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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum. Please use the Mumblerines community discord to talk about this ban. /locked EDT: Here are the details about contacting them:
  2. That is what I am thinking/hoping, yes.
  3. V10 will use Unreal Engine 4.15 (or maybe even 4.16 now?!) and will most likely include the new animation system and core inventory. Before that we will get more content for the current version running on UE 4.14. I personally think that we will get that huge new map we already saw a few screens off and maybe some changes to current maps/layouts for alpha 9.
  4. I don´t think that they ever said anything about alpha 10 in April. The last information about a release window I read about was aiming for June/July. That was in a dev comment on Reddit like a month ago.
  5. Yeah, I hope that will change in the future with the beta/release version.
  6. Servers can turn on "tournament mode" so you can´t connect if your view distance isn't set to high and shadows to medium. EDT: You can also set them higher.
  7. Moved to the right section.
  8. This is the best thing I read all day, I will use this in the future to explain that problem to people. But yeah as Nano said Squad is really a lot more CPU bound. Overclocking is the way to go if you want some more FPS in Squad.
  9. Please continue this in the thread @Nicirinpostet. /locked
  10. Moved from server feedback to suggestions.
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum! Please use the thread that Smee posted. Thank you Smee /locked
  12. As suds already mentions, there are a lot of threads about this already. /locked
  13. Original topic creater is not part of the community anymore and another member will create a new thread he can administrate. /locked