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  1. <5 FPS After Patches

    Solved issue by restarting my PC. When I relaunched steam it updated. Back to 60+ FPS. Try this option first if anyone else has an issue.
  2. <5 FPS After Patches

    Full reinstall and deletion of my C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved did not fix the issue.
  3. <5 FPS After Patches

    Hey All, I have 400+ hours into Squad. With just about every patch for the past few when I join a server I get <5 FPS. Normally I have 60+. Before the resolution was to uninstall & reinstall Easy Anti Cheat. I have tried, in all sorts of variations and order - Reinstalling EAC - Deleting C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved - Verify Integrity of game cache through steam This is quite frustrating as I usually have to spend a ton of my free time fixing the game so it will work rather than getting to play. I am currently doing a full reinstall of the game. Windows 7 64 bit Genuine GTX 980ti Core i7-3820 @ 3.60ghz 16gb RAM I am installing Squad on a secondary hard drive (not C) DX Diag Info