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  1. league

    thx u man, that help me
  2. league

    there's no precise infos about what is the "DOG TAG" man is it like the founder tag on your arm ?
  3. league

    Hey guys, I saw on the official Twitter of SQUAD there is a prize for a tournament called "DOG TAGS", can you precise me what is it exactly and how it will be implemented in-game.
  4. bolt action rifles can be a good thing to play on the battlefield
  5. nicee man continue on that way !
  6. thx man !
  7. btw is that a good PC ?
  8. yeah something here
  9. thats nice, but low priority
  10. come on, many things are coming very soon with Alpha9 ! btw I was surprised about the pack of vehicules in PS pre-alpha.
  11. good !
  12. sniperzomming

    Hi, about the semi-automatic snipers we have : SVD and M110. I reread forum and month recaps to get more infos but I didn't find many Someone know something ? I hear about a more zooming for the SVD scope and Leupold scope for the M110 like this exemple EVEN NOW I STILL LOVE IT venjance®
  13. cool I bought some merchs already; my little conbribution*