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  1. [Solved] No sound / Sound cut off

    I think i solved the problem by my self. The main Problem is that my Headset "Asus HS-W1" can play only 16 Bit, 32000 Hz and not the full 24Bit . with a "better" Headset that support 24Bit the game works without problem. So its important for Devs. to put that in system requirments!
  2. No sound

    let me guess that desscribe your problem to 100%? many player has this problem and offworld industries dont give a ****. Stupid audio bug
  3. My game is Broken

    sounds for me as a Hardware problem
  4. Hello, because i got no help i try to start a new topic with exact description of my problem. If i Join a Server and a Squad, my Sound cut of at this moment someone talk on Radio(Squad) but not if someone talk on local voice. Bug start after update to V8, before the game work without any problems. the answer from support was maybe my soundcard dosnt support the 128bit i just say pfff... Speaker: game runs fine without issues. My device(Asus HS-W1 / Wireless USB 2,4Ghz Headset) is as defeault (only one activated device) i also configured the device and changed settings. Change Audio Quality from Epic to Low also not work. Problem start at 0:34 right after someone talk. Sorry for watermarks recorded with trial version. Lags only on recording My device list after bug start i get a constant signal : I have sound again if i leave the server also the constant signal goes away. I have 70 Games in my Steam list and a few non Steam games and never had Audio problems.... i saw many player with exactly same problem and because of that i hope devs fix that as soon as possible. System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Clean installation 31.12.2016) Game Uninstalled and Installed All driver up to date even BIOS is up to date (F7) My Components: GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3P / Audio chip ( Realtek ALC889 ) codec Intel® Core™ i5-2500 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.70 GHz) 8Gigs of DDR-3 RAM Nvidia GTX 570 i know its not much but the game runs on low settings without problems.
  5. No Sound at all

    Made a review on Steam because i am realy pissed off for getting no help! Pro: realy nice game if it runs without problems Con: No support if need help
  6. No Sound at all

    and the bug start at 0:34... right at same time someone from squat start to talk
  7. No Sound at all

    iam using a Asus HS-W1 wireless headset with a usb dongle 2,4Ghz The game works great with speaker(rear input), but i dont have any other headphones to test it with them....
  8. No Sound at all

    sadly it happen to much player that dont know what to do. support start to ignore me because they dont know how to solve the problem. thats why i try the "public" way maybe i get attention... Video of Problem: https://youtu.be/eamaiDKcwyI Bug start at 0:34. screen lag only on video from recording i have sound until the moment someone from squad start to talk then i have no audio in-game and out of game the sound quality is like super bad. If i leave the server (Main menue) i have normal sound until someone start to talk in squad chat. sometimes i can play for a while before the bug happens and people can talk(squad chat). Also my Headphones receive max. signal (starting with bug ending if leave server) Only activated device(=defeault)
  9. Audio drop shortly after joining a server

    exactly same problem here if i change audio quality to low i hear the sound for a few minutes longer but then a sound like "zippp." and the sound cut of. (only with usb wireless Headset) if i play on speaker no problems but i didnt buy that game to play on speaker... contact more then one time support got 2-3 answer but nothing helps now they ignore me -.-