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  1. 5th Special Forces Group

    What we're looking for in members and mean with quality players, is a person who understands the underlying game mechanics and general tactics of the game, strives to improve themselves ingame, has a healthy attitude (this means no rude behaviour in-game/clan, can take feedback without flipping off) and can follow and give orders naturally. For this reason we have our screening period, where we play some games with you and see how you deal with various situations in game, including squadleading etc... We don't expect absolute beastly scores like 50/0, but it's much preferred if you can keep above 1/1. In-game performance isn't the usual place where people fail the screening so you shouldn't worry about that If you have further questions or would like to talk with us, join us on our discord https://discord.gg/kEKKMq and we'll help clarify if you still have something on your mind. Hope this helps, and see you on the battlefield!
  2. Mortars, IEDs, Mine low blast range

    I wouldn't mind seeing IED be buffed. Ofc it'd mean that VBIED would be more common, but to be perfectly honest that's how they are IRL. Alongside roadside IEDs Vehicle Borne ones are common af and often driven in a mad haze towards a checkpoint or somesuch. Always scary, intense for both driver and guys on the receiving end. Cars and such cost tickets so the payoff for such use requires a lot of casualties to really be worth it. If buffed, maybe limit them classes further in return so not everybody is able to spam VBIED's from their squads?
  3. decoy stones ?

    Afaik you cannot place the decoy rock directly ON the mine hiding the red cap, but right besides it instead so it is hard to really think of good use for the rocks
  4. Vehicle identification

    Helps immensely if you check who you're up against. If it's a Car -> Techie or Technical APC -> If US, Stryker, if any else -> BTR Tracks? -> MTLB or Tracked APC Small BTR? -> BDRM or Scout car Trucks, universally I call them transports, but I audibly recognize them by their location. Most of the time Logi trucks drive on the edges of the maps trying to dodge firefights while Troop trucks go into the fray -> "Possible Logi going to X grid" If you can get a better view, calling out Crows/Regular Humvee helps the SL/team as well. If it doesn't have a bigass box on top, but a flimsy looking MG -> Crows HMMWV Same for Techies, an SPG callout could save a friendly truck from getting ambushed. Trucks sound the same between Logis and Transports, but visually a stocked Logi has junk in the trunk so to speak, orange barrels etc whereas a normal has a bare flat cargo area.
  5. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    I want more random af guns for the insurgents and militia with odd choices optics and such.
  6. I've thought about this as well, would bring some actual use for the class.
  7. Fobs and HAB's

    Disagree with op, this HAB system is a giant leap in Meta towards more... reasonable battles. I for one hated the gameplay where you'd have a squad of 3 guys walk around the map placing FOBs as they go, saturating the map with spawnpoints. The need for Logis to set a spawn up quickly is imho the best decision the devs have made in a long time as it promotes cross-squad comms and overall teamplay. I haven't seen many games without a FOB/HAB if we don't count the free weekend, usually teams are smart enough to place one or two on the map to keep the game going nicely.
  8. Mic Spam

    Yep, sounds familiar. You were the medic right besides me? We did good at those compounds
  9. Mic Spam

    When somebody wants me to tell Squadlead X about something like you described, I just tell them I did it and that they don't need to announce that in the future. The skillz kid gets to revel in his awesomeness thinking he's a legend and usually keeps quiet afterwards. It's close to a win win. When leading, I've found that the words "Shut up, use local, or get kicked" works wonders if people are announcing everything. God it gets so annoying so quick.
  10. Vehicle claiming system -Sounds good, is OK, but...

    I'm not too sure exactly now that I think about it. Could well be my memory playing tricks on me because all but onr of the blueberry invasions I've managed to talk out of it, but occasionally I've been told by friends that they can't get in the seat. I guess the random joined our squad or somesuch without me noticing while I was focused on driving. (Makes the action extra petty imho)
  11. Vehicle claiming system -Sounds good, is OK, but...

    I dunno, I'm happy with how vehicle claiming works. What I hate though, is the lack of locking a vehicle similar to Planetside 2. I've had randoms jump in my 30mm BTR while I was back at base repairing and resupplying. Randoms, who instead of going with their squad stays in my vehicle waiting for me to go back to the driver's seat so they can hijack the gun. It's frustrating as hell when your dedicated gunner can't hop back in once you return to the fight because a blueberry thinks he's entitled to it and that a no comms gunner is way better of an option than a coordinated one.
  12. Share of magazines and reload system

    I'd rather we not get sick spins or any other BF2 fantasy war tricks. Usually in the real army nobody tosses the mags away when spent, but rather trade it in the pouch for a fresh one. This is all besides the point though. Ammo type is different for US and Russo forces. Sure both start with 5, but that's the end. 5,45x39mm for Russian modern weaponry and 5,56x45mm for US. From what I can tell, in theory you could fire the russo round from US chamber, but it'd result in a massive amount of jams if fired in succession so the ammo is not really gonna work out. Rapid fire firearms are not like a blunderbuss or a 12 gauge shotgun in which you can stick whatever in and it still shoots just fine. Militia and the rest of the factions who use modernized russian weapon designs could swap ammo, but even then I think the feature would make poor sense should you be able to loot everything from the fallen... I can see spraying and praying as well as nadespam happening real fast. Thus, I for one would leave it out. Ammo exchange from teammates would be fine though. But no enemy looting.
  13. Why the medic aversion?

    Great points so far. I can definitely relate to the situation of having the comms flooded of people barely over their teens yelling for "MEDIC COME REZ ME QUICK" in 10 different languages. It adds an unneeded layer of stress. Though I have to admit I do prioritize those people who act out death sounds just because little bit of theatrical flair never fails to amuse me. Usually what has worked for me is that I announce right at the start that I don't want to hear that bullshit and most stay quiet... sadly you can't have the entire team follow that :c So yeah, one factor I can wholeheartedly agree is that squadmates that think medics exist only to help them get kills are a definite turn-off for the class. A little gratefulness goes a long way. One solution which I think would benefit AND hurt the whole of the game would be to disable mic when downed. No more "He's right behind that corner, watch out!" which would definitely make the game harder, and is largely unrealistic (then again getting revived from a 30mm hit to the chest isn't really realistic either). If capped like that it'd also surely make people give up sooner just so they can talk again and that would hurt the meta too much. Can't see it working out too well to be perfectly honest. Like it was said well earlier, nothing's ever gonna change the fundamental gameplay of medic. But I'll sure as hell bounce up and down once dragging mechanic is implemented as it's gonna make the job much less dangerous and diverse than same old crawling in undetected and touching people in inappropriate places. Friendlies carrying wounded from other areas opens up the class to play more often like a riflemen instead of a bandage messenger shuttling around the backlines. Which is why I feel people dislike medic, it's always the same. Situations rarely differ and adrenaline is low to those seeking the thrill of the kill and beating another player's skill. Unless ofc you like to "roleplay" as you go and value your life dearly... then medic crawling under fire is intense as hell.
  14. Why the medic aversion?

    I've been seeing this over and over in recent weeks, only going worse and worse. Pretty much nobody wants to play the class. It's always a struggle to fill both medic slots despite asking nicely. Even getting the one on pub games is sometimes a struggle. When ordered to take one it's just moaning nonstop or leaving squad. I myself enjoy medic as my main because it's such a juggernaut of a class, however I'm struggling to understand why the basic rifleman, with the exact same gun, is still more popular than medic which is basically Rifleman on steroids. You can kill, and you can revive. You're the one who decides who lives and who dies. The most important role of them all. So I'm asking you forums, tell me why you don't feel like playing medic? What would you change in the class to make you want to pick it up? Is it the lack of a grenade, is it the responsibility that you don't want? Maybe it's the playstyle that puts you off because you can't take point and need to tend to allies instead? I'd love to know because the lack of medics and people yelling for medics leads to nothing but a terrible Squad experience for everyone involved.
  15. Army hand gestures

    Since we all have magic voices which can't be heard by the enemy, handsignals are kinda obsolete. Just press V, yell enemy bearing and estimated distance in local and you've got everyone's attention instead of the few who happened to have you on their screen. This because if there's a friend far away for you not to be able to reach him through local, he isn't gonna see your exact handsignals either. Or maybe he might, but I feel it's a very niche gain for a lot of animation/UI work since you'd have to implement a whole system for this to work. A single hand forward pointing could be semi-useful, but anything more than that is largely useless I feel.