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  1. How do you play music in-game?

    i play russian Katyusha (катюша) at start of the match when we are all driving in the truck. (if im on the russian team ofcourse) Anyway, everyone loves it
  2. when is the next update

    i wasnt really hoping for exact date, but do you think it will be 1 week, 3 weeks or something like 2 months?
  3. when is the next update

    as the title says when will version 9.0 come and what will it bring?
  4. Focus/Zoom

    i think the there should be a zoom for ironsights but not that big
  5. Plea to get Founder player models :-P

    an eyepatch would do the job just fine
  6. couple of questions

    well i thought this was a military sim and thats why i think a sniper is needed. im sure devs could come up with a system that would make sure that lone wolf snipers are not a thing.
  7. couple of questions

    i created a topic of my suggestion in the "suggestions & feedback", but it got deleted?!
  8. couple of questions

    i understand that true life sniper doesnt fit in a 9 men squad, so i have this suggestion: make an additional squad option," a sniper squad" if you will. That would have max 3 or 4 players in it. (2 snipers a spotter and a marksman pehaps). the "sniper squad" option would only unlock if there are more than 20 players in your team it would encourage squad leaders to communicate with the "sniper squad" becuse the "sniper squad" should work togather, there wouldn't be snipers all over the battlefield what do you think?
  9. couple of questions

    i really hope they will.. its kinda weird that a small fance can block the way for the whole army and even tanks in the future
  10. couple of questions

    you doubt that they will stay indestructiable?
  11. couple of questions

    are urban maps coming? i understand that buildings will stay indestructiable, but does the same go for little fances? and stuff like that? is there going to be a proper sniper role? when is the next update comeing? what are the devs working on curently?
  12. -50% hp = -50% max stamina

    it would also bring the squad closer togather beacuse you will be searcing for medic more frequently
  13. Ear plugs to filter noise

  14. so the suggestion is when you have 80% hp, your max stamina is reduced to 80%, if you have 10% hp, your max stamina is reduced to 10%, etc. etc. that would also resoult in knowing how much hp you still have and your aim will be worse if you are hurt. what do you think?