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  1. Helping the community

    That is very kind of you to say @Quadro
  2. Helping the community

    it got too much @Nightingale87 but I am starting to miss it very much. It was a very hard decision to make.
  3. Helping the community

    Hello everyone, Quite a few know me, where as others are getting to know me. You tend to find me helping new players find suitable servers to meet players and gain support when they are new to the game. Someone today was asking about Hungarian people, to this I didnt have anyone to recommend or tag. So I am asking everyone to let me know if you have a server, or which server you tend to play on, so I can further support our community to grow and show them we are a nice place to play games and interact with. I tend to recommend mainly within the squad official channel, looking for a group
  4. QFF invite you to their server

    Our rules is a list you must follow and be aware of at all times. If you break one of these rules, depending on the severity anything from a Warning to a Ban will occur. 1. Be respectful and civil toward your fellow players, This includes no excessively offensive language deemed as socially un-acceptable, trolling, racism or hate speeches directed towards any other players in the game. You must respect new players and now be overly aggressive towards others. Depending on the situation and severity this will get you anywhere from a warning to a ban. 2. No hacking or exploiting the game, You must not use any hacks which modify the game towards yours or others advantages, or if you know of any exploits you must not use these in game. Hacking will always get you a permanent ban. Exploiting will get you a ban if you have done the exploit intentionally. You will also be reported onto community ban list. 3. No deliberate team-killing, You must not deliberately kill your team mates, or use any weaponry or vehicle in an offensive manner with the intention of killing the other player or provoking them into returning fire on you. You must apologise for accidental team-kills. Team-killing depending on the situation will result in a kick or a ban, we may also warn you depending on the situation, you may also be reported on the community ban list. An intentional kill witnessed will result in a permanent and instant ban. 4. As Squad Leader your squad must make a reasonable effort to work as a team and contribute towards the objectives. We encourage players to work as a team at all times, you and your squad must make a reasonable attempt to work as a team and contribute to the victory of the game. We won’t ban you if you are bad at the game and are just not getting to the correct objectives or you are not always working at your best, but we will ban you If you are sat in the corner of the map doing nothing or you purposely make an effort to not contribute. We will usually give you a warning, failure to comply with this will result in a kick of the squad leader. 5. All Squad Leaders must have a working Microphone and be able to speak English Please do not go squad leader if you cannot speak English or use your microphone. You will be kicked from the game if you haven’t got a microphone and are leading a squad, please make a reasonable effort to communicate to other squads when they ask. 6. No advertising, no recruting or spam. We understand that you may wish to promote your clan, but our server is not the right place to do this, we recommend posting your clan information on the Squad forums. Spamming also refers to not spamming the microphone aka Singing or repeating annoying words etc, also no spamming the team or global chat. 7. No offensive squad names. Your squad name must be named appropriately and not be offensive towards others. If you fail to follow this we will ask you to change the squad name next round, if you are the only person in the squad we will ask you to leave and remake the squad. If you repeatedly name your squad offensively you will get banned. 8. No meta gaming/ghosting. This means you are not allowed to switch team to find enemy objectives or information and report them back to your team, or switch back teams and use this information to succeed. If we find you doing any of this, you and anyone working with you will get banned. 9. No impersonations. Please do not impersonate a staff members or QFF Member, doing this will get you a warning, kick or ban! 10. No player or vehicle blocking. Please do not stand in doorways or alleyways with the intention to block players from moving, this also applies to vehicles, doing this will get you a kick. Repeated offences will result in a ban. 11. Be respectful to new players and help them out! If you see a new player, please be respectful and kind to them and help them out to the best of your ability. 12. Seeding the QFF server. We will ask both teams to not destroy each others FOBs and to just fight over 1 point on a map until the server populates. When there are enough players on the server to fight a normal round (approximately 30 players), we will broadcast when all flags and FOBs are in play, going back to normal play. We thank those that help to seed with us, but certain individuals that choose to just sit in a vehicle and camp the FOB or refuse to cooperate may be asked to leave as they are being more disruptive than helpful. You will find this is standard practice when it comes to seeding a server. We will normally seed with infantry only maps, but if there are instanes with vehicles being available, please just use them as a taxi. 13. Locked Squads. We like to encourage teamwork and do not wish to have have multiple locked squads for just your friends. 2 man BTR squads or 3 man mortar teams is acceptable, just remember to name your squads with this. We will ask you to unlock the squad if we see no valid reason for it. 14. English speaking server. We have always said that Squad Leaders are to have a microphone and speak English, but we have seen a few instances where foreigners form squads and go do their own thing. This is a team based game and we have the right to ask if these groups do not communicate or play the objectives, they will be warned or kicked if no response. 15. Communities/Clans. There have been some instances where people from other clans or communities believe they are exempt from the rules. You must adhere to them just the same as a non clan player. If we see multiple members team killing, disrupting and trolling from the same group, we retain the right to remove all members so not to further disrupt our servers. If you feel this to be unfair, you might want to speak to your members and advise them that their actions can and will affect the entire clan being removed. Large groups connecting to the servers can be disruptive a) going against public which don't have as much coordination / experience b) when you've had your fun then you all disconnect leaving the server unbalanced. Please don't stack if you have a large group connecting. QFF split between 2 servers and sometimes split once again between 2 teams on each of them. We like to stack and have fun once in a while, but they're our servers and we wont all disconnect at the same time unlike what we have seen large groups doing before. 16. Squad Leaders kicking players. The squad leader has the full right to kick anyone from their squad, however we would like you to be polite and inform that person that you're making space for a friend. Give the person a heads-up so they don't lose their kit whilst in the middle of a fight. Remember QFF admins have a duty to be sure that our servers are not being disrupted, as it is our server we are all monitoring it. 17. Vehicle claiming. Create a squad with the relevant name such as '30mm' or 'Stryker', then mark on the map which vehicle you're going to take. Also as the squad leader, announce on voice comms to other squad leaders you've made a squad and claiming a vehicle. It's first come first served, so if there are multiple vehicle squads made, the one that made the relevant squad first gets priority. It's something we should not have to admin, so we hope to leave this to a gentleman's agreement where people don't go stealing another vehicle. You also cannot claim every vehicle on the map either. Whilst mentioning vehicles, please do not keep spawning and ditching vehicles. You can be kicked for wasting or one manning assets like the 30mm, BRDM, BTR , MTLB or stryker. 18. Don't be a douche! If none of the above doesn't grasp your attention, hopefully this will. Only your own actions can result in being removed from our server. If there are multiple offenders from the same clan, a mass ban might be required to easily control the issue in a quicker manner. This applies to our game server(s) and our discord voice/chat rooms. 19. Camping Main. On all the QFF servers we do not tolerate camping main bases. We encourage fair game play, SLs need to ensure their squad members are on the last objective the same for the armour vehicles squads. The enemy team still have to be given the chance to take back their first flag. 20. All players must be playing the objective/cooperating with the rest of the team. People not engaged in actively contributing to the team's success may be kicked / banned for asset wastage.
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    QFF in Narva AAS
  6. QFF invite you to their server

    Rule 17 updated: 17. Vehicle claiming. Create a squad with the relevant name such as '30mm' or 'Stryker', then mark on the map which vehicle you're going to take. Also as the squad leader, announce on voice comms to other squad leaders you've made a squad and claiming a vehicle. It's first come first served, so if there are multiple vehicle squads made, the one that made the relevant squad first gets priority. It's something we should not have to admin, so we hope to leave this to a gentleman's agreement where people don't go stealing another vehicle. You also cannot claim every vehicle on the map either. Whilst mentioning vehicles, please do not keep spawning and ditching vehicles. You can be kicked for wasting or one manning assets like the 30mm, BRDM, BTR , MTLB or stryker.
  7. QFF invite you to their server

    Server rules updated
  8. QFF invite you to their server

    Thank you to everyone who has given us some feedback about our servers. We like to ensure we implement ideas to improve our servers to keep them fun and at a mature level.
  9. QFF invite you to their server

    Server rules have been updated
  10. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    We have made some Changes on QFF since Ani has decided to move on. We welcome everyone on our discord. I am now run QFF with the support from my team. The one thing that is clear within QFF is that we are family, we support each other through everything, I couldnt run a clan without my family. If you want to be apart of our family, look at our requirements below and join our discord to get to know us and we will get to know you. • Invite only Clan • Aged 18+ • 300+ hours in SQUAD • English speaking • Competitive skill level • We play CCFN/Friendly matches are purely optional, great way to fight against the best of the best in the community to improve skill. • Fairly mature, but able to have a laugh too. • All our members are whitelisted on the server • We will only invite you into the clan if we know you, so please join our discord voice channels and our servers to be considered We are looking for COMPETITIVE players only. QFF Discord Code of Conduct 1) We do not tolerate illegal activities (sharing torrents/files, counterfeit products, keys, etc.). All messages will be removed. 2) Please keep all conversations professional and respectful. If you have a disagreement take it to DMs or ask an @Royal_Founders or @Royal_Cabinet for assistance. 3) ABSOLUTELY NO political / religious conversations in this Discord whatsoever. 4) Spamming/Trolling/Harassment of any kind in either text chat or voice chat will not be tolerated and will get you removed from the server. 5) Attempting to skirt bans by creating multiple accounts will only end with all accounts being permanently banned from the discord and our servers. 6) Posting exploits/glitches/hacks is unacceptable in our Discord.If you feel that it is a serious issue and should be addressed please relay the message to a member of OWI QA staff and they will deal with it accordingly. 7) Media (images, videos, etc) depicting violence of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes, but is NOT limited to, any media where people and/or animals are potentially getting hurt and/or killed; even if the images themselves do not directly show it. 8) We have the right to remove anyone from this Discord that we see fit due to disruptive behaviour and/or attitude. 9) Usernames/avatar Rules- Any racist or overly offensive names or avatars will not be allowed. A member of the QFF team will message you and request that you remove and/or change the username. 10) Ban/Kick from server disputes- If you feel that you have been wrongly banned or kicked from our server, then please post a message in #server_admins channel, someone will from the @Royal_Founders @Royal_Cabinet or the @Royal_Guards will PM you to sort out the issues. 11) Reporting QFF members- If you feel a QFF member has been abusive etc towards you then please PM @Royal_Founders with evidence for us to investigate further Like the squad official channel we will be carrying out the following: 3 warnings and you are out 1st warning -- When you are in violation of the rules, you will be given a WARNING. This is NOT where the debate starts. If you have questions or concerns about the warning, please feel free to DM the @Royal_Founders or @Royal_Minister @Royal_Cabinet for help. 2nd warning -- After you have received a WARNING, and you continue the abusive behaviour, you will be KICKED from the server. You can re-join, but seriously consider adjusting your attitude or behaviour prior to re-joining. 3rd warning -- This is end of the line. You have already been WARNED, KICKED, and will now be BANNED from the server permanently. Please note, for egregiously bad behaviour the QFF team can skip straight to a kick or ban if the behaviour warrant https://discord.gg/kvT7zty
  11. SQUAD uninstalled

    Being an SL is tough when people don’t listen, not only do you have you squad but you also have the other SLs too. It’s very frustrating when people don’t communicate especially when your the squad on the attack and then you see on the map that the defence flag has been taken. Ani is only human and gets frustrated just like many very good SLs I know. Not everyone was born to teach or have the patience at times to be supportive and gentle tell people what they may need to do.
  12. SQUAD uninstalled

    Rights guys this isn’t an opportunity for you a lot to start having ago because your not keen on him. Take your saltiness else where please
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    QFF 2 in
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

    QFF in sumari v1
  15. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Hello Arron, please do, you are welcome to play along with us and hang in our discord https://discord.gg/H58N4f