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  1. Rally Point

    Yeah. Maybe that's too much. But if you think about what rally really is, the entire squad isn't that bad but for gameplay it is. I think rallies need to be nerf and 4 or 5 guys to deploy a rally seems reasonable.
  2. Rally Point

    Why not make it like you dont have a squad leader kit? That way you gonna need 3 or 4 squad members to deploy a rally. I think we can nerf the rally by this way, or you can only place a rally if you have the entire squad with you in 10m at least. Thats how should be a real rally for your full squad.
  3. On brazillian server its pretty common these kind of defensive. But it remains cool and effective. Great advise mate.
  4. Vehicle Health Bars kill Immersion

    Its just ok for now. Better than nothing at all.
  5. general purpose machine gunner

    Would be cool if militia and insurgents get these type of machine gun for more suppression force. US and Russia could stay without it bcuz they have more armored vehicles.
  6. Pentium 5 g4560

    I wanna know how this Pentium is handling on squad too.
  7. Mortars, IEDs, Mine low blast range

    Mortar and rockets needs buff on theirs explosions . I just walk into fire and nothing happens. Arty on red orchestra is so much more terrifying bcuz it really kill you. You need a reason to use it and only suppression is not enough.
  8. Driving Vehicle when having high ping

    I used to gaming on Wi-Fi but since I change it to lan cable it became so much smooth. I live in Brazil, so I play a lot of times on far servers. Try yourself. Wi-Fi isn't made for gaming.
  9. Driving Vehicle when having high ping

    Use your lan cable to connect. It will grant you a stable gameplay
  10. Driving Vehicle when having high ping

    Btw, are you using Wi-Fi connection?
  11. Mortars, IEDs, Mine low blast range

    Mortar and rockets need buff on their explosion. I just walk into fire and nothing happens.
  12. can i run

    Maybe your vga could run on medium (I have r9 270 and it works) but your cpu will bottleneck. To play it properly you gonna need at least an i5 or new ryzen.
  13. Changing older cpu

    It's an i5 but it run poorly even with 4 cores.
  14. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    This! No need for adjust range every time
  15. Squad Leader Divide workload

    Mortars should be only used by crewman just like vehicles too. That way we gonna have truly dedicated squads, it will force them to do it.