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  1. The Wrench, May 2019

    do the maps created by modders have a chance to get into the official game?
  2. Let's deal with these pet peeves

    i am also looking forward to some more emersion improvments. For example i would love to see better visual representation of some one getting shot. Not just a bit of blood, but more gore and maybe broken legs that would slow you down etc. More different character models. There are now only like 4 different faces on everyone in a team, things like that are easy to improve and help emersion al lot. Also more unbalanced team vehicle setups. For example now its always either each team has 2 tanks or zero tanks. I havent even seen the new tank in action. Why dont the militia and insurgents have more random and less predictable vehicle setups?
  3. customization / ranking

    I agree of course. My idea is that it would be the same as now, except that now the outfits and faces are random. It would be more relevant for militia for example, since there are more different outfits. The armpatches sound like a great idea to me. And also for the ranking, maybe just give the same amount of experience to all the players in the winning team. That would actually promote teamwork i think. Last but for sure not least, all this would promote the game with a more wide audience. I dont mean the CoD kids of course, but i guess most people would enjoy some kind of reward for a good game, and customizing their character even just a bit.
  4. customization / ranking

    Hi all, What do you think about the customization and ranking in Squad? I personally miss some kind of ranking so we would know who is really experienced and who is new. It would also make winning and playing in general more rewarding. For the customization i dont mean gun skins of course. But i would love the option to style your character a bit. Right now there are multiple different character faces and outfits, but they are random. Why not have the option to choose how your character would look like, it would not hurt emersion one bit.
  5. patience is the main reason for me. When you get to nice position where you can expect enemies, find a good spot and wait for like 3 minutes. Dons just run from one position to another and just check if you can see the enemies. Also when you see someone wait for a bit to see if someone else will come behind him, that way you can kill both of them.
  6. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    run speed should be a bit class specific, so a heavy machine gunner should be slower than a normal rifleman
  7. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Tweaked how ADS movement speeds work, so no matter which direction you go now you move at the same speed. why? thats unrealistic no? and i hate seeing that in other games
  8. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    i think the new skorpion gun should be available for normal riflemen also.
  9. Implementing AI in Squad and Why it's Necessary

    I think the AI could be very fun in Squad, but in another way. Like a 5 person AI squad commanded to protect your back flag, so it cant be capped by only one person. Each team could have maybe 10 AI's and can order them to go where they want. They always spawn on main. You could place all 10 of them to protect a strategic position. I think it would be really cool
  10. Immersion

    what about if there would be like 15 flags on the map, every compound would have one. Then perhaps a clearer battle line would emerge and it would also be more realistic.
  11. Should Finland be added to Squad?

    so it is been said that no new faction until after release?
  12. match recap at the end

    i think it would be really cool and useful to have a match recap at the end: - now you only have the scoreboard - it would a quick timeline video, showing a map, but with all the units from both teams visible. So you would see where the battle lines were and all the tactics both teams used. What do you think?
  13. What's next?

    i hope polishing
  14. What would you like to see in Squad

    better anti-aliasing realistic map design (logical roads, dense forests etc.) some destructible terrain (we can build and destroy razor wire right, why not make small fences destroyable as well?) more animations (so like 5 different animations for reloading) v12
  15. customization

    is customization goona be a thing in Squad? im not talking about like esthetics so much but rather gun handling. I think a bit of personalization is fun in a game.