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  1. Thoughts on these Specs

    So have been playing now for a few hours. Happy to report consistently 65-80 FPS. Unreal how it looks btw. Never saw these animations with lower power machine.
  2. Thoughts on these Specs

    So I decided to pull the trigger and get a newer rig. I did not get the rig mentioned above, however I did get the following: i7 6700k 16gb RAM 240gb SDD drive asus Z170 micro-atx motherboard EVGA GTX 1070 SC Working on downloading the game now so I can get back on. So far reviews and info I’ve see indicate i should be comfortable at 60+ FPS on high settings. As before, would love to know input fr the community on my rig. Any upgrades suggested?
  3. Thoughts on these Specs

    Yes it does use the SODIMM RAM. Currently runs 8gb - want to add at minimum 4gb. Also, I've seen that people are using External Graphics Processing Units (EGPU) with these machines and getting some excellent results. That is also an option I'm interested in exploring. Again though, I'm just a little lost though on if I should just wait on upgrading my CPU? I can probably down grade to i5, however with limited physical space to throw in a intercooler or adjusting motherboard wattage I'm not able to get anything that can really be overclocked. I tried with this one and had some mild success in performance but it literally sounded like my machine wanted to blow up. I'm thinking that if I just overclock the video card I might get some decent results. The video card build is equal to 860M with 4gb dedicated to it. So in essence my quagmire is - do I fiddle with this machine I've got or just kick it to the door and run with a used desktop?
  4. Thoughts on these Specs

    Don’t know the transfer to U S dollar but it won’t cost me anything as it is a trade.
  5. Thoughts on these Specs

    Furthermore I had considered upgrading the processor. However after extensive research it appears based on low energy options - 35w CPU’s that I am really not going to find much else better. Thoughts?
  6. Thoughts on these Specs

    And also to add I am wondering if it might just be worth it to upgrade the HDD to a SSD and throw another 8gb of RAM in as a band aid en lieu of a new machine?
  7. Thoughts on these Specs

    I appreciate the input gents. Basically my change would be moving from a Steam Machine (i7) model with Windows 10. I’ve tried to overclock the CPU and that caused some issues as it is the lower power model. That being said the model I’m looking at looks like a nice change. And yes it is used hardware. I’m averaging like I was saying, 25-30 FPS on high settings currently and would like to really kick that up with this build. Is there any real advantage to getting this or should I just save some money and bite the bullet and build a super rig over Christmas?
  8. Thoughts on these Specs

    New build about to get for Squad. Any input on what FPS to expect? I’m currently running 30ish FPS on my build. Thank you for your feedback! 2TB HDDNvidia GTX 1050Ti6GB DDR3 Ram (expandable to 16GB)Intel i5 4690k
  9. New Rig Incoming

    Seriously want to thank everyone that provided me some feedback. Definitely considering either building my own or looking around secondhand. Thanks everyone!
  10. New Rig Incoming

    Gotcha. Appreciate your input and feedback. Thank you Ban!
  11. New Rig Incoming

    I hear you. However I'm curious what is your take personally? How has your experience on squad been with AMD? If I'm hearing much better I am strongly encouraged Also with the core issue in mind what do you think about the Pentium G4560? Does it pack enough punch shouldered with a nice video card to play squad successfully? Thanks!
  12. New Rig Incoming

    Hmmm only question I would have is in regards to the AMD processor. I had a Asus ROG rig with an AMD processor, SSD, and nice graphics card and literally never got over 20ish fps prior to going to an Intel based chipset. Thoughts?
  13. New Rig Incoming

    Got a monitor. Also have keyboard and mouse. So this is solely for components.
  14. New Rig Incoming

    Good copy on that. Yea it's a tough balance. Because I would like to be able to take my rig with me but I do realize the desktop offers more upgrade opportunities.
  15. New Rig Incoming

    Ban, Not doing upgrade solely for Squad. (Play BF, Civ, etc. too). But squad is my primary game overall. I can comfortably run 600-1000$.