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  1. Sometimes when you aim down sights, over a wall, or on the top of a mountain or small bump, you might see that your sights are clear of your cover and your barrel should be just over it also, but when you shoot, you bullet hits the dirt in front of you, wasting your nice lined up shooting and giving your position away. What im suggesting is some small indicator, maybe your gun dismounting from your shoulder, or pointing up over the terrain, so that players know when they can, and cannot shoot to where their sights are pointing. Other games sometimes have a lean function, where if you're close enough to the edge of the wall and ADS, your character will lean around the corner or stand up a little so that you can shoot freely, when you stop aiming, you return to your normal position. Maybe this would be a nice idea also?
  2. I would love to see the ADF as you would expect, but i also like the idea of France and the IDF as well Or maybe Germany, because who wouldn't want MG3's? brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt
  3. I wouldn't want to add anything in that adds random elements to player aim after they get hit/a bullet flies near them, because instead of you being frustrated about not killing them, they get frustrated because of return fire being stupid, think bf3 suppression Might be nice to take another look when the prone animations come in, or maybe make it that the red mist only appears when a player dies, i noticed i thought i confirmed a kill only to have him get back up like a terminator and shoot back at me D:
  4. LMGs not lethal enough

    Can't wait imo. Coming from BF3, i hated suppression, i much rather we changed the ammo type (Ghost Recon:FS Incendiary rounds, anyone? ) or some other strategy, but we will have to wait until bipods work, one of the big things i found with LMGs is that not being able to mount them on chest high walls really crippled them, so you could say a buff is already coming!
  5. [Speculation] Upper body turning

    I'm curious to see where you decided the preview was for a "Free look system", when it says "Third-Person Turn Animations" ? As for an actual free look system, arma does it well, compromising a fluid movement control system and forcing players to use the freelook would not be a good idea, keeping it bound to a key (arma system) keeps it simple, and maybe lets stuff like VR or TrackIR work with it in future.
  6. What map do you dislike the most?

    I voted Yehovrika, i lean more towards appearance in my choices (i make maps for an old rts community) and the "Airport" zone looks very ugly and boring, could do with some work imo. Gameplay wise, i have enjoyed all the maps, im okay with changing how i play if needed so stuff like "wew the camo is different", or "wew there is bigger spaces" never bothered me.
  7. couple of questions

    Uhh, if you replace "Sniper" with "DMR" then that is kinda what is happening now imo Lots of squad kicking
  8. If you really think having one or two extra 4x scopes results in a free 200 ticket lead you have to be trolling or making excuses for terrible manoeuvring. Ever try to hold an inner city vs a confident team with a scope? or are you camped 600 meters away on a hill? #ironsforlife
  9. spam down the general discussion?

    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/6CxFf
  10. Yes, but the demographic mentioned here will not know what number key is what yet, so its best not to overlook it!
  11. From what i had played, and excuse me if this had already been changed, but selecting weapons with the scroll wheel sometimes kicks you off after a timer and can lead you to select the wrong weapon/item, which could have bad results if an armoured vehicle was coming up the road and you pulled the HE rocket instead of the AP one. This can cause problems with some newer/slower players who might need to have a longer look through the menu to identify the item they want to select. My suggestion to change this, is to keep the menu permanently up until the left mouse or other select items are pressed, wherein the equipped item would swap to the one you had selected. If in a situation of panic, holding the right mouse button would both cancel the menu and also allow a player to aim down sights without major penalty. Waiting to hear what you think of my minor suggestion~
  12. define a clusterfuk

    I played during the free weekend (17 hours spent) and a lot of the time i was a medic, a fun role to play imo In the middle of what was already a bit of a grind to hold a city my squad got stuck in the middle of a roundabout, with only ankle high walls, its safe to say people were dying all around me. Eventually, i decided to just stabilise people and keep hidden (prone) until the fighting died down, because people were standing up and getting cut back down again by a SAW gunner or two, that was until the grenades came in. I downed 3 before they got me My definition of clusterfuk would be this situation.