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  1. I put everything together with my 6600k OC to only 4.2ghz (planning to up it to 4.8 later today) with ddr4 running at 3200 and my 1070 OCed as well. I'm currently getting 60 + frames at 4k resolution and maxed settings. The fps was recorded off a full server.
  2. Everything is arriving on Friday! I'll keep you informed for sure.
  3. I'm Swapping my 8350 OC to 5ghz with an i6 6600k and gtx 1070. I'm currently getting 25-30 fps with 4k rez on full servers. Changing my rez doesn't affect fps much only 2-3. what kind of fps will I see?
  4. Buy a 6600k or 6700k, either of those two cpu's will run the game fine.
  5. FPS: 30CPU: 8350 OC to 5ghzGPU: 1080 ftwRAM: 16gb @3866MHzRes: 4kSettings: Epic Only play on full servers.
  6. Anyone use a large (40"+) 4K monitor?

    I run at 4k resolution on my 8350 OC to 5ghz and gtx 1080. I get around 25-30 fps with max settings on full servers during combat. The video is only in 30 fps, I'm not sure what FPS you're looking at on 4k. But the max you're going to get I think is in the ballpark of 40-50