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  1. Kid playing Squad...?

    Thank you. I purchased the game last night and learnt the basic controls. Hopefully I'll find a group to play along with. Thanks.
  2. Kid playing Squad...?

    Thank you all for the positive feedback. All this is great advice that I will certainly use. My steam ID Is: SkepticalCyborg if any SLs would like to give it a try and won't have a problem with someone like me. (My birthplace is also Northern Ireland, so my accent can be VERY irritating at moments because of the very different way we pronounce certain words.)
  3. Kid playing Squad...?

    Hello. As you have seen my title, it's around the subject of Kids playing squad. Everyone hates kids, Right? Squeakers. Dolphins. Well, I for one am 14. I don't have much of a deep pitch voice, therefore classed as a Squeaker. Most games, I've been rejected. I know the objective of the game, I follow it, I talk once, I get kicked. Yes, we have many bad examples of "Kids" out there. "Your mom!" and all that. But seeing the reputation we've been given, I don't even know. I want to buy this game with the remaining money I have left, But I don't want to be a mute, and I'm paranoid of people calling me a Squeaker. I've seen various topics on this forum regarding Kids. Whether it be Funny encounters, Stupid moves, all that. But most people seem to disagree with the opinions of the people who are against us. I've seen this community act against that. I just want to know, if I were to join, would I be accepted? Or left with the rest of the kids. I don't know anymore. But thank you for reading this. For those who wouldn't mind a Young Teenager, Steam ID: SkepticalCyborg