan for development, I'm sure they have schedules and deadlines, and 9.9 was planned just like v10. I'm sure they are extremely anxious to release new content that they've worked on for months. They just need to make sure it works first or else degenerate players like you will be on the forums complaining again.
  12. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    M60 for militia would be cool although PKM makes more sense. They should add PKP for Ivan too. and I would really like a "kicking up dust" effect but I'll keep dreaming....
  13. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    I doubt balance will be an issue - the devs have so many tools for buffing and nerfing, especially since it's not just a weapon, it's a class. So maybe GPMG players don't have grenades or pistols and are totally unable to CQB. Maybe they are slower or stamina depletes faster. Maybe they only have 2 mags so they have to stick closer to supplies... That would all be fine since those are realistic limitations and would ensure that the class is used as it is intended: prone, bipod-deployed fire support from a distance. ....with a big ass, highly lethal gun. I would prefer they use the PR system for specialty/team-limited kits though like MG/sniper/HAT, or another method that would allow small teams.
  14. August 2017 Recap

    Holy shit this is amazing my sweet sweet 240B with a bipod and updated suppression system... AND freelook... awesome recap!
  15. Virtual Reality and Squad

    This. Doesn't matter if VR is fad. Squad in VR would be incredible and I would absolutely kickstart/pay a handsome sum to experience it. I've used the Rift a few times and I had a Vive for about a month -- Vive is definitely better. But I'm waiting for Gen2 devices at this point. Only problem I see is controls and the ADS thing mentioned earlier. In terms of "fairness" I would assume the VR players have a major disadvantage since it's more difficult to play, but that would be a voluntary impediment so I don't see the problem.