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  1. Yeah that is the point of Mortars and artillery pretty much, People shouldn't be focusing so much on kills with the mortars. The mortars work to scatter enemy lines allowing you guys to push inward. I think the mortars should stay the same because the fast reload time and the low damage works perfectly. It allows the mortars to force enemies to spread apart or backwards, or into buildings which allows us to move up.
  2. No what the hell are you talking about that's not what I mean at all And I am not saying you disappear into it, you land on it and the fall damage is less then you just walk off lmfao
  3. No man that's actually a pretty simple system, and games have stuff setup like that all the time. That is a good suggestion, also it would be cool if they had like mattresses and trash or something around the map where if you jump into it, it reduces fall damage lol kinda like the trash in dying light or something.
  4. What the hell lmfao
  5. I have actually never thought or heard about this hahaha
  6. Squad is a totally different game so I don't understand why they would see them as competition lol
  7. ^^
  8. Lmfao I don't know if that would even work at all man
  9. Oh yeah China should most definitely be in this game
  10. I don't know anything about the french haha, would be cool though.
  11. Just join a low pop server when ya play it if you cant handle play large servers 25v25 servers are usually better. Also if you have an AMD processor get rid of it fast, I had one and they are trash with unreal engine games.
  12. one thing though is the walking up and down stairs seriously needs to be re done because I keep dying on every map because the stairs are really messed up now for some reason. Other than that the map and the new features and fixes are amazing.