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  1. Deutscher Newbie sucht Clan

    Moin moin und willkommen im Forum! Leider ist dies die Norm bei den meisten deutschen/internationalen Communitys die mir bekannt sind. Ich würde dir empfehlen eventuell einfach etwas auf den public Servern einzelner Communitys/Clans zu spielen, um so den ein oder anderen kennen zu lernen, eventuell kann hier dann eine Sonderregel für dich gefunden werden?! (Es gibt ettliche Deutsche....) Wünsche dir viel Erfolg und Spaß bei der Suche! Bei fragen immer gerne an mich wenden!
  2. Mouse smoothing?

    Hello and welcome to the game/forum! Yeah, it also seems that the newest game version (v12) broke the bipod system a bit, deploying onto windows and generally inside building is a pain at the moment...
  3. A12 just got released?

    It is released on the main client!
  4. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Right click Squad in steam and navigate to the field where you typed in the V12 Password, there you should find a drop down menu where you can choose to opt out of the beta. The game will then be "updated/downgraded" to V11 again.
  5. Und der nächste Neue

    Moin moin und herzlich willkommen im Forum! Es gibt ettliche deutsche Server/ Kommunities in Squad, ich würde dir raten einfach mal etwas auf den Servern rum zu lungern um fest zu stellen welche eventuell etwas für dich ist. (Oder auch auf anderen Europäischen Servern, wenn du dem englischen etwas mächtig bist) Du kommst genau zur richtigen Zeit, Alpha 12 steht vor der Tür und wird einiges ändern! Falls du Fragen hast schieß gerne los, die Kommunity hier ist sehr hilfsbereit Grüße! Koschilein
  6. Game needs more maps ...

    Well Talil is coming with a layer on which you will experience weather effects:
  7. the speed of animations

    Please stay on topic an keep it nice, I have deleted some posts.
  8. Change the menu music to old rock.

    Sounds awesome, I loved the long HDD loading screens in PR because of his music. Oh when you changed graphic settings in PR it sometimes took about 3-4 minutes for me to be on the map... now with Squad on an SSD it only takes about 10 seconds I dont know if it would be possible, but I would love some old PR soundtracks or maybe reworks of them. Scott is the man and I want 3 babies from him! <3 (I would even buy a "PR Soundtrack DLC")
  9. Der "Wrench": August 2018

    Guter Beruf!
  10. Founder skins

    No one has the skins at the moment, they are not working. Also the founder/donor tags on the forum do not work either atm. These problems are known and will be fixed in the future. I think your account is already linked with Steam and that is why you get that message.
  11. How many fps ?

    I think that notebook should run Squad fairly decent in Full HD with medium details. On higher settings that card will be the bottleneck.
  12. Weapon Variation

    OMG your avatars and comments fit together so well, this is glorious I also like the SKS
  13. Cross-platform compatibility via Steam Play

    Maybe that is because of the anti cheat? Valve wrote that it would be really hard to get games with external anti cheat solutions to work under Linux with their new method/"the new wine". Hopefully Squad will work under Linux in the future, that would be really awesome!
  14. Price

    You say you know what EA is but then you negate that statement in the same sentence "but early acess is for months no years" EA is for game developers to test their project and sell it in an unfinished state(so they can finish it with the money they make and maybe even go above their original vision). It can be a small project and leave EA after weeks/months but it can also be a project that takes a few years. EA can be pre alpha build but also nearly finished beta builds. You really should read a bit more into what EA/alpha/beta is and I mean real alpha/beta. A battlefield V can say "multiplayer alpha" a few months before release but that is just not a true alpha, its just marketing a multiplayer beta/demo. Of course you can buy Squad at any site that is selling it, you dont have to buy it on Steam. EDT: Also I am not employed by OWI, I am just a moderator in this forum and these are my personal views.
  15. Price

    You clearly did not follow the development of this game, every aspect is completely changed since this game started back in 2014/2015. I think the price is totally fine, you can always wait with your purchase until the game is finished or until it is on sale again. (Which is also a totally normal development time for games nowadays) The performance is OK at the moment and with that hardware totally enjoyable but will get better in the future because of more optimization. Please dont buy an Early Access game if you do not know what early access is and think you will get a finished product.
  16. Co-op PR style?

    I personally would rather have other new features/maps/factions.... than bots. As fun as the Coop was in PR, I rather have real players and making AI in Squad sounds like it would take up a lot of development time that could be used to do something else. PR had a base of AI from BF2 they could work with, nothing like that exists in that "advanced form" in UE4 from what I know, but then again I am no expert in programming. We will also most likely have a much better training map for Squad in the near future which never really existed in PR. (I think there was no training map in PR, I could be wrong though) So yeah sorry Zylfrax, but I would say let mods do AI
  17. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Really like how you have real pictures and map/editor side by side to get that authentic look. I cant wait to play this map on a full server, some of my best (an thanks to those freaking holes worst) experiences in PR where on this very map. I loved ambushing as a Taliban, the map really felt so amazing for unconventional forces. And when playing USA you always had to be careful where to step because the enemy was everywhere around you on those damn hills. Good times...
  18. High commander class

    Hello an welcome to the forum! Please us the already existing [email protected] provided. /closed
  19. What would you like to see in Squad

    I deleted a few post that where totally off topic, you can always discuss any topic on this forum(as long as it is withing the rules) but please do use the right thread for it! (Medic stuff, feedback channels....) For myself: 1. A lot of new factions, vehicles and all that good stuff 2. Jungle environment 3. More PR map remakes (I know boring but hey what ever man!) 4. Total conversion mods
  20. Squad Lead Assigns Squad Roles

    Please use the thread @CptDirtylinked. Thank you! /locked
  21. Music!

    Yeah cant wait either, I love me some $uicideboy$ I highly recommend checking out Pouyas FIVE FIVE album if you havent already. His project with the boys was my fav so far (South Side $uicide)
  22. Music!

    That whole album is just freaking amazing!
  23. Is this maybe FPS related? I get a lot more FPS when playing Squad as most people do I guess. Squad as a whole feels a lot more fluent for me because of the performance, especially aiming.
  24. What is the purpose of modding?

    I think that modding will make this game so much better, I bet in 2-3 years we will have quit a few "community" faction mods and a buttload of different maps from which the most awesome ones will hopefully be even transferred/put into the base game. (And of course complete new game modes, and stuff that is not even "basic Squad" anymore) Modding for me was always the best part about games like Half Life, Half Life 2, BF2 and a lot of other titles. My favourite games/mods I played (PR, CS 1.6, Killing Floor, Red Orchestra) and the current Favs (Squad obviously, PS, CS:GO, Killing Floor 2) all come from mods. I cant believe that people think modding will be bad for this game
  25. The Wrench - July 2018

    Gimme them juicy Canadian boiiissss <3 Cant wait for modding 2.0