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  1. Today i encoutered a new bug ..... teammates can be invisible, but their nametag is still visible. 1. 2 of my Squadmates were invisble after being revived by a non squad medic, the map symbol was indicating they needed to be revived. But in fact they were alive and i could only see their nametag. 2. I found a dead teammate ,also only nametag visible , and after i revived him he became visible again. sry for my bad english, i will make some screenshots as soon as i can make some.
  2. Triple Monitor Not Showing Correctly

    Hey Ac555, have you tried as suggested in the main menu message to clear " Game Cache Files" ? Because as far as i know the game got some graphic updates and some old config commands have been rewritten so first step would resetting you config files. Your old config files may be still there after reinstallation. To do this start squad ->Settings->Game Settings-> at the bottom were you "save options" should also be something like "delete obsolete settings". If this doesn't help you, i think you just have to disable your 2 other monitors at this point of squad-alpha. This is just a hint you may missed because i got nor a radeon or 3rd monitor. Sorry for my bad english.