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  1. No, because heat makes such a small Damage on the surface of the target
  2. No medics are a good thing, they promote teamwork and let a squad regroup and reform with out having to spam rallies. and I know exactly what the problem you are talking about is, that there is no falling back or any real movement around the map unless the entire team is in one place. But that is because you can put down fobs with no supplies, if that is changed it would make games much better.
  3. Ok, what does that whole bit about project reality mean, it's not easy to understand also, the only reason for flags being in a game like this is to create some central points of action, without them it would just be teams of 50 spread very far out of the relatively large maps of squad. If I knew of a better system I would suggest it, but so far I haven't seen anything to effectively replace flags
  4. Yeah smurfs on the map I don't mind, but seeing name tags though walls is just dumb, it's actually gotten me killed more than it's helped, and it does take away from game anyway
  5. You should be able to see all teammates, mainly to avoid idiots teamkilling, also the current in game player name display is a little much
  6. Whenever I tried to hide behind a barier in a test environment, it didn't work and I almost died
  7. I have a similar setup, and I'm at 1080p with no super Sampling at all, what anti aliasing do you have, also I don't know a good way to check fps in squad.
  8. Tickets is just an artificial game mechanic, and I'm not against that, but managing a artificial game mechanic is not really thinking tacticaly, thinking tacticaly is deciding that before you drive into a heavily defended area in a btr, you dismount the infantry and support their push with that btr ( just to use your example) or picking which kit suits the environment, not which kit can kinda do the job and costs least amount of tickets. When I say that people would pick kits for tickets, obviously functionality in a situation would into play people wouldn't only choose riflemen, but still. kit selection should be based solely on its strategic value in a given combat/logistical situation, and not some arbitrary ticket count given to that kit by he game.
  9. A door gunner would not be filled by a dedicated crew in the first place. This mostly applies to pilots, and heavy vehicles
  10. But it would further dissuade people from choosing medics and squad lead, witch are both needed positions. Also, I just don't see too much of a reason for this system, it would be annoying to lose a game the the same marksman kept dying and costing 5 tickets per death. Though I probably would be less opposed to a less darastic version of the system suggested by op, I just see no reason for it at all
  11. Ah, because punishing people for playing roles like medic or sq would make people reclucent the to fill those roles. It would be all about choosing kits for less ticket loss, not choosing kits for tactical value
  12. I totally agree with this, though maybe if IFV and tank would be the same squad., though that's just an idea, and that all depends on how many of what asset is on a given map
  13. Well, I am basing this off the ticket system of project reality, though I might have it slightly wrong, there might be another ticket lost on respawn. This system can work for squad, the main issue with the current squad ticket system is the ticket gain when a flag is caped
  14. It should be the same for all classes, 1 for wounding being wounded, and another for giving up
  15. Rally's are good things, but it should be more balanced, it should be the squad leader +2 people to place it and it disappears when enemies come near it