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  1. Because PR is a free stand alone game. If PR would cost money EA´s legal department would have stoped PR ages ago.
  2. I like you a lot Am I missing something here? Who is DJ Lang?
  3. Please use the search next time, there are a ton of threads about this already: /locked
  4. Let´s hope so. You are kinda right, from the 4790k to the 7700k there is not much difference in raw gaming/cpu heavy performance. And the 4790k came out june 2014. (With I5´s beeing almost the same aswell)
  5. Thank you captain Obvious <3
  6. Muttrah city hotel?!?!
  7. You can always buy the game on Steam and try it out, if it wont work for you just refund it. EDT: But you should be fine with your hardware.
  8. That is true of course... but I it could work!
  9. I think this can be easily avoided by just naming the squad something with "new squad lead" or "first time leading" or something like that, I bet people would still join and maybe some "veteran squad lead" will even join just to help out the new guy and give him a few tricks for leading a squad. Helping out new guy´s is something that is always needed in Squad and was always done in PR.
  10. Its kind of a hit and miss at the moment I think. Sometimes they work sometimes they just wont work. At least that is how it is for me at the moment.
  11. Looking good there @SirrCharles! Can´t wait to see some real gameplay on this map
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum! They are working on a new animation system with vaulting over objects included. You can find more information about that right here (With some moving pictures I heard): http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=135 EDT: Here the direct video http://media.joinsquad.com/2016/Nov/NovemberRecap/1p_Jumping.mp4
  13. So sexy! Love that swamp... can´t wait to see some action on this one.
  14. It is not possible to donate anymore. If you want to support the devs, maybe buy another copy of Squad and gift it to someone. EDT: Typo