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  1. FALLUJAH & The Vertical Slice

    Fine, but I was more going into seen how far they can go with art and visuals. Arms, tanks, helis and soldiers are much more refine that trucks and environment in general. I would like to see trees blowing up, pieces of concrete falling of and more details in general.
  2. FALLUJAH & The Vertical Slice

    All, Do you remember this article? https://joinsquad.com/2017/10/30/the-road-to-fallujah-part-1/ I really appreciate the effort and the directions squad is taking, but what about taking the graphics and the quality of the environment to the next level? I remember when I saw this article I was blown away. Can you guys (squad team) make an update on this? Are you working on it? Will be get to see one map to the level of fidelity you once showed? Cheers Max.-
  3. September 2018 Recap

    Awesome as usual! Can't wait for V12. Oh, just one thing, tell the CEO to focus a little bit on gender equality on the team.
  4. Most of the time I play as a medic. I'm a good one But I would say that most of the times I get killed is because I'm in the middle of a cross fire. I would LOVE to see the "evacuating" feature up & running. I think it will be improve the gameplay by a lot. Any ideas if this is still part of the plan? Time line?
  5. Hello Devs, I'm a photographer myself and a player. I just came across http://jamesmollison.com/ pictures on the web and as soon I saw his work about the techies on Lybia I thought on sharing his pictures we you guys for real quality references. I love the way they customize each vehicle with inscriptions a paintings. Guns wise you are almost there. What about adding the AA gun? Well, hope you get to see this post and get some inspiration for your already amazing work! Cheers Poncho.- PS. All pictures belong to James Mollison, the pictures are linked to his website.