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  1. I played about 10-15 Rounds of V12 so far, only maybe 2 as a non medic and in my experience people now are waiting for a revive way more often then in v11. I only played on the Blood Bound server though, it could be different on other servers.
  2. I play medic 90% of the time and I love the new mechanics, finally people can revive for me and people come to me after that because they want to be healed and want to have their stamina back. Before you only ever heard "medic medic medic" which you still hear, but not nearly as often in my experience. V12 makes the live of a medic a lot better I think.
  3. V12 Positive feedback

    Maybe it was a bug before the hotfix? I will try this as well later today after work, but yesterday I spawned in on a rally with a HAT kit and had everything of my equipment. Maybe it was fob and I just had a beer to much... :O?!
  4. V12 Positive feedback

    Are you sure it was the first spawn? I am 99% sure that for me I always respawn with full equipment on my first spawn, even on a rally.
  5. Deutscher Newbie sucht Clan

    Moin moin und willkommen im Forum! Leider ist dies die Norm bei den meisten deutschen/internationalen Communitys die mir bekannt sind. Ich würde dir empfehlen eventuell einfach etwas auf den public Servern einzelner Communitys/Clans zu spielen, um so den ein oder anderen kennen zu lernen, eventuell kann hier dann eine Sonderregel für dich gefunden werden?! (Es gibt ettliche Deutsche....) Wünsche dir viel Erfolg und Spaß bei der Suche! Bei fragen immer gerne an mich wenden!
  6. Mouse smoothing?

    Hello and welcome to the game/forum! Yeah, it also seems that the newest game version (v12) broke the bipod system a bit, deploying onto windows and generally inside building is a pain at the moment...
  7. A12 just got released?

    It is released on the main client!
  8. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Right click Squad in steam and navigate to the field where you typed in the V12 Password, there you should find a drop down menu where you can choose to opt out of the beta. The game will then be "updated/downgraded" to V11 again.
  9. Und der nächste Neue

    Moin moin und herzlich willkommen im Forum! Es gibt ettliche deutsche Server/ Kommunities in Squad, ich würde dir raten einfach mal etwas auf den Servern rum zu lungern um fest zu stellen welche eventuell etwas für dich ist. (Oder auch auf anderen Europäischen Servern, wenn du dem englischen etwas mächtig bist) Du kommst genau zur richtigen Zeit, Alpha 12 steht vor der Tür und wird einiges ändern! Falls du Fragen hast schieß gerne los, die Kommunity hier ist sehr hilfsbereit Grüße! Koschilein
  10. Game needs more maps ...

    Well Talil is coming with a layer on which you will experience weather effects:
  11. the speed of animations

    Please stay on topic an keep it nice, I have deleted some posts.
  12. Change the menu music to old rock.

    Sounds awesome, I loved the long HDD loading screens in PR because of his music. Oh when you changed graphic settings in PR it sometimes took about 3-4 minutes for me to be on the map... now with Squad on an SSD it only takes about 10 seconds I dont know if it would be possible, but I would love some old PR soundtracks or maybe reworks of them. Scott is the man and I want 3 babies from him! <3 (I would even buy a "PR Soundtrack DLC")
  13. Der "Wrench": August 2018

    Guter Beruf!
  14. Founder skins

    No one has the skins at the moment, they are not working. Also the founder/donor tags on the forum do not work either atm. These problems are known and will be fixed in the future. I think your account is already linked with Steam and that is why you get that message.
  15. How many fps ?

    I think that notebook should run Squad fairly decent in Full HD with medium details. On higher settings that card will be the bottleneck.