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  1. I downloaded the Squad SDK(Epic Launcher) today and after 3 hours of initialization and loading, I got an error at 96%. This is so much frustrating. I couldn't have the chance to read or screenshot the error as another error followed it said "out of video memory" and the graphics driver crashed horribly. The display didn't recover and I had to restart PC. I don't know what's the issue here. I read in a wiki SDK recommends a minimum of 16gb ram but I don't think that would cause graphics driver to crash. Can you please mention the hardware recommendation for the SDK specifically because I think I'm lacking many things to run the SDK successfully. At least mention the HDD space and Graphic memory requirements. Current configuration: AMD FX-8320 @ 3.5ghz 8GB DDR3 RAM GTX 1060 6GB 100GB free space in HDD 550watt PSU
  2. Game needs more maps ...

    city map including a port plz
  3. I expected it. You need to upgrade you processor. Try OCing it first. Although after V12 performance improved remarkably.
  4. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    I would suggest real scopes from the tanks. those complex ones the tank gunners actually use.
  5. medic would be pointless then. players can stop bleeding now. that's enough.
  6. Vehicle list in team select screen

    agreed. also add crew count.
  7. Where the HECK am I getting shot from?!

    for me I wouldnt suggest to add any incoming damage marker because that would compromise the realism. Now for the directional awareness, that responsibility directly falls on the squad leaders and communication between members to designate the relevant enemy position.
  8. It is kind of actually 'Thank you' message to Dev team and community for improving performance with V12 update. I can finally play the game without any stuttering what so ever (8GB RAM & 6GB VRAM & FX 8320 OCd CPU). It came as a blessing on me. I purchased the game in 2016 and could only played couple of times because of the serious stuttering almost every second. Never had more than 40 fps even with lowest settings possible and that made me leave the game multiple times. But now it's a bliss. More than 50 fps all time with lowest settings. BTW the tanks are awesome to drive and hope to see the helis and spaa(self-propelled anti-aircraft) soon. Still I want to address some issues which is making me uncomfortable and want these to be managed soon. First of all - the loading time. I am facing this since the purchase. It takes so much time that when I get to start a round, squads are already filled and don't get much of a choice except make own squad or stay unassigned. That's pain in the ass because I don't get to drive a vehicle or man the cannons. Point to add, when turning on 'fully load textures' game loading time increases noticeably huge (which is expected), but the 'server timed out' message after returned backed to main window after long (really long!) wait is so much frustrating. Even though there is no noticeable stuttering anymore but sometimes an awkward yet deadly stutter happens when there is a enemy in front me inside 5 meter and I'm aiming down sights. That exact moment it happens and enemy kills me even before get to fire any shot. Please take a special notice on this one because bit of a headache. It's hard to close combat with that issue. Next thing I think many would agree with me. 'The unbreakable small objects'. There are many small prop objects set inside the compounds and when driving vehicles sometimes gets stuck to them and can't be unstuck anymore. This is discouraging who loves to drive. I would suggest to change those objects into either destructible or non-collidable. Same goes for the small plants. As far I know small plants can't stand even against small vehicles like humvee or trucks but here it does and it's kind of unrealistic. Why not plants fall down to ground when collide with heavy object or from the blasts. That is a good physics. Last thing is the death window. It's fine with darkened view but don't you think the hearing capability would be dimmed when you're bleeding and lying on ground . I have noticed that when in death window the sound around body perfectly normal and has no effect on hearing - it's crystal clear. But that doesn't happen. When you're seriously wounded, even a strong person would hear dampened with head-spins. Even though the game still has long way to go but I'm not losing hope. Please do not disappoint the community and the community would not disappoint in return. Thank you and Semper fi.
  9. Please now start on hardware-specific optimizations so that I can play with my damn FX 8320. I own this game since 2016 , still I can't play this game because it's NOT optimized with old AMD processors. It stutters and freezes every 5secs for 2secs straight. My selection menu opens after everybody already spawned in game and almost everytime all squads gets filled and I have to play alone. I believe many people suffers from this and left the game for this. Please optimize the game so I can continue playing the game. P.S. PUBG after release optimized the game and it doesn't stutter anymore with FX series processors. I mentioned it because both games developed on same Engine.
  10. Gore : Realism is incomplete without gore in a military sim game. A body goes ragdoll after being killed, that's not people wants. Brain splattered on ground, guts sticking out, legs/hands torn off, etc. More tragedy, more realistic. Reviving: Currently the reviving system as same Battlefield games. You can be revived even after headshot. Maybe it keeps the process simple but not realistic. Reviving ought to be available only if player is wounded, NOT dead. There should be a real difference between dead and wounded. Shot to the heart or face would kill you instantly. Air strike: Modern warfares are been supported by Air-strikes. Squad leader calls for a support air-strike on a specific designation, melting down enemies to the ground. War-Atmosphere : When I'm in war, it should feel like war, NOT like peaceful valley.There is no ambient sound at all! There should be firing sounds coming from horizon, smoke coming from downed helicopter far away, random AI aircraft flying by with super sonic noise,etc.
  11. Will bandages be shown in 3rd person?

    nice thought. +1 Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  12. but it bothers. some people has really good topics in mind. but i cant +1 those because some moderators were lazy enough to read all posts.
  13. made them feel more remorse I guess.
  14. i spend on those which I see big potential in future.