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  1. Finally amd step up on single thread performance. At the end, most games rely on single core until dx12 be fully implemented and optimized. I hope ue4 become much better multi threading bcuz it's the future on gaming as I see.
  2. Korean forces would be cool. Maybe a south vs north korea maps on escalation 1985.
  3. Just wait for new inventory system. It will somehow help on this scope thing I guess
  4. the wrench

    Yeah its not the better way but at least theyre doing something to avoid that "bug"
  5. the wrench

    Its a way to avoid people using advantage on water. It's not definitive I guess.
  6. Its not slow. First they made it playable to make a community around the game and now they're polishing the content like animations, inventory etc. You guys needs patience bcuz it's a new engine and they're making this game from nothing. Nobody design such thing on EU4. Maybe it will take a year to be fully done and true balanced (seem so many posts about militia camo etc).
  7. I guess we gonna have a different system on fobs creation in the future. The pr system of logistics is much more complex and real, we don't get so many fobs around map bcuz you cant just make it in the middle of nowhere if u haven't got a proper support. What u guys thinks about it?
  8. I guess they need to finish all the assets them optmize the whole game. I was just wandering, maybe the overall performance is affected by the server due to bad use of cpu on servers too.
  9. Some xp to show who is the veteran and who is not would be nice.It could help sl to designate the hardest job for veterans on the squad. Imagine if you could read the xp of your teammates and choose the right asset for everyone on your squad.
  10. Snipers would be great but I dont think it would be nice on present state alpha. Maybee later.
  11. That's it. Nothing like scare a vehicle with at nades like ninja spy on battlefield hahahaha
  12. Will be fun to play as insurgent with these new features.
  13. They only optimize to make game playable, later on we gonna see major changes on unreal engine and squad gonna absorve this news features yet to come.
  14. Some better vehicles for militia would be nice for gameplay. Perhaps when they design the first tank we gonna see some improvement in militia army
  15. Yeah it still need some work to optimize the whole game. Graphics could change in the future as well, so dx12 could be possible but Vulcan shouldn't. Anyone knows anything about Vulcan on UE4?
  16. Terrain real affects rockets but the explosion don't have strength to do some damage. Even scary, if it doesn't kill it not gonna work as supposed.
  17. Really like the idea but i think they need to buff the arty first. Last match i got stuck in forest on yehorivka and the arty shoot upon my squad. None of us died even when the explosion was close enough to blow the entire squad. Maybe we gonna see some improvement when mortars comes up. I guys feel the same about arty? Edit: I mean rocket instead of arty
  18. I have an i5 750 on stock and have searched for new rig for gaming. As my cpu bottleneck my r9 270 2gb on cup bound games, I've been thinking to change to a new 1151 socket. This should serve me better than my old i5? Btw, good old mobos are really rare in my country (and expensive) so I cant overclock my old i5, sadly.
  19. Maybe its a 4 core game them. I wish i could buy another mobo for push my old i5 to its limits. Im sure 3.4ghz could handle this game Im getting 20fps on some maps with 80 players.
  20. I hope they change this feature. With mortars incoming we gonna change a little bit the playstyle. Super fobs could be necessarily in some cases to fully sustain an attacking/defending battle line. Btw, the changing on inventory sistem can help on this feature I guess, it will much more complete. Who wanna walk in the middle of a firefight with 2 rpgs on back? Hahahaha