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  1. Desmo's Playground Servers

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Please use their Discord for this, this forum is not the place to appeal for bans on specific server´s. Also team killing someone because he team killed is really not that much better in my opinion, you can always ask for an admin and just leave people like that be. You can find all the information about Desmo´s Discord here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/25175-desmos-playground-servers/
  2. Yamalo 8km [WiP]

    Now all we need is Canadian forces... Can´t wait to test this one
  3. So we can have logi, mortar and other specialized squad´s. Also you sure do have the right as a server owner/host to set the rules. In PR most servers had the exact rules like we have on some servers ins Squad now: Don´t lock inf Squad until X members joined. You can lock every asset squad however you want though. (Most servers in PR even had/have rules that you need to name the squad after the asset you want to use, otherwise you are not allowed to use something like a tank)
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum! I know the pain you feel, but that is just bad luck sometimes. Every online game has nice and "not so nice" player´s, be it public or clan. I also played a lot of PR in my days (only started way later then you though, with 0.85) and I had the same people you described in Squad and PR. (People are a lot matured in both games though rather then the online FPS norm I would say) I myself also still play a lot of CS:GO (I know shame on me) and I never understood why people flame/insult so much, playing with people and being nice automatically makes for better team performance. If I find myself in a Squad with bad mojo I just leave because I really hate it when people just flame and blame other´s all the time. Just find a new squad and move on or make one yourself I would say
  5. Are you a good shot?

    Totally mate, I had a rig with 30ish FPS and only played medic because of it, if you get a better rig/the game gets better performance and you hit that 50-60 FPS your aiming/shooting will feel so much better! Don´t worry, you may be a bit older but in this case I am sure that its your rig that is kinda sucky and not you.
  6. Are you a good shot?

    I agree, in the recent interview Irontaxi did, he said that the whole shooting/aiming mechanism will be completely reworked with alpha 10 to something that is kind of a mix of PR and Squad, so we will get longer lasting firefights.
  7. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Don´t speak for every one here, maybe some do...
  8. Air Drop (suggestion) Ammunition

    Yes, I am hoping for such small drops as well. I also hope normal vehicles like technicals/HMMWVS... can carry some ammo crates(with just ammo, no building points) in the future. EDT: If you did not play PR, those crates you see in the video are for building fobs in PR. There are also smaller ammo crates in transport vehicles.
  9. Air Drop (suggestion) Ammunition

    I think this should be a thing for players to do, supplies dropped by a transport chopper like in PR. I myself would really dislike an automatic supply drop system you would just call. That would be against the whole supply chain logic of the game. Ill leave you with this:
  10. Teams within a Squad question.

    This is the first time I am hearing this, where did you get this information if I may ask?
  11. Dedicated Squads

    OK then, maybe this game is just to much CoD for you because of locked squad´s. You can always play something else and wait for updates. I still really don´t get your point´s at all, maybe I just had to much luck in my PR(over 3000hours) and now Squad time with locked squad´s to never face such problem´s. Maybe you can try different server´s.
  12. Dedicated Squads

    Maybe it took some fun for you(I did not have any problems finding squads since 9.6) but the locked squads do not take away teamplay spirit, they encourage it instead. Never before did I see so many people running logi/transport squads to help other squads in this game.
  13. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Crewmen kit´s for non standard vehicles have been confirmed to be in the game at some point.
  14. Dedicated Squads

    Sorry to hear bud, I know your pain (Had an AMD FX 8350, did not do to well in Squad...) Just try it again in a few month´s, maybe performance will be better for your system then. I personally did not have any problem with the new system of locked squads yet and can finally do them supply/transport squad, which I really like doing
  15. Dedicated Squads

    You answered yourself with this one, people will get used to it. You would also need open an own Squad or "solo" if every other squad is full even without locking, so this is not a problem because of locked squad´s. Maybe try joining other server´s, I did not have any problem´s with locked squad´s yet. (Mostly playing on EXODUS and sometimes on We ♥ Squad Germany) Also as OP has already said, without locked squad´s we would not have dedicated logi/transport... squads because they just wont work as good without this feature. Remember that we will get even more assets so this feature will be even more important in the future. (Transport/Supply drop chopper´s are a good example)
  16. I think there should always be the option for a full squad to have two medic´s, for infantry squads the role is just to essential. (two medic´s are important so they can revive each other) I would like some more IED fun, maybe also the option for a second scout or new IED class to choose... but only as an option to choose and not for a blocked second medic slot. (Playing medic a lot, and it can be a hell of a chore already, being alone would just be brutal in an infantry only squad)
  17. Dedicated Squads

    This is how it always was in PR and what I always had in mind when I thought about locked squad´s in Squad. I understand why some people think locked squads are a bad thing, they just did not experience this kind of game play yet I guess.
  18. Banned from server free van candy

    Please take this to them directly, you can find their contact information in this thread: /locked
  19. Put an IED on this one and have some fun... But I really can´t wait for some insurgent AA action!
  20. Will this be okay?

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Every server has it´s own rules, so I can´t say for certain You can get a server overview on this side, maybe you will find one without a ping of 200 for you: https://playsquad.online/ EDT: Well you can see the direct ping but the location
  21. Crashing , lock up's after 9.6

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Did you try clearing the game/setting cache in the game settings? There is a button for it, you should always do this after every update.
  22. Thanks Devs!

    Oh.... awkward.... shame on me!
  23. Thanks Devs!

    In the Interview with Karmakut Irontaxi said that they will take a vacation/break at the end of July. Nice to hear that we will get an invite system for locked squads!
  24. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Can´t wait to get home from work and play... Awesome update!
  25. Squad Discord Server!

    This, look on the top/header of the site, you will find "Discord" there and that link leads to the official Squad Discord server. /locked EDT: OH and welcome to the forum/Discord!