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  1. POLL - v10

    Lol this. Got good at playing one style and now can't handle their old tactics don't mean a thing with the improvements. It blows my mind people are actually voting to keep v9. The game was stale and everyone I know was dropping it. The game feels more realistic and no more running and gunning like call of duty. You have to take your time and the firefights are more intense. No more bs drop shots. I can't go back to v9 after playing v10. Could you imagine having to jump crouch to get over a walk again? Falling two feet and losing health? The game has always been great but now we've got a taste of where it's really going and it looks and plays even better.
  2. Been playing with 1RRF for a little under a month. Nicholls is one of the best squad leaders I've played with and makes the game much more enjoyable. The community is really cool and I always look forward to playing with other members of 1RRF. The players are mature, most are ex military, and make quick friends. This took out the massive cringe factor of most other milsim clans, ie some nasally 16 year old trying to pretend to be some battle hardened veteran. We use realistic tactics minus the realistic politics and bs. Everyone speaks and operates as friends and makes it a great experience in game and out. I had negative experiences with other clans and the cringey try hard nonsense. For example one group wanted people to "go to attention" in teamspeak, just LOL. 1RRF has a great group of people, a focus on tactics, clear leadership, and an emphasis on having fun. Very glad I joined.
  3. US Medic M4a1 Iron Sight Foregrip

    He has an old m4 with the carry handle. He probably isn't infantry and is attached as some sort of support. Everyone in most units has the flattop rails, pop up sights, and a cco or acog. Was in an explosives detection k9 unit and the only people I saw in Iraq with this were the ones that weren't expected to use their weapons. This is in Afghan and looks recent, I'm actually surprised the army is still issuing those old ass rifles. And for the guy above that berated the other about "real life," if your optic is that far in front it's basically just useless extra weight. When it's mounted further back it's easier to see the dot and everything else in your fov.