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  1. sound bug help

    Did you clear your cache for a11?(You should do this after every major update) https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache
  2. Alpha 11.1

    It runs really well on Ryzen AMD CPUs since A11, it just wont run that well on older FX CPUs at the moment. (And as the game is CPU intense it may never will run to good on those CPU)
  3. Cock Block Rush

    That is your opionion, I myself think that the game is in a better state than ever before. Just because you and some other folks think that the inf only time/gameplay was the best does not mean everyone feels that way.
  4. Kickstarter questions

    Forum tags/patches are not working at the moment, they will come back at some point.
  5. Übersetzung von Sgt. Herhis Squad-Guides

    Sehr gut! Danke für die Mühe! Also thanks to the OG of this @SgtHerhi
  6. Alpha 11

    My FPS are better on every map. *Asking in a really silent voice* You did clear the cached data in the options right?
  7. I guess this is a kind of hard topic, everyone has their own "idea" of what the game is and how to play it. A lot of people play it to win the round and tickets are about win/loss of the match. Other just play it for the immersion and dont care about tickets/wins (Like you I guess)
  8. Alpha 11

    Amazing work, the game looks a lot better now and also runs so much smoother... keep on rocking OWI! Anders and Bruno for president
  9. M2 Bradley and future vehicle FCS

    I cant comment on laser targeting but they did say that they will look more into thermal imaging after A11 is released a few weeks back. I dont have the source for that but I think it was a comment of a dev on Reddit. I also hope hull MG will just be a right click in the future so we dont have to change to it and can always use it.
  10. V11 Feedback

    I also love the options for the name tags, as a medic it is much easier for your heal priority if you see what kit is down all the time without looking at the map/squad menu.
  11. I just cant stand to fight over Papanov anymore... Kohat and Gorodok come to my mind for some new layers.
  12. But this topic is about suppression and what people think about it, so just saying "Go play DH if you like the suppression" in this thread really does nothing for anybody. We even have a dev in this very thread saying they will rework the suppression so why not continue the conversation? We know that you like the suppression in Squad the way it is right now, you made that clear.... but it is also clear that it will be changed in the future and that is what the talk in this topic is mostly about: the future of suppression in Squad or references what people like in other games.
  13. You just again described your personal feeling about it, I think if an MG is firing at a corner no one should even think about peeking that corner because he should be scared and punished to do so. But that is what I think. Saying "Go play Darkes Hour if you want that type of suppression" in a thread that seeks conversation about the suppression in Squad is really not doing anything for this topic.
  14. This is what is the problem about this topic, for me it is fun in games like Darkest Hour when I try to aim and then an MG is suppressing me so I hit the ground because otherwise I would not make the shot because of the suppression and most likely die. Also it is fun for the MG because suppression actually does something. But that is where the problems lies, everyone has their own opinion about suppression. I like the flinching and simulated fear of death, other people hate it. Personally I would really like harder suppression effects in Squad.
  15. Post Scriptum Keys

    You should be able to upgrade in the future without paying the full price. They said that they are working on that so just keep your eyes open. (No ETA from what I know, but the option will be there in the future)