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    Damn, it fits very nicely. Good job!
  2. [WIP] Yamalo [Vanilla]

    I was born on Yamal and had lived there for 20 years. Probably it's going to be one of my favorites
  3. The Outpost is bugged. Once it's capped - you cannot capture it back. If it's not intentional, of course.
  4. Change in ticket bleed system?

    FishMan actually has a good point here. Even the introduction of HABs has not significantly slowed down the game pace. Don't get me wrong, the matches can be really fun, but sometimes it feels like the rounds end a little too fast with the current ticket bleed. Sometimes it is just a matter of map layout. Kokan, for example, still favors the rush meta due to its layout and the emphasis made on the central point, whereas the new Yeho with Mil vs Rus has an even number of points and altough it is a good thing there is still too much reliance on rushing. I wish we could test AAS using the PR parameters of the ticket bleed when the actual bleed happens on the second from central or on the last CP. It would emphasize the importance of not losing assets and actually prolong the lifetime of each session.
  5. I begged for an increased planning time in public games, but 10 minutes! Holy cow...You can lay out a freaking Barbarossa for this time. I hope this will positively influence the future of public games.
  6. Fobs and HAB's

    Well, the thing is it is not PR, but is something definitely inspired by it. It is not supposed to have the same assets to be enjoyable and reasonable
  7. RWS stabilization in Stryker?

    I don't think it will kill the balance. Ins and Mil have got plenty of ways to take out any vehicle. 1 Shot Tandem is one of them
  8. I don't know how you guys feel, but if I play one round and lose it, It can drastically affect my mood for the entire day... Especially when your squad plays consistently throughout the match and you do everything you can to win, but still fail to do so. Later, I can spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing the game and how I could have played otherwise.
  9. Watched a couple of streams. The sounds are stupendous, the developers really made them much better and immersive! Good job OWI!
  10. Yamalo 8km [WiP]

    It is such a weird and bizarre feeling seeing your own native region where you have had been living for 20 years and which even some of the Russians have not heard of as a map to Squad... I mean, I am more than just hyped and intrigued by now
  11. Hab

    HAB should be placed in a way that can potentially provide an immediate suppression on the radio location, therefore the best option for me is to place the radio on either wide open areas (you can put an HMG to overlook the radio) with barbed wire from the possible direction of the enemy advance, making them dig it while being in the line of fire, OR in the grenade traps (for example, the central trough at the Hilltop).
  12. How do you feel when you lose?

    Wow, a lot of responses:) I am SLing now in 90% of all cases, and I'm usually pretty calm during the game and even if we lose it I remain calm. It's just a weird lasting feeling of frustration Probably because I do not have the luxury to play a lot due to work and I really value those moments when I get to play the game
  13. No,no,no I hope none of the things you suggested will be introduced... We don't need another mindless casual shooter
  14. Yes, there are a lot of different approaches to address this issue and make this game even more polished and slow-paced
  15. Locked squads for IFV

    I really enjoy having an APC per squad, it allows for flexibility and a versatile in-squad coordination
  16. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    It's strange to see things like that happening, especially when English speaking players come to our Russian servers and DEMAND us speak English. There was one German squad that communicated in English on Squad comms although all the squads were Russian and it was a Russian server. I tried to translate for other SLs what he was saying and we were pretty comfortable with him, but then this ass blurted out something like "C'mon can you f***ing speak English? Why can't you speak English?" To which I replied that it is the Russian server and we are not obliged to speak any other language and not everyone knows it. He said, "This is sad." I said that he should deal with it. He was silent after this. I usually politely inform my English-speaking comrades in my squad(on the Russian servers) that I would predominantly speak Russian as it's hard to maintain good feedback and comms when you always have to reiterate all your commands in two languages. But some guys are funny. I had this one SL who said that he wants to learn Russian to play on our servers xD. Squad unites people!
  17. Alpha Version 9 - Positive Feedback

    Yeah, the update is so great, I just don't understand why people keep complaining. I agree with you on the stamina rate, I believe it adds immersion as the HUD is not so intrusive anymore and you don't constantly check this long green stamina line.
  18. also fewer chances that a random sniper will take down your gunner
  19. Black hawk Down / rescue scenario

    Well, things are subject to change and it's constantly emphasized by the community. Also, this has already been addressed multiple times and It will definitely be different after the new animation and core systems are introduced
  20. Yeah, I would like to know it as well
  21. Hello, the Squad community! First of all I want express my gratitude to the developers for such a marvelous game. Also, I want to thank the community for the amount of team-play it gives through this game. This game even made me to create a post on this forum, I have not done it for ages with video games. So, I found only one thread regarding the briefing time. It is one of the crucial parts for having a successful match, but it seems rather underrated. When the match begins I want to be able to communicate my plans to other SLs effectively and vividly, but I cannot do it properly because we have only one minute for this. And when I do have enough time for briefing, the plans are half of the time forgotten by other SLs which leads to disorganization at the beginning of the match. I think the briefing time should be at least 2:30 so that all people have time to join the server and understand the situation. Another useful feature could be an interactive mini map available only at the beginning of the match so that all SLs could potentially work out a plan together and draw something together. What do you guys think?
  22. FOB/HAB Question

    Maybe disable passive generation for non-activated FOBs, but leave it for the FOBs that were supplied?