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  1. Brasilian Army for Faction

    i think they should add them also. Better then another EU faction.
  2. Make Al Basrah a Night Map

    i would love it! But i think all players should be playing with the same gamma settings. It should be a fixed setting for night maps only.
  3. maybe the reason for the more streamlined version is the free weekend, so new players join, then i hope in the next version they make the game more hardcore again. i also notice about myself that i dont care about respawning all the time anymore, was the respawn timer longer in the past? i think it should be 50% longer + heavy nerf to relly points please, that would make clearer battle lines and therefore less lone-wolfing.
  4. Bad game culture at the moment

    yeah i agree the respawn time should be longer, thats a simple solution
  5. Kicked for swearing?

    maybe you were just an ashole
  6. Alpha 14 Released

    really? i have seen very realistic ragdolling i guess. much better then before, but i havent play a lot yet

    i hope and think that all maps including Skorpo are missing the final polishing. For example houses in all maps are empty for now, there should be beds, tables, moving doors etc, grass and vegetation i hope fall under that.
  8. i agree they should make it so that its heard by the other team also. I think it would help with the emersion a lot!
  9. Marksman Changes.

    There should be a designated sniper role honestly.. But to coutner lone wolfing i would make it like this: A squad of max 2 people, one with the sniper and one with the spotter or something role. Then these two people would go together and work with the team to provide info and fire support.
  10. a14 Feedback

    how did you guys get v14 already?
  11. Hi, can some of the russian players please do a "common words and phases for Squad in Russian"? I am learning russian and playing in russian servers a lot, since they have good conection and not too long queue, but i cant understand a lot of things. Cпасибо!
  12. The Wrench, May 2019

    do the maps created by modders have a chance to get into the official game?
  13. Let's deal with these pet peeves

    i am also looking forward to some more emersion improvments. For example i would love to see better visual representation of some one getting shot. Not just a bit of blood, but more gore and maybe broken legs that would slow you down etc. More different character models. There are now only like 4 different faces on everyone in a team, things like that are easy to improve and help emersion al lot. Also more unbalanced team vehicle setups. For example now its always either each team has 2 tanks or zero tanks. I havent even seen the new tank in action. Why dont the militia and insurgents have more random and less predictable vehicle setups?