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    I can assure you that the first thing has happened. Admin cams do not mean that the player knows it's an exploit at all. I still hold the firm belief that warnings should be much more prevalent for non-obvious things such as that. For someone accidentally putting [M] because they thought they were a part of group but weren't is a good example. Your admins immediately kick for that without warning instead of explaining to them, which leaves a horrible taste about the clan they may have been trying to join. I feel that I am just not personally compatible with this type of moderation, as I feel it is too harsh and unreasonable. I understand that this is not too harsh or unreasonable for most as I've heard good things about the server, but it is something I feel is important to mention for those who don't like this way of moderation even if it seems silly to others.

    For example, someone who is half way in a creak to stay low and in cover, which would be normal for most other games, would be kicked without warning for exploiting and only later learn from anyone who is willing to tell them that there is a bug with water in the game. Another example is having [M] in a name when they aren't a Mumblerine, but could be part of a different, smaller group with the same abbreviation. Normally can be fixed with a simple request to change but instead will be kicked from the server without warning. I highly dislike this type of action personally since the game does not tell you what you were kicked for currently, and even if it did, I feel talking a situation out is much more healthy for communities than kicking/banning people without a chance. I'd also like to state that following the rules is a very confusing thing to say, since they only appear in-chat at random points in-game. It's not obvious how to find all the rules for the server and takes time to see them all, for the short amount of time they show. I hope this explains my position even if it's not agreed upon. Thank you for your time and happy holidays.

    Personally, I always dislike a server that kicks without a warning, which this server has done many times in my time playing on it. I'm going to be avoiding the server for now and hope for the change in the future.