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    I agree, that would work pretty well.
  2. Release - Alpha 9.12

    I don't see why they had licensing issues when many other games have humvees.. Seems a bit wierd.
  3. Release - Alpha 9.12

    Although it's a shame, I don't think it will change the gameplay much.
  4. M72 LAW can't destroy a techi ?

    Once localized vehicle damage is added, one shot to the engine it will be done for. But that's going to be after the full release IMO. But for now, due to gameplay / balance reasons it will remain as 2 shots.
  5. NEW SERVER Looking for Server Co-owners

    Don't trust socrates, he is hiding secrets. Very secret secrets.
  6. View on kids playing?

    Hey man, I have a clan for under 18's, hit me up on steam and I will give you an invite to the discord. My profile picture is the squad logo. See you on the battlefield!
  7. Another low FPS thread

    Turn bloom, ambiet occlusion and lens flare off. Also try clearing game cache.
  8. How to get better fps?

    Turn off Bloom, Eye adaptation and Ambient Occlusion. When I turned these off it gave me 10+ fps, as well as that the game looks more realistic without ambient occlusion. For Super Sampling never go above 1.25x, it eats your FPS. Hope I helped!
  9. Will new textures come in full version?

    Really don't think so, but the current textures look totally decent. One thing we could have is better colour vibrance, the maps are pretty dull, especially if you get reshade and turn it on and off comparing the colours. For optimization, it's definitely gonna improve by the time the full version of squad comes out.
  10. Can I get accepted in the community?

    Hey bro, I have a squad clan / community for the younger players. Hit me up on steam and ill invite you, my steam name is "Ghuffy" and i have the same profile picture on steam as i do here. See you on the battlefield!
  11. So i start up squad, its all normal. Then i start reseting to get into my favourite server however if i reset the server list more than 5 times i only see one or two servers? Anyone else got this problem?
  12. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Oh yes they do, look amazing just cant wait for them!


    UPDATE: NAME CHANGED TO "THE HAWLKINGS" As it seems more appropriate and just sounds better than "Squeaker Squad"

    So guys, Squeaker Squad, will that be a good name or nah? I think its good and so do alot of other people Btw, heres the discord link https://discord.gg/kDZmh94 Please reply, is Squeaker Squad a good name or not?