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  1. We definitely need crewman kits
  2. How about they just turn off names altogether, that is the obvious solution in my eyes. Or maybe you should have to mouse over them for a moment then it will show a name.
  3. I do agree that the green tinge on the sight should be removed
  4. Nope
  5. I have your exact specs, game runs alright for me, although sometimes fps dips to upper 50s, but honestly that's fine
  6. If you want a less complex game go to battlefield or some other mainstream shooter. personaly I would rather have this game become slightly more "hardcore"
  7. I have been creating mechanized infantry squads, as we don't really have heavy enough assets for dedicated armor squads. I have been squadleading from the drivers seat, and having infantry push up to deal with rpgs, while supporting their advance with the apc from a distance. So far this has been somewhat successful.
  8. Yes I completely agree with this, I was just trying to say this in a less detailed way,( because I was doing this from my phone) and at first I thought you were arguing that HAT was op
  9. Heavy anti tank kits should be a one hit to everything but main battle tanks(with a few exceptions). That is just realistic. Strikers and other apc/ifv will become more useful when the devs add higher magnification than 4x for optics, thermals, and smoke launchers. And for samurai, taking an apc in a crowded urban area where there is sure to be anti tank weapons is just a dumb idea to start with, at least without lots of infantry support. exactly, couldn't say it better
  10. The problem with in pr was that most apcs filled a more ifv role, and if there was not one squad communicating to use them to full efficiency, the. The team would probably lose. Hopefully that changes in squad, but if it doesn't and mechanized infantry would be limited to stuff like mt-lb and striker, I would be fine with that.
  11. It was to replace the Bradley, but then the project was canceled in 2015( I think), I don't know why op thought that putting a vehicle that we have and will never see was a good idea
  12. Yes, I always liked the idea of a standard kit with a scope, and an alternative kit without a scope for conventional factions like us, Britain, and russia.
  13. GCV is not yet in service, and so it doesn't make too much sense. also who doesn't want the Bradley in this game
  14. There are so many other factions I would like to see added into the game before this, like china, Germany, France, Canada. And honestly I don't think this is a very good idea for a faction anyway
  15. I think that ammo should be carried form a crate or something to emplacements, but I care less about HMGs, but more how this would work for mortars and anti tank weapons