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  1. .

    discord invite expired
  2. Interesting graphics setting bug. free fps!

  3. [Solved] Can't change my screen resolution

    thx u soo much its working! add me on steam : venjance.
  4. [Solved] Can't change my screen resolution

    thx ill try
  5. [Solved] Can't change my screen resolution

    its not working, still the same. Ive been trying the two techniques
  6. [Solved] Can't change my screen resolution

    thx u i will try it later !
  7. yo, i'm actually blocked on 1600*900, i really want to change it but it seems to be impossible. btw the graphic properties for my screen is 1280*720. need for help !
  8. Mexican Military for SQUAD!!!

  9. "DOG TAGS" what is it ?

    thx u man, that help me
  10. "DOG TAGS" what is it ?

    there's no precise infos about what is the "DOG TAG" man is it like the founder tag on your arm ?
  11. "DOG TAGS" what is it ?

    Hey guys, I saw on the official Twitter of SQUAD there is a prize for a tournament called "DOG TAGS", can you precise me what is it exactly and how it will be implemented in-game. https://mobile.twitter.com/JoinSquad/status/855593162286432259
  12. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    bolt action rifles can be a good thing to play on the battlefield
  13. Thompson M1A1

    nicee man continue on that way !
  14. New Pc BUild

    thx man !
  15. New Pc BUild

    btw is that a good PC ? https://megaport.de/gaming-pc-intel-core-i5-avenger-ii.html