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  1. At least for RO 2 that is not true at all, you have to unlock weapons like the mbk.42 and also its attachments (bayonet and a scope). You also have to unlock the mg42, bigger magazine/belt feed for the MG34, K98K without the ring on the sight..... you also get small stat advantages in stuff like sprinting and suppression resistance. (Played a lot of RO:2) I agree, I play medic a lot and mostly take the 6o clock in my squad and reviving/healing my mates. You just always have to remember that your main target is always(ok 95% of the time) to heal your boyz N girlz.
  2. I think what you mean is he has to wait for Squad alpha 10 which will take use of the Unreal Engine 4.15 UE 4.15 has a completely rewritten audio engine, Squad is running on UE 4.14 since alpha 9.
  3. The thread was locked as in no further posts where possible and has been reopened/unlocked by SINE. EDT: Typo
  4. You heard it here first boy´s, NPC dogos confirmed, unlock after a 1337 killing spree.
  5. Lies!!!!! I am still searching for that doge in Yeho
  6. Oh god, the insurgent´s would have even bigger advantages over the US with fog on the map... I would like it though
  7. You never have to team kill anyone, just ask for an admin and let them handle it. Even if you get team killed, killing the team killer mostly makes things worse and maybe gets yourself banned from the server you are playing on.
  8. This is a known bug and it will get fixed soon™. /locked
  9. Sadly you can´t really go much higher with that CPU at the moment. Maybe alpha 10 will run a bit better, they are changing from the unreal 4.14 to the 4.15 engine and that comes with a completely new audio engine that should not be as hard on the cpu as the current one. I won´t count on that much of an improvement though, because that CPU is really not that great for gaming anymore. (I had the fx 8350 before and had almost the same fps as you do) EDT: Oh and welcome to the forum!
  10. I guess some of those are just trolls and the other ones are people for which Squad just isn't the right game. But I get where you are coming from, some of those are really terrible.
  11. Don´t worry about it, these reviews do not count to the percentage rating anymore, only if they bought the game.
  12. Dude... your hardware is way to good to change it out! Go with the new card and you will have a beast of a machine again
  13. Very good lad´s right here! I think you will finally get an application from me very soon
  14. Nice work! Can´t wait to clear them buildings