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  1. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Gotta say that im also surprised that you kept buddy rally and insta death removal... why even bother to make a playtest, a survey ,plus all that feedback from reddit, this forum a.o. i cant imagine that your overall feedback on these were positive. As almost everybody i talked to hated it and i was sure it wouldnt be in the final release considering the experimental status, yet here it is and it still sucks. I know that you need to grow but still, like others said, this game stands out because its different from your usual FPS shooter out there. And even if you dont want to create a game that has a arma like depth it should still be hardcore and hows there no insta death in something that at least borders milsim genre?! its just beyond me theres absolutley no need to even come up with real tactics if anyone can revive anybody at any time same goes for rallys whats the ****in point of building, securing and defending FOBs when every SL can just swap rallys to anyone?! Im not trying to be rude but you are completley destroying the tactical essence of the game. Still apart from these, great patch, performance seems a little worse than in the PT but thats probably due to server differences.
  2. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I always felt like squad movement was a little too slow, even putting in consideration the gear that must be simulated. Having not been in combat during my life i would still expect that once under fire you will manage to leg it a little more than simply "jogging" to cover, i also always thought that the solution wasnt an overall speed increase but more like something of a short burst of speed at the cost of all stamina in that moment maybe even a little damage taken (like 10%, wich btw i would also find acceptable to prevent abusing the jumping mechanic). But i also didnt find a real good solution to the inevitable abuse that this mechanic would bring with it other than implementing maybe some sort of adrenaline counter that rises depending on the level of incoming fire, whilst adrenaline low you wouldnt be able to sprint at the maximum level. Also for the revive overhaul or exclusion of insta death i think it would be a good solution to decrease maximum health by 20% after each revive until you would inevitabley reach 20% wich would be your last life amounting to a possible of 5 revives until killed, could of course also be like 30% or 33...whatever you get the idea... And pleeease remove the rally swap. greetz
  3. Optics a.o

    Okay whatever happens in reality, happens. But in Squad why waste a rocket if you have scopes, eventually a marksman and/or grenadier? so much easier than taking the Risk of wasting a rocket, while when i play sniper i try not to be closer than about 300m to the enemy and when i dont use a LAW on a vehicle on that distance why would i use it on a sniper? Ah well different playstyles different opinions
  4. Optics a.o

    Haha thats the point, i wont because its too unsafe. As for the RPG its much easier, and as ive heard irL the RPG is pretty inaccurate. Wich is paradox as ingame its right the opposite. Correct me if im wrong tho, i play a lot of AT and thats just what i feel. I agree there should be a reloadable option available. Why would i use the LAW on a Sniper or else??Unless i have ammo crate nearby .... The shot gives away my position and i would be too low on ammo to engage a vehicle... thats why i said that the GL is the preferable choice, at least on Militia/Insurgent. oh man thats really a downer i guess you just cant have everything. Eventhough, i gotta ask would it be techincally possible to BLur out the rest of the screen? This could simulate the feel of a PiP then. Lol i dont even know wht PiP means tho haha. I know thats why its Alpha stage, im aware of that
  5. Fatal Error: D3D unit lost.

    Sorry to go slightly off topic, i was planning on buying a Nvidia Card soon, currently i have an ATI Card. Are there any issues specifically for nvidia cards??
  6. Optics a.o

    Thanks for your answer. 1. Okay thats sad to hear, have the Devs overthrown the idea of these PiP scopes completley then or just delayed the priority? I didnt know the Kobra wasnt standard issue. Still it wouldve been a nice addition. 2. Nope the AT4 is used by US Army and USMC. For balance purpose i think the LAW is unbalanced compared to the RPG Loadout. Youve got lesser Rounds with higher ballistic drop wich makes the LAW very hard to use compared to the RPG hitting targets at above 300m gets extremly difficult with the LAW but is quite achievable with an RPG. Plus the dual purpose quality of the LAW is soo useless in my opinion because on Militia and insurgents the m203 will do better on Infantry and you dont need a LAW at all to battle Technicals id rather back 2 AR and Grenadier. While against the RUS Fraction i wont use the LAW on Infantry as i need em desperatley for the BTR. 3. Alright i know about that i dont really think it needs Firepower improvement if you ask me. Just an angle indicator. 4. Sweeeeet
  7. Optics a.o

    yeah there woudl be different ways of compensating the lack of people in one of those vehicles, f.e. the resupply times could be reduced or extended depending on how many people are currently inside the Vehicle. LEts say youre in a CROWS, BTR or Arty as one man the resupply time could be somewhere between 2 or 3 Minutes (at the Repairstation) and like 1 or 2 Minutes to reload (maybe even more just for compensation) while it gets equally reduced for every Squadmate thats also inside the Vehicle. I dont know i just came up with this maybe theres more effective ways to balance that out.
  8. Optics a.o

    ALright, you seem to forget a few things about it tho, generally speaking using the Rocket Artillery for the purpose youre proposing is ineffective. As the Arty is useless without constant supply runs, so in order to keep the arty functional you need a FOB + Repairstation + constant logistic runs to that FOB. in addition you NEED a spotter anyways with or without bearing indication. Of course i get your Point, but lets be honest 99% of Squadleaders will let one Person stay inside the Vehicle because it works even if its complicated for the Gunner, and let the rest of the Squad push forward. Im not even saying that it should be made more "exploitable" (sry missing a word here) hope you get what i mean, im just saying that it would be actually nice to have a visual reference to what angle the battery is currently set to.
  9. Optics a.o

    You cant even unlock a vehicle on your own so...this is not really a valuable argument if you ask me.
  10. Optics a.o

    Hell yeah, i know its still Alpha and the Devs are keeping it real(istic) and trying their best. Still i figured as i put myself through the struggles of Alpha Gameplay ( ) i might aswell give some feedback about it. Im not familiar with coding so, i dont know what detours come with such decisions and i figured as much that the engine is a factor for the optic sight. But i also figured that the UE4 shouldnt have a huge problem doing so :D. Nice to know that these issues are being worked on. Still the missing aimpoint for Russians are REALLY bothering me. Yeah like i said the LAW is alright for light targets but as soon as we get heavier than BTR we should get problems with the LAW i think the LAW can penetrate up to 4 or 500mm of armor? Sorry i dont know the exact value. For the Rocket arty it would even be enough to have a range indicator at the bottom that tells approx the range youre on or just different levels of adjustment like 1 - 2 -3 -4 - 5 ~. or just a slider that shows you how high youre aiming just SOMETHING as minor as possible.
  11. Optics a.o

    Hello dear Community and Developers, let me thank your at first for the Christmas goodie we recieved yesterday and for the overall Game so far. I dont think i enjoiyed a game so much since PR or Arma 2. Its a treat. Really. I couldnt help but find myself irritated on some of the choices you made, i would like to point out a few things i have been wondering about, more as a question rather than a suggestion, eventhough you are welcome to take it as a suggestion if you think its worth it. 1st: Optics I wonder why my whole screen zooms in when i look down an optic sight instead of just the Optics view, and the rest of the screen gets blurred out a little or stays at the original factor, basically creating a lens effect. I think this is something minor with a major effect on how combat feels. Also, why did you decide to exclude the Cobra Aimpoint fo the Russian Army? 2nd: AT4 / LAW Ive been playing alot, ALOT of PR a few years back, and one thing i absolutley adored about it was he AT4 feeling, now i play Squad with a M72 LAW wich has its potential but is officially outdated, and as far as i know is only still in use because its slightly cheaper and there are not that much heavily armored vehicles in the GWOT. Feels just weird to use a weapon that was mainly in use between the 60s - 80s. Also, once we get heavy Tanks the LAW will be, not quite useless, but inferior to other options. 3rd: Rocket Arty The bearing gets resetted everytime i switch back on the drivers seat to reposition. Its sOoOoOoOo annoying. I would really really recommend that it either doesnt reset or we get some sort of bearing indication for the passenger/gunner. I dont think this would make the game casual in any way, as the general aspect would still rely on communication and teamwork. 4th: Rather a question for future versions Are you guys planning on introducing some sort of... Commander? Thats it soo far Much appreciated. Have a nice day and thanks for reading.