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  1. Specialized squads

    Do we gonna get some sort of specialized squad like what we seen on that new video on post scripting? Like tanks squads and etc? I watch that video and Manny things they're doing serves for squad as well.
  2. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    Xbox and ps4 doesn't have much power on cpu to handle squad with good performance by now. Just see what's going on with pubg on console.
  3. Hahahaha, it doesn't sound to cool. Of course I got some stupid squads but I always try to hold the line, even if I stay in defense for whole round. That way I dont get so disappointing.
  4. I've already won a round without a fob bcuz everybody uses only a rally. We have small maps that could be won without a fob, that's for sure. Not to mention that enemy team was bad or good, that's not a point. What I'm saying, rp is very strong if used wisely and it broke the whole purpose of active fob. I know that you can spawn faster on fobs but why use it when you can always rely on your nice leader who can make a rally elsewhere? About exploit, I wasn't saying in that way, this word can have different meaning. But just using it as infinite spawn is not cool at all. As I said, you can spawn on rp for entire round if your leader is good enough to know when to retreat. Just my point of view, I think they should change some things into it. Maybe making rp timer longer. Btw, I think we should get at least 90sec. To respawn on a fob. Ps: dont know about you but, unless it's a free weekend, I ever get some nice matches across servers. Maybe it's bcuz I like to play as a leader.
  5. Actually were trading tickets, the 25pts is for the lost fob. Right now it can be used and abused, it's so easy to exploit, a change into this matter would be cool in the future. If the team only spawn in the fob, it will be crucial for the whole team cares about it. Some mechanics could emphasize the importance of making and holding a fob as real important thing and not only as 25 tickets. Only there you can deploy such weapons like dshk, atgm etc... So, if your team gives attention to this site, you gonna have manpower to push enemies back, since they will never rely so much on his rp like now
  6. Ok, rallies are important and should stay in game but needs some nerfs, right? Sometimes I just keep rally up for entire round for my squad to attack enemy fob just bcuz it's easy to play that way. What we loose if we fail? Nothing. What they loose if we get them? 25pts or more. When you force the entire team to rely on a single point it's much more easy to create a real frontline. When the fob became a kill fest it's because everybody leaves it undefended and has no manpower to counter it. If the whole team spread across the fob to push like a frontline you dont gonna be surrounded so easily. I know that not every SL cares about the team and etc... but we must have mechanics to force players to play on that way. Otherwise, if your team dont have coordination you gonna lose and that's ok, lack of it gonna punish your team.
  7. Why exactly? We suppose to attack and defend in waves. If you fail to attack, it will take some time to get back to the obj. It's gonna need more coordination but will be much more glorious to defend or cap an obj. Rallies really destroy the whole purpose of maintain a fob active. You not gonna need to stay inside fob bcuz the whole team gonna spawn there, and them you can coordinate with others SL' s a rotate attack and defend. Sometimes a fob is lost just bcuz everybody only cares for theirs rallies and nobody pays truly attention to a real base. Just my opinion.
  8. I'm pretty sure they gonna remove rally point soon or later. With fobs being refined we not gonna need a mobile spawn, we have apc's for a reason.
  9. Alpha 10 Public Test

    I want to give congratulations for this marvelous game. Now I can see a almost concluded product. Still needs some polishing, but man! the change into gunpoint is massively positive. No way we gonna fall back to v9 again. after all we finally got what we buy, and it became a master piece! I'm proud of you offworld
  10. November 2017 Recap

    New insurgent clothes will be very welcoming bcuz we can't distinguish squad leaders from others players, it sucks when you're hunting them down with your scope.
  11. Wound animation

    We need some animations for medics too. I hate to following wounded players when they keep moving from one side to another expecting medic to keep walking with him sending life. The animations should maintain the wounded immobilized until he's ready to go. No more risks for medics!
  12. Faction teamup..

    No way, it will become a mess.
  13. Alpha 9.15 Released

    Great step towards full release. I hope community embrace the whole project with love.
  14. Alpha 9.14 Released

    Yes. we cap all flags but the militia main base keep the protection turned on.
  15. Alpha 9.14 Released

    When reach the final stand on yehorivka, the main base protection was not turned off, seems like a bug.