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  1. Backer & Founder ranks gone?

    Since the last big forum update they are missing, that is a known error and will be fixed in the future. /locked
  2. Lan

    From what I understand it would still "kill" server and client performance in the same way it does right now. EDT: With right now I mean right now when playing online
  3. Founder package items

    Then you don´t have the skins. If I remember correctly you did not automatically got those skins and maybe had to play a few round´s. I think OWI said that they will be available to be earned again on future veteran day´s. (I am not 100% sure though)
  4. Animation System Update

    Awesome stuff, I am already so in love with those new animations and the zeroing... <3 OWI please have my babies!
  5. Kickstarter rewards

    If you backed with the tier "Squad Leader" or higher, you should find the M4 dessert camo and the special AK(sorry forgot the name of it...) in you Steam Squad inventory. EDT: Also a special "Squad Leader" or "Commander" badge item.
  6. Kickstarter rewards

    It should say "Founder" under you avatar on every post in the forum, since the last forum update it is not working anymore though. That is known and should be fixed in the near future. Check your Steam inventory, if you find your founders "swag" in there everything should be fine.
  7. Squad's (two) subgroups

    Yep this. There are already a lot of threads about this. /locked
  8. It really depends on the place you have Squad running from, map loading is actually really fast if you have it on an SSD oder M.2 (under 10 seconds)
  9. Founder and donate tag in forum

    Since the last bigger design change of the forum they are missing. That is known and they will return. /locked
  10. looking for Admin

    As Nordic said, everything will be sorted via Discord. /locked
  11. Make ''respawn'' entry in console a button

    That is correct. I guess OP misread something into it.
  12. [WIP] Yamalo [Vanilla]

    I have no idea how much work it would be, but would it not be an option to release a small layer for the current inf/vehicle situation we have at the moment? I am way to hyped for this map and can´t wait to try it on a full server... :3
  13. 9.9 Movment issue

    Hello and welcome to the forum! That is a known issue that came with the newest update and should be fixed soon. It only happens on the range in single player, multiplayer works fine. /locked
  14. Movement problems

    Hello and Welcome to the forum! That is a good attitude for Squad! Because you can´t do it right now in the range, just join a game and tell your squad lead you are new. Most people are willing to help you and get you started. Have fun on the battlefields! EDT: Typo
  15. [Solved] Game crash after intro video

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Can you give us your hardware information? Also, did you try reinstalling Windows + driver´s yet? I work in customer support in the IT business and you won´t believe how often a complete re installation of Windows fixes software problems.
  16. Backer Tag Redeem!

    The backer tags are not working since the last forum update. They are working on getting them back.
  17. What are you working on?

    Oh yes... with that nice backup sight...
  18. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    You have to remember that, as far as I know, weapon resting on objects is still planned for the future. I guess that the problem OP is describing will be handled, when that mechanism is integrated.
  19. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    Please read the first post in this thread from Odin again, you need to set the name you want to be in the credits in your forum account. If you have connected your forum account with your Steam account and already have the founders stuff, you should find the box Odin marked in his screenshot to set your name.
  20. Lets name it Karasu

    Awesome screens, can´t wait to play it myself
  21. Desmo's Playground Servers

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Please use their Discord for this, this forum is not the place to appeal for bans on specific server´s. Also team killing someone because he team killed is really not that much better in my opinion, you can always ask for an admin and just leave people like that be. You can find all the information about Desmo´s Discord here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/25175-desmos-playground-servers/
  22. Yamalo 8km [WiP]

    Now all we need is Canadian forces... Can´t wait to test this one
  23. So we can have logi, mortar and other specialized squad´s. Also you sure do have the right as a server owner/host to set the rules. In PR most servers had the exact rules like we have on some servers ins Squad now: Don´t lock inf Squad until X members joined. You can lock every asset squad however you want though. (Most servers in PR even had/have rules that you need to name the squad after the asset you want to use, otherwise you are not allowed to use something like a tank)
  24. Hello and welcome to the forum! I know the pain you feel, but that is just bad luck sometimes. Every online game has nice and "not so nice" player´s, be it public or clan. I also played a lot of PR in my days (only started way later then you though, with 0.85) and I had the same people you described in Squad and PR. (People are a lot matured in both games though rather then the online FPS norm I would say) I myself also still play a lot of CS:GO (I know shame on me) and I never understood why people flame/insult so much, playing with people and being nice automatically makes for better team performance. If I find myself in a Squad with bad mojo I just leave because I really hate it when people just flame and blame other´s all the time. Just find a new squad and move on or make one yourself I would say
  25. Are you a good shot?

    Totally mate, I had a rig with 30ish FPS and only played medic because of it, if you get a better rig/the game gets better performance and you hit that 50-60 FPS your aiming/shooting will feel so much better! Don´t worry, you may be a bit older but in this case I am sure that its your rig that is kinda sucky and not you.