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  1. Instant Kills

    WHY dont heavy guns like 50 cals and up insta kill if its not going tru obstacles
  2. M249 Reload Animation

    yep i see that all the time sins the times of squad and sometimes you oull out the mag and some black tar looking stuff like that happens and the black stuff in the bipod
  3. We need new gun sounds

    Hey guys devs people forumers i was just curios about the gun sounds i really think some gun sound need more realistick work really the M4,pistols,and marksman rifles mainly and add more realistick gun echo noises explosions etc... i Feel like i am playing airsoft with that thing ahahahah Example hear is a Makarove insurgent pistol SVD and mp Thank guys.
  4. Mexican Military for SQUAD!!!

    HEY gyver it looks like a g36 becouse we use g36 rifle to but this one is better becouse we used the mistakes of other to our advantage and made a good rifle.
  5. HEY GUYS i wanted to get a developers atention and you guys please dont hate please really look into it i live in mexico and sins mexoc has had more attnetion lately i put this together for the devs and the community i was wondering if you guys can really consider puting the mexican military into squad has unique to mexico stuff like wepons vehicel ETC... Hear it is guys hope you enjoy and a lot of the stuff is already in there like m4 50 cal 40mm etc... and a lot of stuff they will have to do eventually. AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT NO GAME HAS REALLY EVER DONE THIS PELASE DEVS AND THANK YOU. ALSO YOU CAN DO A EDIT ON ALBASRAH AND MAKE CARTELS VS USA AND MEXICO ETC HAAHHAHAH THANKS GUYS.PLEASE KEEP AN OPEN MIND THANKS. AND think of the new maps some jungle maps diferent urban areas and besides i think they have streatched the taliban stuff enough to it can be pushed somewhere els most games about fps are about the middle east easter europe etc... it be very nice ti change it up a bit. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8AMF405Ap0JanhOUWx3aWxTWU0/view

    i just found that option under compatability and its not clicked on so its NOT runnning as admin. and it still dont work.
  7. I still cant see all the server i have no clue what your talking about of ppols nats ervers flooding am no intenet i man and i need help. i have tried 500 somthing in steam nothing. i have disables port 6 or somthing like that in network didnt work either.
  8. Cant See Servers! Please help

    Hey guys i was wondering if someone coudl help me ass i can not see all the servers i am missing quit a few servers sometimes my friends get ona a servers and i cant see i can some but not all and its really buggin me anyhelp anyone??
  9. Hey guys i was wondering how could i get acces to testing updates for the future as that would really exit me please. And Thanks
  10. Optimization

    yea well thanks guys and my specs dont matter becouse if i tell you you will say no you cant run facebook games with that etc but i can run battlefield 4 ultra 60 etc but that aint the point so thank you guys all ansers very helpfull. thanks fireteam leader and platoon leader.
  11. Optimization

    Hey guys am pretty shure a lot of people have talked about this but am just wondering if there is a devoloper than can anser me this what will be the next optimization update becouse it really laks it i know i dont got the best pc and i know you guys are bissy and i know that alpha 8 was just on that but just wondering becouse compared to other games that side is pritty bad and i love this game good job guys and a tip if you guys can implement a compas inseted of the hud for more realism that would be good thanks and later guys.