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  1. If his 6600k is overclocked it can have a performance almost as good as with a 7700k. Squad (Or almost any other game there is) does not really benefit from hyper threading at all. EDT: typo
  2. For most people with non high end hardware, the new animation system will hopefully be a game changer because we will have better performance. A lot of people still play with around 30 FPS, I think they all would much rather have better performance then choppers first.
  3. Guys, did you see/hear this already? (From about 10:10)
  4. Thehehe I think that I was the one that pulled you to Squad from the Tripwire forums Sad to hear that you feel this way and @Melboas well. I really liked Ro 1, Ro 2 and RS and hoped that this would be a good game. I will still buy it I guess, because I still am a Tripwire fan in my heart but KF2 also did not quit click with me as much as the first one did.
  5. I have the same, I run Squad on an 256 M.2 Samsung SM961 with over 3000MB/s reading speed. Maybe that has something to do with it? I load in in under 10 seconds and never had this bug before when Squad was running from an HDD.
  6. I think they only give out single key´s at the moment, no extra key´s for friends. At least a friend of mine only received one key so far. (lucky guy....)
  7. new guy

    Hello an welcome to the forum! Not soon, but they will come in the future. I highly doubt we will see choppers before the second half of this year, maybe even more to the end of this year. The next big step is a completely new animation and inventory system which you can find videos of right here: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=143 EDT: Oh and if you are looking for someone to play with maybe take a look at this thread:
  8. For me Ubisoft is even worse or at least the same level then EA nowadays. I will never buy another game of them before I see some real reviews.
  9. One question, how much time to you normally put into this project a week? For me it seems like you really work a lot on this because the progress is really steady and I know how long it takes to make a map in software like Unreal/Hammer/Unigine...
  10. Well that is the way it is until we have the new animation system I guess. I do get stuck on silly things now and then, but that should be a thing of the past when vaulting is in. (And it is not as bad as it was a year ago)
  11. Haha this is almost 1:1 my view on Squad/PR but I only started with PR 0.85 in 2009 I think.(Still have over thousand hours in PR) But yeah I also never followed any company/game as much as I do now with Squad.
  12. Well first we need the Steam Workshop integration before we can play custom maps
  13. I think he meant other Steam EA (Early Access) games.
  14. Its just not really for me, I rather play Mount and Blade and wait for Bannerlord... if that one ever comes out
  15. I can´t wait for this stuff