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  1. Can we modify how sound works?

    Allright man, I'll take a look into these vids, thanks!
  2. Can we modify how sound works?

    Hey just a quick question, can we somehow modify the sound effects? Or somehow tweak them? Thanks.
  3. Can we modify how sound works?

    I do not intend to release any mod anyway, I just like to design (or just paly around) sound. I don't even know how to really work with unreal, I have only basic orientation. Could you please tell me where +- can I find those sound settings? Thank you.
  4. Can we modify how sound works?

    I mean echo simulation, how bullet cracks sound like, how distant gunfire sounds... etc
  5. Can we modify how sound works?

    Thank you agin, that was an easy to understand answer.................
  6. Game randomly freezes my whole computer for 2-10 seconds, agin and agin. Any other game is running absolutely fine. IS THERE FINALLY A FIX?!
  7. Hey, so my problem wasn't actually fixed last time, was just a coensidence or something that my game wasn't freezing my whole computer. I am really lost. I wan't to play this game so much normally, but it is not possible. I do everything I can to fix it... (High priority, disable win. update service...) FPS is not an issue, I play at 35fps stable which is OK for me. Description: If there is something more performace depending, it decreases the FPS in most of the games, not in my case. My PC gets frozen for 0.5 - even 10 seconds. Before I updated my video driver, something like "waiting for GPU to catch up" was in a log, not anymore. Now I get: game thread stalled, waiting for particles. It doesn't seem like LOW graphical settings make any difference. EPIC or LOW, still does the same. Symptoms: 90% occurance when there are lot of people on the server, 10% randomly when server is empty/or when playing BASE gamemode with few players. "Randomly" is actually not definite, it usually stutters if following happens, but not always: Explosions Any kind of close combat (all those weapon sounds and bullet hit effects) What makes me most sad/angry - when I try to shoot someone rly close. It's not just the game, but whole PC lags. (Even the mouse cursor) Lags when the above happens for the first time, then it runs fine for a few moments, then it "resets" (Some textures get blurry agin, like weapon model.., and lags start agin). Black clipping textures. SPECS: MB: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 CPU: AMD FX-6300 GPU: ASUS R7260X-DC2OC-2GD5 RAM: Kingston 8gb KIT DDR3 1866 Mhz CL10 HDD: WD Blue 64MB cache 1000MB Do you guys thing it could be becouse I had windows updates disabled completely for over a year? There is a list of what I've already tried: Completely re-installing (updating) video driver. Setting high priority to the game task. Disabling superfetch service. Disabling windows update service. Sound quality set to LOW. Disabling radio filter. I really feel like I am the only one having this issue. I should definetelly reinstall my system, but I have so much data that I need, it would take a lot of time to back it up... So any other tips? Thank you.
  8. Game freezing problem returns

    I also noticed that lot of lags comes if I am nearby an APC. Currently not in a situation to afford new PC just becouse the game is not optimized... I know, the game is still "Alpha".. But you know how it is right? I wouldn't bother crying about the lags if I had problems playing other games, but this really seams like the game needs either a way to fix this for lower PCs or optimizations..
  9. Game freezing problem returns

    Post updated ^^^^^^
  10. Game freezing problem returns

    I've tried to describe the symptoms and edited the first post ^^^^^^ Yes, actually forgot to mention it. Cleared appdata and checked game integrity. As I was browsing through other threads about this, ppl say it gets fixed by game update, or that it returns after an update. In my case, game version doesn't seem to effect it in any way. Weird, isn't it? I am on Windows 7 64bit
  11. Extracting the sounds

    Hello! Would it be possible to use your sounds? Especially sonic cracks. Sometimes I spend time in After Effects, and I would have a great use of it. Thanks.
  12. Extracting the sounds

    Totally understand. Is there any way you could share some of the sounds?
  13. Hey, so is there finally any way to fix the DAMN game freezing?!! I have playble FPS, not an issue, but still get random game freezing, it is unplayble. (I don't have any problems in any other game, just this) would really appreciate any help. SPECS: MB: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 CPU: AMD FX-6300 GPU: ASUS R7260X-DC2OC-2GD5 RAM: Kingston 8gb KIT DDR3 1866 Mhz CL10 HDD: WD Blue 64MB cache 1000MB
  14. [Solved] Random game stuttering

    It apears that driver update fixed it. (Complete reinstall through safe mode)
  15. [Solved] Random game stuttering

    I am not saying it's super fast, but for some reason I have no problem playing any other games so??
  16. [Solved] Random game stuttering

    LogParticles:Warning: Stalled gamethread waiting for particles 0.062692ms 'ParticleSystemComponent /Game/Maps/Yehorivka/Yehorivka_aas_v2/Yehorivka_aas_v2.Yehorivka_aas_v2:PersistentLevel.BP_Ural_LastingEffect_C_0.ParticleSystem' 'ParticleSystem /Game/Particles/Vehicles/Temperature/URAL/URAL_Temperature_Parameterized.URAL_Temperature_Parameterized' LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s) Are u sure the GPU is weak? I play any other game without problems man... Also doesn't matter if I play LOW settings or EPIC settings. This must be something on your side...
  17. Hello, on some maps, I can play normally, but on some others, I get random lag spikes like the map stuff is loading over and over agin. I get stable 45+- FPS, but the game just freezes randomly for like 1-10 seconds... It is so annoying. I am running on AMD FX-6300. Any comments about my CPU being bad are irrelevant, I can play 2016 games with stable 50FPS, just this game...
  18. Can you already fix the AMD?

    FIX THE DAMN BUG GUYS, I AM FITTING THE RECOMMENDED HW performance. I did not pay 25€ for a broken game, cmon ffs.
  19. Hey, would be pretty cool to see this kind of an effect in Squad! Being in a crop field shooting a machinegun with this effect, that could be an amazing experience. VIDEO
  20. I am talking specificaly about crop fields, these do not do any effects.
  21. Can you already fix the AMD?

    Not sure if u can read, but I run Squad at 50FPS stable, but bigger maps couse random freezing and it looks like all the textures are being loaded agin.
  22. Can you already fix the AMD?

    I run Arma very well. Just this game... When the map is larger, it seriously looks like it loads it agin and agin, like it was software related, not hardware.