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  1. Command Squad

    Hello everyone. Long time player, first time poster. The Problem As Squad continues development and more advanced vehicles and weapons are added, I have begun to think about the chain of command. Specifically, I am thinking of methods to improve the way advanced vehicles and specialized kits are distributed. As we all know, in the current system squad leaders may claim vehicles for their squad if there are a sufficient number of squad mates in the vicinity. This is all well and good, but it does present a few issues. Unexperienced squads will sometimes not use vehicles to their fullest capacity. For instance, it is not a particularly uncommon sight to see a squad take a logistics truck, use it to construct a FoB at a given location, and simply abandon the logistics truck instead of using it to resupply their teams FoBs. Squads are often reluctant to sacrifice a squad member to perform logistical and transport duties because it leaves them short on manpower. Furthermore, while the developers have stated they intend to add more specialized kits such as Heavy AT specialists and snipers (as opposed to the existing designated marksmen), but so far I have not heard any plan on how exactly they intend to implement these powerful kits. The Solution My solution to these issues is the introduction of the Command Squad. The Command Squad will have one sole function: to oversee the careful deployment of Company Level assets. How It Works To create a Command Squad, a Squad Leader must simply check a tick box in the squad/spawn menu and, assuming no Command Squad already exists, their squad will become the Command Squad. To accomplish their goal, members of the Command Squad have some special attributes. The Squad Leader who created the Command Squad is automatically given the Commander kit. Although functionally identical to the Squad Leader kit, the Commander has a special color assigned to his voice chat name to denote his rank at a glance. He is to the Squad Leaders as the Squad Leaders are to their squad. He should be an experienced player, have a mic (While the developers have said nobody is forced to have a mic, it should be strongly recommended members of the Command Squad have mics due to their particular reliance on communication), and Squad Leaders should generally obey his orders. If a Commander is found wanting, Squad Leaders may vote to kick him from his role. Specialist kits such as the Crewman, Pilot, Sniper, Heavy AT Specialist, AA Specialist, and Engineer are only available to members of the Command Squad. Similar to real life, these specialists are often company level assets and are deployed as needed by the C.O. himself rather than attached to a typical squad. Squad Leaders may only claim squad level assets. This means that Squad Leaders may claim things like HMMWVs, technicals, trucks, APCs, bikes, and other light vehicles. Only the Commander and his Command Squad can claim company level assets such as helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, tanks, IFVs, and logistics trucks. However, should the Commander feel it necessary he may allow a Squad Leader to claim an IFV or a logistics truck just as a Squad Leader can remotely allow his squad mates to claim a normal vehicle. However, aircraft and tanks require the pilot and crewman kits respectively to operate, which are only available to members of the Command Squad, so they cannot be given to normal squads under any circumstances. IFVs and logistics trucks can be operated with any kit, although members of the Command Squad will typically operate them. All members of the Command Squad have access to the Squad Leader radio channel. This is to ensure squad leaders can quickly and concisely contact company level assets such as transport, CAS, sniper support, armor support, engineers, etc. The Command Squad In Practice Using these tools, the Commander and his Command Squad are responsible for getting the absolute most out of their teams more high profile components. By coalescing all the specialist roles and vehicles into a single well organized squad, the likelihood of them being effectively used increases dramatically. The Commander is free to order his most powerful assets such as tanks and attack helicopters to go exactly where they are needed most, rather than have them tied down supporting a single squad. Having a squad dedicated to logistics and transport will ensure normal squads do not have to sacrifice players to fulfill crucial, but not directly combat related, duties and ensures that the entire squad is present on the frontlines. Players who want to play desirable, specialized roles such as snipers and engineers would be placed under the direct command of the Commander, ensuring they use their kit to the fullest. The Commander himself would allow for more intricate strategies to be used thanks to a streamlined chain of command rather than simple group consensus between Squad Leaders, and allow for a teams resources to be deployed accordingly. In summery, the Command Squad system achieves several important goals. Discourages individual squads from "hogging" critical assets like helicopters or tanks and ensuring the team as a whole can benefit from them, since such assets would belong to the command squad rather than be owned by any individual squad. Streamlines the chain of command by allowing squad leaders to contact a central figure (the commander) for their needs rather than trying to find out which squad has what they need and trying to convince that squad to help them. Ensures a steady logistical supply line and the availability of fire support without a squad needing to sacrifice squad members to operate vehicles. Encourages specialist roles like the Heavy AT Specialist, AA Specialist, Sniper, Engineer, etc. to be deployed exactly where they will be most effective. Furthermore, since such kits would only have a few slots each, it ensures the game doesn't become flooded with such powerful roles. For example, the Commander could order his transport helicopter to take the Command Squads two snipers deep behind enemy lines, or order the engineers to take the logistics truck to build a large FoB right where he wants it. Tl;dr Make one highly organized squad that is officially in charge of all the teams cool toys so retards won't go lonewolf with important shit like Heavy AT kits/get instantly BTFO doing stupid shit with mission critical vehicles/abandon the teams last transport helicopter in the woods because "LOL NOT MY JOB TO FLY CHUMPS AROUND I GOT WHERE MY SQUAD NEEDED TO GO AND WE GOT RUSSIANS TO SHOOT SEE YA"