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  1. How does the ticket bleed work?

    Smee, thank you. Totally missed this topic. p.s. close plz
  2. How does the ticket bleed work?

    I found some similar threads but didnt find answer for my question. How does it work? I thought if one team has 3 flags and second one has less then second one has to bleed but i sawn Karm's comments on Twitch during the ISKT and got confused. I dont care about 1 man-1 ticket; FOB-20 tickets etc. So how many tickets does 1/2/3 flag take?
  3. Vehicle damage suggestion

    still 3 shots
  4. Vehicle damage suggestion

    na, 3 spg hits
  5. Vehicle damage suggestion

    what are you talking about? hmvw/MTLB/BRDM/tech/any truck=2 shots MRAP/BTR=3 shots Stryker=4 shots
  6. Raider Anti Tank

    it is not about realism it is about balance
  7. Raider Anti Tank

    agree. I think they should buff IED too a bit to it will be able to destroy stryker
  8. FOB ammo abuse

    This is too radical solution of problem. Squads must have opportunity to reload anywhere but not every 30s
  9. FOB ammo abuse

    Ammo crates for riflemen are too OP. This will allow u to place 3 ammo crates every 120 sec, bcs usually u have 2-3 riflemen in squad. I advice to make some kind of FOB timer just like with rally point.
  10. FOB ammo abuse

    After 9.6 you can put FOB, place ammo and reload your AT/GL/HAT, then you can just remove FOB and put new one to reload smth else. Will there FOB timer(10 min for example) to fix it or is it fine? Now it really brakes balance bcs 100 ammo is enough for reload HAT so you can just reload anywhere you want without any risk P.S. move to feedback pls
  11. BTR 82A vs Stryker

    lol stryker>mtlb 30mm BTR>stryker but BTR has only ~5% hp left Why OP? How do u play INS then which has only SPG as AT-vehicle. Isnt stryker OP then?
  12. Тема для вопросов на русском

    через 3 недели