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  1. Thx guys. I will wait for new animations and stuff for a while. Btw, I live in Brazil and buy a proper gaming rig is really expensive. Gonna wait some time and see if ryzen could give me the boost that I want. If not, I'll go for Intel side with strong ipc and single thread.
  2. I got an old i5 750 2.66ghz on stock and i can barely play squad. Paired with 8gb ram and r9 270 I got 25-30fps on full server. I am looking for a new cpu to upgrade and I wanna know if the Intel g4560 will bring me a better performance on games like arma 3 and squad. I think the powerfull single thread will help me on this games.
  3. For sure. Should i invest a little more and take i3 or non overclock i5?
  4. Yeah I just wanna spend my money on smarter rig. I cant afford much but celeron could marry well with my r9 270
  5. I buy an dell inspiron a years a go so my mobo is a dell one. I dont think its possible to make overclock.
  6. Its so hard to find a p55 mobo. It cost as much as new 1151 moons, that's the reason I planning upgrade.
  7. The fastest single thread available. If you want maximum fps on this kind of game (arma 3 for example) you'll need high ipc as possible. Intel is standard for that but amd has a good overall cpu with ryzen new tech.
  8. Look, I have an i5 750 2.66ghz, 8gb ram and r9 270. I got fluid 40fps on 60 players but in full server it drops to 26fps. I dont know if it's a voy bottleneck or is my gpu too. Anyone with and card to make it clear?
  9. The only risk is less fps on squad and other games thats rely on single core, like arma 3. In other games you should be fine.
  10. If you wanna take some risks go for ryzen but if you wanna a known tech you must buy Intel. Nobody know what Ryan will become after some optimization. Maybe gonna perform better but it's the first generation from amd, so... If I were you I would choose Intel. Well known tech is everything to me. Ps: you gonna stream? If yes, ryzen could be valuable for that.
  11. Helicopters should fill the empty aero space on game for now. Jets only after a few more years on very large scale map with many assets like main battle tanks, aa etc. Chora is a very nice flat land for attack and trans helicopters for example. It will be great to fly around and search for fob to attack from the air.
  12. You need a better cup to run properly. Take a Intel one and you should be fine.
  13. Thx for sharing info with us.
  14. Weapons resting will be cool enough. Weapon collision on wall could be interesting too
  15. Locked squad will optimize usage of vehicles. It's pretty much hard to maneuver an apc and infantry on same time. Most of times we see vehicles being used as transport only and getting down very quickly because nobody knows how to properly operate it. Maybe locked squad would do some good to vehicles.
  16. Follow your squad leader and stay sharp! Don't be a lone wolf.
  17. It's not about racism or something like that. Could sound like that if you're American or European bcuz terrorism etc. Here in Brazil this not sound like mocking or nothing about that. It's just all about fun.
  18. Time to spit new blood HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  19. I played insurgency Mode on a night map a few days ago and feels much better. Even with scope, you cannot see what lies in the distance, so I would like to see more of this mode on darker maps on future. Anyone feels the same?
  20. Yeah, i got 20 fps sometimes and is very bad to shot accurately on distance and to spot enemies when moving. But I need to recognize, v9 brought more fluid gameplay. Btw, new core inventory and animations should be enough for now. More fob emplacements should bring more variety on playstyle too. I want new maps btw, I know we have a good amount of maps right now but I wanna see more factions and weapons to fight. Pls, bring ied and general explosives soon! Gonna be great to play with this new weapon as insurgents hahahaha.
  21. Wow, sounds like we're gonna fight under moonlight boys !!!
  22. Keep working hard on sound stuff bcuz it change the whole game for me. Sound is the soul of any game on my point of view, that includes not only music but the variety that make me have an eargasm when I play.
  23. You should clean all the install and downloaded again. I'm getting pretty nice and smooth gameplay after v9
  24. I'm really looking for new maps on v10. Animations and stuff will be great but I expect more environments to play. Also I wanna more optimization. My cpu is not so strong so I expect more fps on a couple updates.
  25. I got a smooth 30 fps on my poor rig. I5 750, 8gb ram, r9 270. Before v9 I felt some stuttering etc but now the game is much more stable. Not sure why some players drop fps bcuz here's so better after patch. Keep optimizing the game even further. I really like how the flora change the atmosphere!