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  1. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    Exactly. This was an amazing idea.
  2. Fix Bullet Physics

  3. magnetic usb charging cable

    Well damn I might buy some
  4. Squad freezing to a complete halt.

    I have an 8350 on my build and there are no issues like this. While I dont get the greatest frames sometimes I don't experience freezing issues.
  5. Serious Issue

    Scoreboard is always the first place I look because thats how it was on most console games when I was younger I guess
  6. I didnt mean you in particular and I meant that people shouldn't pay even a bit of attention to small errors like that. Sorry if you thought I was singling you out, and no I dont believe we have played together.
  7. magnetic usb charging cable

    Wouldn't it fall off alot randomly? Ive never had one of those they look cool.
  8. Even when it happens just tell the dude to stop using command channel and he probably will
  9. I mean mistakes happen where you press the wrong button, getting angry/annoyed over stuff like that is just nonsense.
  10. Dell 2950

    I just got a poweredge 2950 from a buddy and I don't really know how to set this shit up can anyone help me? I keep trying to setup the remote controller shit but it keeps going to vmware and not allowing me to connect.

    I think that instead of tickets the captured points could be taken go give resources for fobs and shit
  12. It would be cool if the supplies were dropped in certain part of the map and the team would have to send logi trucks out to get them with some protection of some sort for supplies. Has anyone played foxhole? If it had a system where teams would fight over supply points aling with objectives then it would be interesting for logi runners. Obviously not as complicater as foxhole where you have to smash it with hammers but where there is a small objective that each team can fight over that gives them supplies theycan pickup each time it is filled up or some shit.
  13. Crash or BSOD during Squad Boot

    It was golden