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  1. I played insurgency Mode on a night map a few days ago and feels much better. Even with scope, you cannot see what lies in the distance, so I would like to see more of this mode on darker maps on future. Anyone feels the same?
  2. Yeah, i got 20 fps sometimes and is very bad to shot accurately on distance and to spot enemies when moving. But I need to recognize, v9 brought more fluid gameplay. Btw, new core inventory and animations should be enough for now. More fob emplacements should bring more variety on playstyle too. I want new maps btw, I know we have a good amount of maps right now but I wanna see more factions and weapons to fight. Pls, bring ied and general explosives soon! Gonna be great to play with this new weapon as insurgents hahahaha.
  3. Wow, sounds like we're gonna fight under moonlight boys !!!
  4. Keep working hard on sound stuff bcuz it change the whole game for me. Sound is the soul of any game on my point of view, that includes not only music but the variety that make me have an eargasm when I play.
  5. You should clean all the install and downloaded again. I'm getting pretty nice and smooth gameplay after v9
  6. I'm really looking for new maps on v10. Animations and stuff will be great but I expect more environments to play. Also I wanna more optimization. My cpu is not so strong so I expect more fps on a couple updates.
  7. I got a smooth 30 fps on my poor rig. I5 750, 8gb ram, r9 270. Before v9 I felt some stuttering etc but now the game is much more stable. Not sure why some players drop fps bcuz here's so better after patch. Keep optimizing the game even further. I really like how the flora change the atmosphere!
  8. Great optimization on this update. Very smooth here on my i5 750 with r9 270. At least now I can play at 30fps constantly.
  9. Just wait for main battle tanks to improve rate of fire of 30mm cannon. That's what we got
  10. So amd graphic cards will suffer on performance with physX? I didn't know that squad uses that technology from nvidia.
  11. Finally they truly brings balance to gameplay. I was so tired playing as militia and insurgents and now it's like a dream!!!
  12. Finally amd step up on single thread performance. At the end, most games rely on single core until dx12 be fully implemented and optimized. I hope ue4 become much better multi threading bcuz it's the future on gaming as I see.
  13. Korean forces would be cool. Maybe a south vs north korea maps on escalation 1985.
  14. Just wait for new inventory system. It will somehow help on this scope thing I guess
  15. the wrench

    Yeah its not the better way but at least theyre doing something to avoid that "bug"