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  1. The Unknown Soldiers [ENG]

    --> Old Bones Discord <--


    Server is provided by Old Bones and it's located in Helsinki, Finland.



    1. Play the objective. Do not waste assets. 
    2. Squad leaders must have a mic and communicate with other squad leaders. Command channel language is English. 
    3. Do not abuse bugs or use glitches. Do not troll. Always apologize accidental team kills. 
       Intentional Team Killing will lead to permanent ban.

    Contact admin team:

    Join our discord and use #server_contact channel to contact server admins. 
    If you need urgent help, tag all admins with @server_admins

    Ban appeal:

    Join our discord and use #server_contact to appeal a ban. 
    Please provide your steamID64 or link to your steam profile, also provide a reason why you are appealing the ban

    Report player:

    Join our discord and use #server_contact to report a player. 
    Tag admin team with @server_admins and provide player name, steamID64 or link to their steam profile. 
    Also provide reason why you are reporting the player and all evidence you have.


    Want a reserve spot for skipping queue?

    Join our discord and use #whitelist_request channel. 
    Remember to read first post carefully.