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  1. Pop into our discord and we can have a chat about it.
  2. QFF in Sumari Bala AAS v1
  3. We look forward to playing with you, we wont judge you dont worry
  4. Welcome to the squad community, I look forward to seeing what you bring and your always welcome in our discord channel and our servers
  5. QFF in Fools road v3
  6. QFF in Sumari Bala AAS v3
  7. QFF in Fools Road AAS V3
  8. This is to ensure activity within the clan and to have confident players to take part in clan matches.
  9. QFF in Fools Road
  10. QFF in op first light
  11. Morning Alex, just continue to play with us and we will help you get to 150 hours and we can get to know you and then make a decision
  12. QFF in Kohat AAS v1
  13. Hello there if you join our discord and I will be back online tomorrow. I will message you and arrange talking you through joining us
  14. Hiya there Steve Have you found your way to our discord channel and then we can chat to you about it
  15. QFF in OP Firstlight AAS