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  1. That's ****ing deep dude haha you take the game a little too seriously
  2. Mỹ fps seems to be the same, but it feels smoother because I have less server side lag I guess it's pretty crazy. Alpha 9 has only become better for me.
  3. Go play battlefield then, this game is heading in a good direction.
  4. I get the same frames on the new update but it definitely feels smoother. Some of the server side lag seems to be gone or something because it's not as choppy even though I get the same frames.
  5. Name: Crusty Steam Profile: Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 16 Timezone or Region: EST Standard (Michigan) Nature of Interest: Playing with a friendly and mature group of people Gaming Background: Arma, Project Reality, Battlefield 1942-Present games, and I played a lot of Red Orchestra 2 Additional Skills: I can code server plugins and such for multiple games. I am good at video editing. I am good and/or decent at just about any game I play. I am also very good at Graphics design and creating things in Photoshop, Blender, and Cinema 4d. Even though I have these skills, I am hoping I can just play the game but if I build my trust with you and other members I will probably offer my skills to help out. Status: Unassigned
  6. anyone know where I can find the two new songs added to the main menu because I can't get on steam right now
  7. Does anyone have a link to the two new soundtracks added the the menu so I can hear the two?
  8. Ammo bag carrier would be an amazing class to have, I always play as an ammo bag carrier on games that have classes like that because it just fun running around helping people out by giving them ammo for some reason, I would love a class like that haha.
  9. I agree, I also think there should be a vehicle channel to talk to the people in your vehicle like in Arma because I can never hear them over the damn truck.
  10. Just be patient when you are playing these games because they are definitely not fun for most people when they first try it, You have to play it for awhile until you really get whats going on and such so then the game is super fun for ya.
  11. I just loaded up squad today and steam said it was up to date on updates and everything but I load up the game and no servers will come up in the server browser nor the custom games server browser
  12. Is this your alt account ?