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  1. ^ Totally this. Squad is the only game where I really don´t care if I win or loose as long as the round was fun.
  2. You can clear your user data in the option menu, there is a button at the bottom to do so. Texture streaming can be activated in the graphic options.
  3. Mine is working normal in a9, I can use statunit and so on. Do you have a controller plugged in? If yes unplug it and try again.
  4. Did you try to verify the game files on Steam yet? Rightclick on Squad in Steam and then properties.
  5. There is a known bug with the anti cheat EAC at the moment, they are trying to fix it with alpha 9.1 (which is beeing tested at the moment)
  6. /closed
  7. Yep this is known /closed
  8. karasu

    Yes, they are working on bringing Steam Workshop support to the game. Then everyone can just subscribe to a map and Steam will download it. (And other mods as well)
  9. karasu

    The map Kokan is made by ChanceBrahh, but it is already in the game, he made a deal with the dev´s. There are no other custom maps playable at the moment.(except the SDK itself) EDT: Oh and Kokand is also a remake of the old PR mak Kokan.
  10. karasu

    I think you should decide that, some people like smaller combat maps, other people like maps with a lot of vehicles (I am the later one :P). If you did not do it yet, I highly recommend using the modding discord that was already recommended. A lot of really helpful and nice people in there that can help you with questions about everything modding/mapping related!
  11. karasu

    This is correct, you can only "test" in the SDK itself, we will get Steam Workshop support in the future, but at the moment there is no way to use custom content/maps on a server as far as I know.
  12. The K version of Intel CPU are shipped without a "Stock cooler" nowadays I thought?! (At least my 6700k came without one) EDT: God damn ninjas! Apperantly they do still come with a stock one, but the stock cooler is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to loud, If you don´t overclock use a cheap under 100 TDP one I would say.
  13. You have to use your old Steam account, you can´t activate one game on two accounts. EDT: Just log in and you can download Squad again.
  14. I still have no key
  15. karasu

    Nice progress there mate! Can´t wait to see some action on it.