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  1. Quick Reload Feature

    i would really love more animations for reloading. They could each have their own duration even
  2. New mechanic for kits and team play

    there will be a problem once the team start losing. they will have less and less points while the other will have more and more
  3. i doubt china is possible so im for any asian faction (japan, korea etc)
  4. I think those asymetrics should be written somewhere when you start the match. So both teams can keep them in mind while playing. I for one have played a lot of squad, but ive never really realited those differences
  5. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    ok so china is basicly out than
  6. Indestructible walls and fences.

    i now right! they said it will always stay indestructible, but the player made fences are destructible! so i dont understand why dont they just make maps with those instead
  7. The best game you've ever had - (Kills)

    i always try to get in a position from which i can shoot enemys in the back. preferlaby with automatic rifleman. than i wait from them to advance a bit and than just mow down the whole squad!
  8. V11 Feedback

    the nametag now shows like 2sec after you aim at someone. because of that i killed a friendly and my teammate did too.
  9. How do you play music in-game?

    i play russian Katyusha (катюша) at start of the match when we are all driving in the truck. (if im on the russian team ofcourse) Anyway, everyone loves it
  10. when is the next update

    i wasnt really hoping for exact date, but do you think it will be 1 week, 3 weeks or something like 2 months?
  11. when is the next update

    as the title says when will version 9.0 come and what will it bring?
  12. Focus/Zoom

    i think the there should be a zoom for ironsights but not that big
  13. Plea to get Founder player models :-P

    an eyepatch would do the job just fine
  14. couple of questions

    well i thought this was a military sim and thats why i think a sniper is needed. im sure devs could come up with a system that would make sure that lone wolf snipers are not a thing.