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  1. Alpha 10 Public Test

    http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=244 PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress! Alpha 10 is still undergoing active development and does not have a scheduled release date. It will be more than three weeks; consider yourself warned! The contents of this public test are subject to change and may not be representative of the final release.
  2. POLL - v10

    top kek. you know who has really been there from the beginning? PR community. That's the core. What you did is just wrapped your wrong expectations around that core.
  3. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    what is that, an invitation? sorry, 400 ping to NA
  4. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    wow cool! except i have no idea who are they and whats your "competitive" scene in this game is cuz i don't really care all i say that is certain group of players can just stay in their own trash can where they belong as they successfully do so, not forcing their vision on pub gameplay
  5. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    yeah exactly. i'm focused on the unique and distinct awesomeness of squad not being sweaty "competitive" fps at all and i laugh at these guys thinking if they're good at shooting pubbies on a large scale game that tries it's best to minimize single player impact on the match they're "competitive" especially when they deny the whole squad idea and say shit like wrong game lads, if you think you're good shooter and craving for attention based on it go find yourself another game
  6. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    as always "e-dicks" part of community showing themselves as toxic and cancer and i like that game starting to cure itself from it btw! i can wave my e-peepee too. i'm plat3 in R6. i doubt that people who are choosing squad as a substitute for REAL competitive games can reach that high. gold2 maybe? @Robin Sage 1v1 me i'm sure iskt guys can come up with their aas mod or something. or do you enjoy your edgy tactics on pub servers with a bunch of casual players? is that what you think "competitive" is?
  7. AMD is worst for Squad

    that was a fake anyway OWI will be really glad if you invest a couple of millions into optimization or some aaa-engine license, go for it guys
  8. AMD is worst for Squad

    i love how the only people rant about multicore optimizations in 2017 is people who never coded anything and have not a single clue what they are talking about. i'm sure EPIC would want to hire a whole band of those.
  9. here's some news for you
  10. join a clan, the obvious solution to your "pubbie" problems but you don't want to see it
  11. if this is their final solution... this is just disappointing. better nothing at all than some AI-crap. the beauty of combined arms is there only when everything is player-controlled. lets remove APC's cuz they're bad for performance, and spawn AI strykers out of nowhere to shoot some people and then vanish into 4th dimension.
  12. Odd performances

    technically its not a scam... for people who have a system with loads of trash on it. any competent person should be capable of keeping their system in a good shape and knows how it is supposed to "work", will call it a scam rightfully
  13. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    fps on a full server will be in 50-60 range, thats kind of obvious already
  14. null_value

    no no, i've got a better idea. we need some military MOBA mode. because, you know, DOTA2 is TWICE as big as that cs thingy. That way we'll have 100000000 buyers for sure! oh i've forgot dota is free and cs is dirt-cheap and we're at 40$... you don't realize how many of them owners have only cs go in their account and not interested in buying ANY other games, how many of them made by 1 single person (like, 100 copies bought with discount by a cheater), or too young to buy anything or too old to get out of their little cs-world for something new, they won't ever know about squad even if you remake de_dust2 there. and this is fine. devs already gone too far with casualisation of the game, but that's the thing. they can do whatever they want not giving a single fck what you or anyone else thinks, to create their unique vision and not some copypasted bullshit you're proposing this thread is either stupid or trolling
  15. Roadmap, when beta, when final?

    no, i've heard that for too long. there is too many gameplay decisions that devs made CONSCIOUSLY. you don't do opposite things and say it will change in the future, you do it right for the first time.
  16. Roadmap, when beta, when final?

    is this "PR style teamwork" for you?
  17. selfish #BEASTMODE

    csgo kids doing SICK FRAG MOVIES on all low settings bright future for squad right there.
  18. require graphic optimization asap

    first of all gfx quality has nothing to do with it second is you dont compare a game with even less than 32 (28 in case of crysis) players in MP with 80-100 i bet you'll get high fps on any sort of amd crap if you play on a server with only 32 players and yes your xeons are crap HERE, 2x cpu stations and xeons were NEVER meant for gaming, they're kind of equal to FX
  19. require graphic optimization asap

    lol see ya in 5 years with 10+ years old cpu the truth that poor amd owners do not understand is not all calculations can be parallelized. you can sit on your useless cores all you want but you will not play then, your choice i also see pretty even load on all 4 cores of i5
  20. what's funny in the truth told? you already know what are you facing against, you know it will happen, this is the internet and instead of creating another pointless thread "look at me i'm young" you need to deal with it as a mature person like you love to pretend you are but the fact is you are not, maybe you can mimic it for some time period but there are always circumstances when kids show their true face and the hate is based off that
  21. creating this thread and not using search is attention-seeking behavior already. everyone i know will never let them in squad
  22. Usage of drones for Squad leaders

    civilian drones could be used for unconv factions, and its been done IRL as you can see but the game is too fast for now, you can lose half of the game while sitting on the drone
  23. Graphic exploiters / cheaters

    Vishera is an architecture from 2011. And it was significantly weaker than 2011's intel chip, only on the level of first gen Core i. So you can call it ~2008 or 8 years old pc. that's a lesson for you, next time don't buy an AMD crap that is dead on arrival on the topic though: all these tweaks do not help with cpu bottlenecks. only makes game run on GT 720 and other office-level gfx cards, so it is definetely should be locked and forbidden.
  24. Can you already fix the AMD?

    more like "people with 6 years old low-end hardware are irrelevant" you can't fight it forever, it's been too long already. squad is not any 2016 game, what it has to offer comes with a price, and squad is at the limit now, any extra fps squeezed will be eaten by higher player count.