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  1. What would you like to see in Squad

    I deleted a few post that where totally off topic, you can always discuss any topic on this forum(as long as it is withing the rules) but please do use the right thread for it! (Medic stuff, feedback channels....) For myself: 1. A lot of new factions, vehicles and all that good stuff 2. Jungle environment 3. More PR map remakes (I know boring but hey what ever man!) 4. Total conversion mods
  2. Squad Lead Assigns Squad Roles

    Please use the thread @CptDirtylinked. Thank you! /locked
  3. Music!

    Yeah cant wait either, I love me some $uicideboy$ I highly recommend checking out Pouyas FIVE FIVE album if you havent already. His project with the boys was my fav so far (South Side $uicide)
  4. Music!

    That whole album is just freaking amazing!
  5. Is this maybe FPS related? I get a lot more FPS when playing Squad as most people do I guess. Squad as a whole feels a lot more fluent for me because of the performance, especially aiming.
  6. What is the purpose of modding?

    I think that modding will make this game so much better, I bet in 2-3 years we will have quit a few "community" faction mods and a buttload of different maps from which the most awesome ones will hopefully be even transferred/put into the base game. (And of course complete new game modes, and stuff that is not even "basic Squad" anymore) Modding for me was always the best part about games like Half Life, Half Life 2, BF2 and a lot of other titles. My favourite games/mods I played (PR, CS 1.6, Killing Floor, Red Orchestra) and the current Favs (Squad obviously, PS, CS:GO, Killing Floor 2) all come from mods. I cant believe that people think modding will be bad for this game
  7. The Wrench - July 2018

    Gimme them juicy Canadian boiiissss <3 Cant wait for modding 2.0
  8. This may be a question that is not directly something aimed at axton and chance, but are there any plans on doing some mapping/modding contest in the future after the game is released? I always loved the way Tripwire did it with RO 1/ 2, Rising Storm 1/ 2 and Killing Floor 1 / 2 where they did mapping contest in cooperation with prices from NVIDIA and the best maps where put into the base game.
  9. Minimal-Systemanforderung

    Hallo und willkommen im Forum! Leider ist deine CPU und damit verbundene GPU viel zu schwach um Squad zu spielen. EDT: Typo
  10. Project reality : Battlefield 3

    Hey, there is already a new thread about this, so I will close this one.
  11. The Beta did run until 19:00 yesterday (german time) EDT: And now it is released since that time.
  12. Help me buy some RAM

    Do be honest I would rather save some money for a new CPU/motherboard and DDR4 RAM. If you now upgrade to more DDR3 RAM you wont be able to use that in a future system. (Every current mainboard/CPU uses DDR4 RAM) Your CPU is just not that good for gaming, especially in Squad. I had that CPU with 16 GB RAM myself and it still did not perform any good. I think investing in that old system is really a waste of money if you want it only for gaming.
  13. I think a better option would be a audio que for when the SL is talking / is talked to in command chat. Something like that random chatter from the fob radio or anything like that, just a small audio que so your local mates know that you are talking would be great. (Or maybe even a UI que so you see that SL is talking in command)
  14. Bought new gaming laptop – 30 FPS?!

    Correct, you cant upgrade notebook cards, if you can I would return the notebook and look for one with a current GTX 1050 / gtx 1050 TI or GTX 1060. Those cards are a lot stronger then your current gtx 960M and should run Squad at a stable framerate with and I5 or I7 cpu. There is also always hope for more optimization in the game itself, but I dont think you will ever reach high FPS with the 960M. EDT: Typo
  15. Bought new gaming laptop – 30 FPS?!

    I think the problem lies with that graphics card, the GTX 960M is sadly not that fast of a card. Test some other games if you can. EDT: Oh and welcome to the forum!
  16. Omg Suppression punch yess!! Finally !!

    Agreed, the suppression in Darkest Hour is still the best for me so far. Cant wait to test it out in V12 of Squad
  17. Zusammenfassung: Juni 2018

    Vielen Dank, sehr gute Arbeit!
  18. Servus aus Bayern

    Moin moin und willkommen im Forum! Schön das du zu uns gefunden hast, bei Fragen kannst du mich gerne löchern oder einfach auf Steam adden. (Auch gerne um die ein oder andere Runde zu spielen) Such einfach nach Koschilein und du solltest mich in Steam finden EDT: 1.6 ist niemals vorbei und lebt im Herzen immer weiter...
  19. June 2018 Recap

    What a nice recap, I think my favourite in a long time. Cant wait for all this good stuff to be implemented... Good work again everyone <3
  20. Radio and local voice chat

    Hello and welcome to the forums! As @Romby pointed out, there are already a lot of threads about this like these ones: /locked
  21. Can I run Squad

    There is always Project Reality you could play, it is 100% free and should run on your hardware!
  22. Teamspeak 5

  23. Veteran Skins

    The skins are not working at the moment, they will come back sometime in the future.
  24. Post Scriptum key

    Please send an E-Mail with your Kickstarter Backer/Payment Information and the Post Scriptum Key that is not working to: [email protected] Then they should be able to help you.
  25. May 2018 Recap

    Really nice recap again! <3