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  1. Hypetrain has no brakes
  2. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Firstly I'm onboard of hypetruck. Secondly i havent posted since kickstarter but i have to say you guys are awesome. As Project Reality was (and still is) astonishing mod, Squad is astonishing game.
  3. Happy Holidays!

    Happy New Year guys!
  4. November 2015

    Those Militia Gorkas gave me a blast. Great job!
  5. Nice, really nice. You can actually see solid blood fontaine on that video. So yeah it can kill.
  6. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    I propose "Dal'niy Kordon" - its russian for distant forest ranger station. Has also a strong reference to popular russian movie where army general goes hunting with his friends on dal'niy kordon. Movie plot was actually placed near finnish border.
  7. Kickstarter Hype

    Hypetrain has arrived on russian army station! Next station Alpha release!
  8. Last days of the Squad Kickstarter campaign

    At this point i can say we are going to make it.
  9. Can you guys update goal chart? We need 4k less with actual USD-CAD course. Well, with actual pledge growth, it looks like we dont need it
  10. Will there be ported maps from BF PR?

    Its a bit of a pity. That waterside promenade in Muttrah was really good looking. Well I hope there will be some more "civilised" maps like Muttrah, not only afghan villages and garbage dumps.
  11. Squad Podcast highlights

    Thanks, i hoped for something like this.
  12. Will there be ported maps from BF PR?

    Well Squad has to be proper successor for BF PR in all aspects except maybe content size:) IIRC Muttrah is the map I mentioned in OP. It had actually pretty enjoyable gameplay.
  13. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    1 Russia 2 China 3 Norhkorea could be fun but its unlikely
  14. ^^I hope some really good maps will make it. Especially that one huge arab city map with MECs fighting off american invasion, sadly i dont have name of it anymore. Its truly a masterpiece of map.