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  1. This is correct from what I know, I am at my work place ATM and cant say for sure, but I am 95% certain that you only need a server license for official servers that appear in the "normal" and not "custom" server browser. (You have to agree to run them within the rules OWI sets, like no mods) I will have a more in depth look at this as soon as I am home. EDT: "The system will allow the development team to issue server licenses to reliable teamwork oriented communities & clans, which will cause their servers to be shown in the primary server list in game. This license will come in the form of a key which needs to be listed in the server’s config files. All other servers which don’t have a license key will be shown on a second custom servers menu tab. The second tab is meant to show the full list of servers, and will be the place where servers with custom rules and mods are listed."
  2. Alpha 9.15

    Finaly mods, I cant wait to try some community maps
  3. Admin scramble command

    Yep, in PR that was how it was done if I remember correctly, you had the same name-clan prefix setting in PR/BF2 as we have in Squad and the admin could scramble teams with the same clantags staying together in one team.
  4. Suggestion for SKS partial reload

    As Psyrus said and pointed out/linked there are already threads about this. /locked
  5. Moved to general discussion. I have to remind everyone to stay friendly in here.
  6. no longer have skins

    Duplicate thread. /locked
  7. FreeWeekend suggestion

    /locked as OP requested
  8. no longer have squad leader edition skins.

    If you have them in your Squad Steam inventory everything is fine, they are not working 100% at the moment.
  9. [WIP] Karasu

    Nice new screens mate! Don´t worry about the shooting part, the whole mechanics will get overhauled with alpha 10 and everyone has to relearn shooting then. You could also always play medic and be the kinda layed back guy patching up your boys. (That is what I mostly do)
  10. Locking thread because @SgtHerhi made a new current one.
  11. Thoughts on these Specs

    As true as this is, I would only recommend going 4th gen if you want to buy used hardware, otherwise it really makes no sense to not use the 6/7/8th gen of the Intel platform. (Or maybe even go for a nice Ryzen 5/B350 Mainboard/CPU Bundle) EDT: Forgot to mention this, but maybe it is something OP has to know, if you want to use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 you have to go with 6th gen or older to get official Windows Updates, otherwise you have to use Windows 10.
  12. Release - Alpha 9.13

    Awesome, can´t wait to try Mestia
  13. 100 man server. CHECK!

    Yes but only in test events, even the 200 slot servers where only up for testing and they where unstable and crashed a lot (at least the time I also played on the test dates) PR is still "only" using 100 player servers.
  14. Rally Point Discussion

    Actually you can set down a FOB with 3 team mates around, they dont have to be your squad mates.
  15. I have to remind you to read the forum rules, be nice to each other whatever your opinion on this topic is.