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  1. I think, that M249 for Militia is a placeholder. Militia is a collective image of Balkan, East Europe, Ukraine, Caucasus irregular formations, so the M249 in their hands is rarely weapon (like a trophy). Weapon-storages of East Europe contain many Degtyaryov MGs. For second Automatic Rifleman kit (instead M249), I suggest: or 1) DP-27 (DPM) , 7.62*54, 47 bullets drum. It is transitional MG between RPK (7.62*39, 40 bullets) and PKM (7.62*54, 100 bullets). DP-27 has heavy bullet like as PKM, but has twice less round-mag like as RPK. or 2) RPD, 7.62*39, 100 bullets drum. It has big rounds-mag like as PKM (100 bullets), but less powerfull bullets as RPK (7.62*39).
  2. G3 Damage

    Maybe make scoped G3 like a alternative marksman weapon, but SVD will be standart DMR . So you will choose - G3 with optics OR SVD.
  3. 1) После того, когда тебя "поднял и исцелил" (после тяжёлого ранения) медик, сколько времени надо переждать, чтобы тебя не убило в "дэд-дэд" ? 120 секунд? 2) После того, как санитар (или другой солдат) перевязали тяжелораненого бойца, сколько времени он будет лежать в ожидании санитара с мед.сумкой, пока не "протухнет" ?
  4. Anti-Infantry Mines/IEDs

    Pfff !.. If a new conflict zone will be (hypothetically), that policy of US (or Germany/France/GB/Russia...) about AP-mines will be change. If you say to leitenant of NATO (Russia, etc...) with half company on 2 km front "Don`t put AP-mine, Ottava conv!! Ata-ta-ta!!!" Then he answer: "I have order to defend this front and life of my soldiers is more valuable then Ottava conv. Therefore I will use AP-mines for defend, get out from there!!!" P.S. my sugg. topic about AP-mines for SQUAD: P.S.S. Ottava conv. is a farce... Technology of production and use AP-mines is a not complex bio-, chemy-, nuclear- technogy... AP-mines is impossible to forbid.
  5. =WAR= Community

    А вы как-нибудь отряд называете в игре? Принимаете ли в игре в отряд адекватных бойцов ил отряд закрыт?
  6. @tatzhit , фризы возникают и на других картах Хотя я пока не играл в 9.13-9.14 патч , всё руки не доходят... Как там, после этих обнов, производительность повысилась хоть чуть-чуть?
  7. Как победить возникающие фризы? Вроде фпс >30 достигается, но в самые неподходящие моменты возникают эти фффрииззззыы
  8. Связаны ли возникающие фризы с звуками эффектов (взрывы , стрельба) ? У меня такое впечатление на некоторых картах сложилось, что звуки приводят к фризам, так ли это?
  9. config

    @Zaicheg , какой из файлов там отвечает за видео- , аудио-настройки и настройки управления? GameUserSettings.ini ?
  10. Обновление: Альфа v9.6

    @kirusha_love , спасибо большое за наглядность! P.S. а то я сначала полагал, что вручную чистить каталог %appdata% надо, а оно вот как просто на самом деле!
  11. Обновление: Альфа v9.6

    Спасибо за русский Чейнджлог! Можешь пояснить, что имеется ввиду под этим Как это делать?
  12. Hello, comrades ! I know, that R-DEVs have too many works and I am sure, that R-DEVs have plans about AP-rifleman class (like a PR class). In this topic, I suggest to discuss realisation AP-rifleman kit for both conventional and unconventional factions and write my vision of AP-mines in SQUAD . Firstly, I note, there is Ottawa Treaty ("anti-AP-mines") , but many counties in "Ottawa" save AP-mine storage, moreover, some big countries don`t join to "Ottawa" (RF, USA, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Lybia, Syria...) Also it is important , that AP-mine is very simple construction and using, so the renewal of production can be fast, if it is necessary for armed conflict. There are three common types of AP-mine: 1) "press activation" , step foot directly on mine for blow up, hit only one person, very lightweight (<0,5 kg). 2) "tripwire" , touch wire near mine for blow up (basically, "tripwire-mines are bouncing-mine) , can hit several persons around, heavyweight (~2-5 kg). 3) "guided" , remote-operated by watcher which command blow up from cover (also can be "tripwire"), can hit sevearal persons in sector , enough lightweight (~1,5-2 kg). I) Unconventional factions (Militia, Taliban and for future Iraq, Syria, Africa, Gaza, Lebanon insurgents). AP-rifleman is a squad-limited kit (like a G3 kit / AKS-74 with optics / LAT kit ... ) , becouse AP-mine is essential part of ambushs - common tactics of unconventional faction. - "Press" mines: PMN-1 (weight=0,55 kg, minimum 3 min for "save-to-armed" mode after planting), PMN-2 (weight=0,4 kg, minimum 0,5 min for "save-to-armed" mode after planting) , it is VERY simple and wedespread mines, exported and copies produced in many coutries. - "Tripwire" mines: POMZ-2 (weight=2,3 kg, radius of guaranteed lethal~7 m, wire lenght=max 4 m, minimum 3 min for "save-to-armed" mode after planting) , POMZ-2M (weight=1,77 kg, radius of guaranteed lethal~6 m, wire lenght=max 4 m, minimum 3 min for "save-to-armed" mode after planting) - it is VERY simple and wedespread mine, copies (especially Yugoslavian) produced in many coutries , OZM-3 (bouncing, weight=3 kg, radius of guaranteed lethal~10 m, wire lenght=max 5 m, minimum 3 min for "save-to-armed" mode after planting) , OZM-4 (bouncing, weight=3 kg, radius of guaranteed lethal~14 m, wire lenght=max 10 m, minimum 3 min for "save-to-armed" mode after planting) . ... there are similar copies of OZM-3,4 AP-mines. - "Guided" mines: MON-50 (weight=2 kg, radius of guaranteed lethal~30 m, frag-sector=54 deg, minimum 50 sec for "save-to-armed" mode after planting). Note: can be "tripwire" - wire lenght=40-65 m. II) Conventional factions AP-rifleman is a team-limited kit (like a HAT kit ... ) , 2 kits per full team , becouse ambushs is a not common tactics of conv. factions in SQUAD, mainly AP-mine should use for defence key-positions . a) RF - "Press" mines: PMN-3 (weight=0,6 kg, minimum 7 min for "save-to-armed" mode after planting, self-destruction after min 12 hours) , very rarely mine , because has simple electronics inside , PMN-4 (weight=0,3 kg, minimum 1 min for "save-to-armed" mode after planting) . - "Tripwire" mines: OZM-72 (bouncing, weight=5 kg, radius of guaranteed lethal=minimum 25 m, wire lenght=max 30 m, minimum 3 min for "save-to-armed" mode after planting) . - "Guided" mines: MON-50 (weight=2 kg, radius of guaranteed lethal~30 m, frag-sector=54 deg, minimum 50 sec for "save-to-armed" mode after planting). Note: can be "tripwire". b) USA (for other future NATO-factions can be use US or self-produced mines) - "Press" mines: M14 (weight=0,1 kg, without timing "save-to-armed" mode after planting) , widespread mine, many copies and produced in many countries. - "Tripwire" mines: M16/M16A1/M16A2 (bouncing, weight=3,74 kg (A2=2,84 kg), radius of guaranteed lethal~20 m, wire lenght=max 10 m (in one side), without timing "save-to-armed" mode after planting ), also has "press" activation. - "Guided" mines: M18A1 "Claymore" (weight=1,59 kg, radius of guaranteed lethal~30 m, frag-sector~60 deg, without timing "save-to-armed" mode after planting). Note: can be "tripwire". "Tripwire" method for "Guided" mines (MOH-50/M18A1): It is necessary to discuss: - How much AP-mines and types of AP-mines can carry AP-riflemans (unconv./conv.) ? - How much the number of active AP-mines per one AP-rifleman? 5? 10? Various for different type? - Maybe be able to mix different types of AP-mines for one kit ? - Maybe std/alt AP-kits (like PR) for AP-riflemans with different types of mine? III) AT-mines for conventional factions Combat engineer (sapper) is a team-limited kit (like a HAT kit ... ) , 2 kits per full team , becouse ambushs is a not common tactics of conv. factions in SQUAD, mainly AT-mine should use for defence key-routes. RF : TM-62, US : M15 or M19, GB : Mk.7, GE : DM21. Only 1 mine would be to carry by sapper, becouse AT-mine is heavyweight (9-13 kg) , after planting AT-mine sapper need ammo-crate for reloading. Also sapper should to carry some (~5 items) lightweight (~200 g) distance explosives for blow up enemy (or friendly, if it is necessary) AP-mines or AT-mines. P.S. All names of mines in this post is canonical, so you can to find them in Wikipedia, for example. But I was guided by russian-language sapper-database, which contents many descriptions of many mines - http://saper.isnet.ru/index-mines.html
  13. @suds , if AP-rifleman for every INS squad is too much (for convent. it should be team-limited), then AP-rifleman can be team-limited (like a HAT, Sniper) , just 2-3 mans with AP-mines is not so much to abuse .
  14. Discussion: Mines and IEDs

    There is TM-62 AT-mine , it is ok, but the name must be TM-62M .
  15. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    Many things are said yet ))) Impact grenades for RF (RGN/RGO). As for AS Val and VSS Vintorez, it maybe implements for std/alt recon (spotter) kit of RF .
  16. Please no shovel melee

    Shovel melee is good but very situational, it need to change weapon - it require time and animation process . I will be happy if the rifle butt kick/poke rifle barrel (for rifles with weak butt and without bayonet) would implemented in SQUAD without changing weapon , just press certain key for you weapon and kick! Maybe not "oneshot" kick.
  17. "Guide" AP-mines (MON-50/M18A1) are really effective, but not flexible - you (or teammate) must to keep vision you Claymore constantly. I play PR AP-rifleman too much, especially on INS-maps. There are few cases in PR, where I kill several soldiers by 1-2 guided Claimors , often - it is only 1-2 man per 5 (!!!) Claymors So... For convent. faction AP-rifleman, I suggest set of AP-mines: 2*"tripwire" (bouncing M16/OZM-72) = 6-10 kg + 2*"guided" (M18A1/MON-50) at first channel = 3-4 kg + 2*"guided" at second channel = 3-4 kg; summary convent. AP-rifleman has 12 (US) - 18 (RF) kg of AP-mines - it is a limit, not more, maybe less (1+1 "guided", for example). Other weapon is std primary without addition features, 1*grenade (maybe without?), 2*field-dressing, 1*shovel. Don`t forget, that "wire" for bouncing OZM-72/M16 is 10-20 metres (not as PR 2 metres booby-trap) and lethal frags fly around minimum 20 metres, accordingly, M16/OZM-72 is maximum effective on open terrain, not CQB. For insurgent AP-rifleman, I suggest to refuse "guided" AP-mines, I think insurgents use it not so wide, as convent. forces. But add light "press" AP-mines (PMN-serie): 3*bouncing "tripwire" (OZM-3/4) = 9 kg OR 4*not bouncing "tripwire" (POMZ-2/2M) = 7-9 kg + 6*"press" (PMN-1/2) = 2,4-3,3 kg; summary ins. AP-rifleman has ~12 kg of AP-mines. Other weapon is std AK-serie (preferably collapsible butt), 1*grenade (maybe without?), 2/field-dressing, 1*shovel. Don`t forgen, that "wire" for bouncing OZM-3/4 is 5-10 metres and lethal frags fly around ~10 metres and wire for not bouncing POMZ is 4 metres and lethal frags fly around ~4-6 metres, accordingly, OZM-3/4 and POMZ-2/2M is both effective on open terrain and CQB, PMN-1/2 is for SQB mainly. About amount of AP-mines per one AP-rifleman... Firstly, I note, that PR has 10 AT-mine, 30 pressure activated waterjug IEDs, 5 mortar/mine IEDs, 1 arty-shell IEDs, 10 Claymores, 4 (!!!) F1-booby-trap. In my opinion, for SQUAD, this numbers are quite enough with some adjustments: even if 5 (now is only 3) AT-mines, 3 mortar IEDs (it is enough, becouse it is necessary to control it), 3-5 Claymores per channel , 8 "press" AP-mines (only INS have it), 5 "tripwire" AP-mines. "Cloaking" of AP-mines (in-game) Neither shovels!!! "press" AP-mines plant default under ground, visible only target sensor (visible like a TM-62) ; "tripwire" AP-mines plant with 2 clicks: 1 click LMB - planting half mine under ground with wire from apex 2 click LMB you choose place for max range end of wire with stick. Don`t forgen about "save-to-armed" time of some mines (see 1 post) ! Disarmed AP-mines (in-game) "press" AP-mines can be neutralized by bullet, it is save, PMNs didn`t have frags; "tripwire" can be neutralized by lightweight (~200 g) distance explosives (which must have sapper) Overcoming AP-mines (in-game) In PR, you can overcome "wiretraps" and "press watercontainer" in prone pose. It is like a very careful movement, also you see you can jump over AP-mine (or "wire"). Don`t know, but I would prefer this mechanics for SQUAD.
  18. Fully Agreed with DoctorKamikaze ! And, of course, it is necessary to increase the amount of active mines to 4 or 5 per one Scout.