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  1. Great time playing with you guys today, Great bunch of guys!! Soon you soon from the 23rd Infantry Division. Sergeant Stone
  2. Glad to see another TR Unit in SQUAD Welcome!
  3. hello there Lovecanon the 23rd Infantry division has also just started up we have a few troops already this might be just the place for you. 23rdid.com Get in touch we will be happy to Chat with you.
  4. www.23rdid.com Started in May 2017, the unit has now made new and improvments. We are still currently in the process of getting everything organized and setup, The 23rd Infantry Division Virtual Combat unit is a unit in which enforces a realistic type approach to the game of SQUAD like many other realism units as we portray a virtual Combat unit, we create more of an advanced, specialized point of training and conflict experience by teaching more in-depth skills and techniques, this then allows the serving men to fight with more mind set then the average online Infantryman. We are looking to induct dedicated, mature members willing to put the time and effort into bettering their skills and strategies for the unit.The skills you will be taught in the 23rd Infantry Division may also be used in the real world, as what we teach you is from real life experience and pre-taught knowledge, the current serving personnel within the 23rd Infantry Division Virtual Combat Unit range from soon to be military to active or ex-military personnel meaning what we teach you is coming from real experience.Recruits will go through a series of courses and tests to make sure that they are ready to take on the challenges the US army will come across in combat. These courses will range from battle drills to learning and familiarization with various U.S. and foreign weapons. 1. Must be 16+. 2. Must speak fluent intelligible English. 3. Must have Discord 23rdid.com
  5. OSCAR-Mike is a new website designed for MILSIM units to recruit new members, Its simple but yet effective Just press join today! Fill in your information and our admin team will post your Units recruitment Slide. Please bare in mind not all features of the website are yet working, We hope to have a full page profile for each unit and a voting system for your top 10 MILSIM units within the SQUAD community. Our Link is also temporary we are using the weebly system to get our Website off the floor and running this maybe subject to change with further development. When these changes occur we will be sure to post an update within the topic. Thank you for reading OSCAR-MIKE Development Team. OSCAR-MIKE
  6. i was thinking more for WW2 units posting recruitment
  7. Hello i was just wondering if your going at add a Post Scriptum section to clans & teams as there is nothing there at this moment in time or will you be adding this at a later date ?