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  1. QFF in Fools road
  2. QFF in Al Basrah AAS v1
  3. QFF in op first light
  4. Hiya there, I am glad your enjoying playing with our clan on our server
  5. QFF in Gorodok AAS 1
  6. QFF in OP First Light AAS v1
  7. Thanks Rick, glad you enjoy the server and our clan
  8. QFF in OP First Light AAS v1
  9. Please can you post in our discord channel, report player channel so we can discuss this futher
  10. Please report players of fowl play in our discord channel Report_Player channel for admins to deal with it accordingly.
  11. OP First Light AAS v1 QFF in
  12. I am his future wife and I play the game with him
  13. QFF in OP First Light AAS v1
  14. Name of clan: Queen's Fighting Force Tag: QFF Link to recruitment thread on this forum and/or your website: Names/locations of Squad servers we own: (QFF) Queens Fighting Force Eng Primary language of clan: English Short description of the clan: Myself and Mad Ani are the founders of the clan. The inspiration for the name came from the Royal Air Force's QCS (Queens Colour Squadron). We are a fun and friendly clan, with members from different parts of the world. We do training to help support those who would like to learn new things about the game or just to improve thier own skill base. For those who like a serious game play we do clan matches at different levels and for those who are willing at this level, they often help us provide training sessions to challenge them further. Roughly how many clan members you have: 45
  15. This guy is a lovely guy. He is always fair and he is a very good player. I would recommend this clan. He will help you learn the game with his expertises